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Visit our showroom to get to know what new Digital appliance can do to your home or office.

10 things about my company

1. When entering the office, I need to use fingerprint or face recognition to enter.

2. To start the office operation, just voice command and everything is automatically on. Light, air-con, PLC screen etc.

3. As sunlight can enter the office, I can voice command google or tian mao jing ling to switch turn off the PLC screen.

4. Taking my plants out for the sunlight, I can voice command to open the door as my hand is full.

5. Entering to another room to clean up, fingerprint excess system.

6. Listen to music, voice command to play the latest hits.

7. To watch a movie, auto setup on projector via voice command.

8. Two access door to the toilet, one for public and another for staff, number password to enter either one.

9. When entering toilet, light auto light up as sensor activated.

10. When going back, voice command and everything is switch off. Home Sweet Home.

As most of us has a hanphone with us, you can control your home/office appliances on the go, any time and anywhere.

In addition, you can also use voice command to control our home appliances. Available in English or Mandarin.

PLC - Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal available for viewing too. A light layer of polymer dispersed liquid Crystal when install can allow or disconnect the light entering the room.

Kindly registered you name and contact so we will get back to you.

No obligation to buy, just need your feedback to our new innovation as we are expanding for more products and software.

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