Sex Geekery in Calgary - 4 Days, 7 Workshops, with Reid

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Ticket sales have ended
The online "in-advanced" option for this ticket is over. Our apologies. Some workshops will allow ticket sales at the door, but not the play party event. You're welcome to try your luck at the door! Email me if you need at, and please understand that I may be teaching, so replies may be slow. :)

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INKubation Theater

Eau Claire Market

200 Barclay Parade SW

Calgary, AB T2P 4R3


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Sales Have Ended

Ticket sales have ended
The online "in-advanced" option for this ticket is over. Our apologies. Some workshops will allow ticket sales at the door, but not the play party event. You're welcome to try your luck at the door! Email me if you need at, and please understand that I may be teaching, so replies may be slow. :)
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ATTENTION EDMONTON: I missed my flight and tonight's Edmonton event is canceled. You will be refunded shortly and I will announce new Edmon dates soon. So sorry for the inconvience. (All Calgary events are a go, btw.)

Hey, Sex Geeks of the Great North! Here's the ticket page and workshop descriptions for all the classes I'm doing in Edmonton and Calgary this trip to Canada.

Snatch up the Early-Bird tickets ASAP because they go fast! Buy 1 ticket, buy several, get a deal by doing the "I Want It All, All-In Package." And please feel free to spread the word/invite your friends and communities.

Descriptions and More Info Links below... My apologies for the long post. It made more sense to put as much of the info in one place, rather than have you clicking all over the web for details. I hope this helps! See you soon!



CALGARY - all events at INKubator Theater:

June 3rd, Calgary (Fri, 7-10pm)
Sex Without Upset: Navigating Complex Sexual Situations Like a Rockstar and Leaving Everyone Better Than You Found Them

June 4th, Calgary - Workshop Double Feature (Sat, Noon-2:30pm & 3:30-6pm) and Evening Event (7:30-1am)
1st Feature: Blowjob Gradschool (Noon-2:30pm)
2nd Feature: Rough Sex for Nice Folks (3:30-6pm)
Evening event: Consensually Savvy Play Party (Doors open 7:30pm, Doors close 8pm, Event ends 1am - bring some blankets/pillows/sheets/cushy stuff to help ready the space for fun!)

June 5th, Calgary - Deeper Dive Interactive Workshop (1-6pm)
Show 'N Tell Sex10x Practicum

June 5th, Calgary - Evening event (7-9pm, FREE)
Business Advice for Sex Educators/Workshop Faciliators w Reid

Workshop descriptions and More Info Links for everything coming soon... I just wanted to get all the info out ASAP.



Cheeky Young Woman In A Threesome In Bed

June 2nd, Edmonton (Thurs, Canceled and to be rescheduled soon!)
Plays Well with Others: Negotiating Group Sex, Play Parties, and Non-Monogamy

Is avoiding mistakes when it comes to Group Sex, Play Parties, and Non-Monogamy worth your time?

Want to save yourself potential headaches and heartaches? Knowing how to negotiate and where to draw the line for yourself and in your relationships (and how to talk about it all) can save everyone a ton of pain and frustration!

Navigating group sexual dynamics in any relationship takes skill, patience and a little bit of luck. If "luck" is where opportunity and preparation meet, then learning how to negotiate relationship boundaries and agreements is a sure-fire way to make the two, or three, or four of you the luckiest people on Earth!

With the dizzying array of relationship options available to people who’ve decided to "play well with others,” how do you, and your partner or partners (if you’ve got any), figure out what will work best? What is open to renegotiation? And what do you do when the inevitable challenges arise or when someone makes a bad call?

Join sex and relationship expert Reid Mihalko of for Plays Well With Others: Negotiating Group Sex, Play Parties, and Non-Monogamy, a two-hour workshop devoted to single people, couples, and multiple partners of all orientations and levels of experience who want to learn how to create workable boundaries and agreements for playing sexually with others simultaneously.

