SOAR Brunch & Learn: Financial planning to help you FLY

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Are you ready to pursue your dream?

Do you dream of traveling, starting your own business, changing careers, retiring early, making more money, etc?

Understanding how to manage your finances is a key component to pursuing your dream.

Do you wonder how you will manage your finances? Need help figuring out where to start?

Join us for our next She Flew the Coop event:

Soar Brunch & Learn: Financial planning before you Fly

TIME: 11:00 -1:30PM

(please arrive 15 minutes early)

WHERE: Advent Coworking, 933 Louise Ave.

PRICE: $49


(Brunch included in the cost)

What to expect:


Arrive, Eat brunch & learn from Financial planning expert Glen E. Wright, CEO of Worth Financial, as he breaks down 5 key financial areas to get in order as you prepare to fly the coop and chase your dreams.

12:15pm - 12:30pm


12:30- 1:30pm

Panel discussion hosted by Sarah Batista, Journalist & Founder, Stories to Inspire Films & She Flew the Coop Movement (former WBTV reporter/anchor)

Sarah along with panelists Glen Wright, Bianca Capo & Diane Peacock will each answer questions and share stories and information on how they managed their finances before flying the coop.

About the panelists:

Sarah Batista is an award-winning TV journalist, entrepreneur and speaker. Before launching her film production company Stories to Inspire, she worked 10 years as a reporter and anchor in local television news. In 2013, flew the coop to pursue her dream of documentary filmmaking. She has since launched the She Flew the Coop movement which includes a series of videos, events and workshops focused on inspiring women and girls to step out of their comfort zone and pursue their dreams.

Glen Wright founded Worth Financial Advisory Group to serve the complex financial needs of his clients by providing a single, comprehensive source for financial planning and investment management.

As a fiduciary, Glen is a highly trained professional who is committed to working in the best interest of his clients. For over 15 years, Glen has been assisting high net worth individuals, retirees from Fortune 500 companies, business owners, coaches and professional athletes with protecting their assets and estates, increasing their income, and investing wisely, while helping them cut their taxes by as much as 50%. With a proven system of developing strategic solutions to protect his clients’ assets and ensure they are investing wisely; Glen has a keen understanding of how to preserve assets and increase incomes.

Glen created Women Worth More, an educational and financial planning platform for women. Women Worth More focuses exclusively on the needs of women and is designed to provide encouragement, motivation, support, and education that counter the inequitable challenges that all women face.

Bianca Capo is the CEO of Capo Integrated Consulting. Bianca Capo is the CEO of Capo Integrated Consulting. Before flying the coop in 2014, Bianca spent 20 years working as a Financial Advisor. She flew the coop to design her life according to her strengths and live purposefully. As a Gallup-certified Strengths Coach, she now equips individuals and organizational teams to discover and apply their strengths in their pursuit of intentional outcomes. She has integrated strengths psychology, health science, mindfulness, and financial planning in her virtual and 1:1 coaching programs. She still maintains her Chartered Financial Consultant designation and brings a wealth of knowledge and practical experience on financial planning, as well as, the connection of the "planning to fly the coop process" to your strengths.

Diane Peacock is the founder of Blue Lollipop Road and spent 18 years traveling around the country before finally settling in Charlotte. As a traveling nomad, Diane learned how to travel and live on a minimal budget. She now helps people downsize their lives, minimize their bills and credit card payments, and coordinate the logistics of their lives. Basically, she helps with all of the things you don't want to do! :)

For more information on Stories to Inspire or She Flew the Coop,please visit

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