In this humorous, interactive evening, you will learn:

  • The most common pitfalls of relationship agreements for group sex and how to avoid them

  • How to figure out what a boundary is and where your boundaries exist, so all involved can negotiate a win-win!

  • How and when to renegotiate an existing rule or agreement

  • Negotiating techniques for when you're the single person joining in with a couple or moresome

  • How to merge different styles of "sexploration" in monogamy and non-monagamy so that everyone has a decent chance of ending up happy "the day after"

  • Five essential things that will help you survive any group sexploration

  • How to work through upsets in ways that will make your relationships stronger

This workshop is open to couples and singles and moresomes of all sexual orientations, levels of experience, and relationship statuses.

Whatever you level of experience and curiosity, whatever your relationship status or orientation, Reid promises an informative evening chocked-full of great communication and relationship skills!


June 3rd, Calgary (Fri, 7-10pm)
Sex Without Upset: Navigating Complex Sexual Situations Like a Rockstar and Leaving Everyone Better Than You Found Them

Want Less Drama and More Love and Fun In Your Community? It's Easier Than You Think...

Whether you've been to Burning Man a gazillion times, are a veteran raver, or a dance festival junkie... It only takes ONE MISHAP to ruin an amazing journey or poison a community...

And with so many new people entering the festival/retreat scene, how can we help build and foster amazing, sex-positive community that's healthy, thriving, conscious AND free?

It's possible, but unless you've geeked out on the latest upgrades and tool, most communities are doomed to repeat the mistakes of those who came before them.

Join sex geek and community builder Reid Mihalko, founder of Camp Beaverton for Wayward Girls (Burning Man's largest lesbian and queer women's camp), for Sex Without Upset: Navigating Complex Sexual Situations Like a Rockstar and Leaving Everyone Better Than You Found Them.

Over the course of 3-hours, using Reid's unique combination of humor, pragmatic wisdom, and geekery, we'll discuss:

  • Why sex-positive communities often implode

  • 3 things that everyone can do to lessen upset, drama, and make sex and play healthier and more fun...

  • The 5 mistakes your friends and peers may not know they're making that breed upset and spell disaster

  • How to navigate complex sexual situations that have people feel safer with you (and saying GREAT things about you behind your back)

  • How Reid, a cis-gendered white dude, was able to build the largest lesbian theme camp at Burning Man and earned the title, "Honorary Man'Beave."

  • Top notch consent blackbelt tools that will ease your mind, help you avoid train wrecks, and have others asking YOU how you do it...

  • Pragmatic steps to cleaning up mistakes and initiating healing processes so we can all enjoy a thriving, healthy community where we can truly frolic, transform and grow

  • Ways even the shyest person can start building a rockstar reputation as a sexy mo'fo who has their shit handled and gets invited to the best events!

Whether you're a musician, a dancer, a DJ, a journeyer, a varsity sex geek, or the newest of curious newbies...

If you or a loved one has ever been frustrated or angry about your community or someone in it... If you know someone who's suffered or committed a consent violation... If you wish your communities were sanctuaries instead of accidents waiting to happen (or already happening)... If you've ever wished you could play sexually full-out and leave the campsite better than you found it...

We all win when we surround ourselves with better tools for navigating complex sexual situations... So, join us! And bring your friends!

Picture of a woman licking a peeled banana that's wearing a graduation cap with a red tassel to promote sex and relationship educator Reid Mihalko's Blowjob Grad School workshop

Blowjob Grad School
June 4th, Calgary (Sat, Noon-2:30pm)

You’ve learned the basics… Now it’s time to get your masters in the advanced tricks, and leave with your PhD in Fellatio!

If you…

  • Would like to take your current skills and craft to Jedi levels…

  • Ask questions and get advanced-level tips and tricks…

  • Leave your loved ones stammering, “h-h-How did you do THAT?!”

Let “America’s favorite sex geek,” sex and relationship expert Reid Mihalko of be your Head Dean (see what he did there?!) and give you your PhD in oral sex so YOU can give and/or receive mind-blowing blowjobs that leave YOU and your lovers feeling satisfied, confident, and glowing with appreciation!

Regardless of your gender, sexual orientation, level of experience, relationship status, or what you’re packing beneath your clothes, this class will cover how to show yourself and your lovers how to give and receive more pleasure.

In this advanced tips and tricks class with plenty of room for Q&A, you will learn:

  • How to leverage the pleasure anatomy of the penis and pelvis from tip to taint!

  • Reid’s best tips and tricks for helping your penis owner not cum to quickly from your amazing skills…

  • How to “stack the deck in your favor” so your penis cums when you would like it to…

  • Advanced skills to combine with Reid’s easy-to-learn deep throating technique…

  • Reid’s famous “Flying Squirrel” technique, PLUS how to do a Double Blowjob…

  • Plus a few other graduate level, sexy secrets that will leave you feeling inspired and confident!

If you’ve been waiting to go back to school, look no further than this humorous and informative workshop that you’re guaranteed never to fail out of!

Hands grasping bedsheets in passionate ecstasy

Rough Sex for Nice Folks
June 4th, Calgary (Sat, 3:30-6pm)

Like it rough?... Love someone who does?

There are safer ways to create massive amounts of pleasure for you and yours...

If you’re a lover, not a fighter, but you or your lover like it a little rough, let America’s favorite sex geek (and double black belt), Reid Mihalko of, show you how you can safely be a bad ass in bed. From wresting to rough sex to advanced ergonomic techniques, join us for this humorous and informative workshop (with live demos!) on how to unleash your inner Bruce Lee of the bedroom.

In this class for all genders and orientations we’ll cover:

  • Rough sex for nice guys

  • The best sex positions, proper body positioning and ergonomics for harder, stronger, longer sex

  • Why and how wrestling can be a turn-on

  • Wrestling techniques that are safe, easy and fun

  • Hair-pulling 101

  • How to move your partner’s body around the bed with more ease

  • And much more!

No matter your experience level, orientation, relationship status, this class is going to be educational, fun, and give you some delicious bedroom kung-fu.

Sit and watch as Reid demonstrates how easy it is to be a black belt at sex! We’ll even have plenty of room for your questions! Join us! Bring friends! Bring a note book!

June 4th, Calgary (Sat night; Doors open 7:30pm, Doors close 8pm, Event ends 1am - PLEASE be on time)
Evening event: Consensually Savvy Play Party

**Please Read this BEFORE you purchase tickets for Saturday night's event - This is a Private Event and tickets must be purchased in advance - No tickets will be sold at the door**

Being the consensually savvy sex and relationship geeks that we are, why not spend an evening conversin,’ cuddlin’ and frolicin’… It’s what the weekends were made for, right?

Round-up a lover or sex geek or three and come join us for an evening of sensual play and nibbling on whatever snack foods you’d like to bring to share (as well as nibbling on each other)... If that's your thang.

• Doors open at times listed.
• Doors CLOSE when we begin the Welcome Circle where we go over house rules, have an icebreaker game, and a safer sex convo. Please don't be late because at a certain point during the welcome, to ensure the integrity of the event, late comers will be turned away.

Please: Bring some blankets/pillows/sheets/cushy stuff to help ready the space for fun!

Bring your toys, your safer sex supplies, whatever drinks and whatever vittles you wanna share with the gang... **No hard alcohol or drugs please**


Bring something sexy to change into when you arrive, if you’d like - Why? 'Cause an evening of chillin' and play is more fun when done by folks wearing lingerie or a sarong or undies that fit juuuuuust right! Yum! And don't by shy about wearing that playful onesie or your favorite pajamas, too! 'Cause comfy is sexy, too!


Sometimes a party is invite only. Sometimes it’s bring your friends. This party is a “invite your consensually savvy friends” party, which is why you need to purchase TWO TICKETS (if you want to purchase a third or more tickets, just select more than 2 tickets during checkout 'casue we love moresomes!).

Reid has run and/or attended close to 1000 play parties in his life, and he loves, loves, loves creating an community environment that fosters safety, exploration, learning, and fun. Becuase of this, his events include some of the best tools and approaches for group gatherings of an "adult" nature. And there is some graet evicence that attending a play party with a friend, nicknamed your "PAL" (Pervy Activity Liason) by Reid's good friends at Mission Control SF, actually helps lessen drama and upset... From Mission Controls' website:

PAL System

We have an important philosophy... that participants can be responsible to manage and help each other, rather than relying solely on [Reid] to act as party police. When people have a friend to support them at an event, everyone tends to be more centered and better able to navigate and negotiate responsibly.

In order to help maintain a safe, playful, and responsibly hedonistic playspace, we use an approach called the PAL system (Pervy Activity Liason). Whether you are male or female, if you want to come to [attend a play party] the following rules apply:

• Please arrive & leave with a trusted friend (not necessarily a date) as your PAL.

• Your PAL can be the same gender, the opposite gender or even a couple.

• You are responsible for your PAL’s behavior and they are responsible for yours!

• You can’t PAL someone you don’t know. You must know them and trust them.

• If either of you violate consent or the event agreements, you will both be held responsible.

The folks at Mission Control are amazingly smart, have run events for thousands of adults, and we love their PAL system!

PLEASE THINK TWICE BEFORE YOU INVITE YOUR POLITICALLY CLUELESS FRIENDS - this play party isn’t a workshop for your friends to get a clue about consent, beautyism, gender, race, and social justice issues. We would prefer not to have to put up with them saying super offensive/racist/fucked up things to our lovers and friends or sexually harassing people. No one has to be perfect, but lets not to bring our asshole friends. Agreed? You are responsible for tending to your guests should they need support, so choose wisely.


We'll start the opening circle at the time stated above. That's when we close the doors - PLEASE TEXT the number on your ticket confirmation if you're running late so we can try to hold the doors open for ya! Save yourself the stress and just get there early and kick back and enjoy meeting folks and relaxing.

This will be a very chill, fun, playful event where sex and nudity will most likely occur. This will also be a co-ed environment with a queer/feminist/sex geeky vibe to it (because of Reid's sex geeky nature). If watching same sex play unnerves you, then plan on showing up for the Welcome Circle and ice breaking exercises, and perhaps choosing to leave early. (You can always change your mind and stay!)

While Reid doesn't identify as "kinky" by BDSM standards, he's not a prude. Light BDSM play is allowed, but this event isn't happening in a dungeon. If we're going to freak out the neighbors, let's do it with orgasmic screams and not the sound of whips, okay? : )

Whatever you're into... Come relax. Come sip a beverage, or cram some snacks into your mouth (see what I did there). Come smooch. Come cuddle. Come play. Come watch. For some people, just attending a play event and not doing anything is a life-changing event. Pluse: Voyeurism is participation!

WHAT IS PLAY WIHT A CAPITAL “P”? (This text below, courtesy of my good friend, Dr. Beth...)

Play with a capital "P" is whatever it means to you. You are invited to co-create whatever feeds your soul. Participation (also with a capital "P") can mean many things and voyeurs are as warmly welcomed as the most actively engaged. It's a sensual space where participants are encouraged to explore themselves and others in ways that are stimulating, nurturing, exciting, safe and FUN!

You are probablly excellent or becoming great at being sensually, erotically, and emotionally savvy! That you can Play nicely with others. You're probably a good sharer. Someone who takes good care of your toys and knows how to use your words. :-) You are somebody who's getting masterful at knowing your own wants, boundaries, and desires and can communicate them clearly...... All of those things makes you savvy, and savvy makes you hot.

We're going to open the doors for people to begin arriving at the above stated time and I'm going to close the doors when we start our Welcome Circle. Don't be late becasue I will begin turning people away after we begin the circle.

The Welcome Circle is what we use to introduce ourselves to one another, enjoy some icebreaking exercises, have a safer sex conversation, and practice sharing any boundaries people should know about. These are designed to get folks comfy and ready enjoy a relaxing evening of Play.

Have more questions about sex? is the easiest, least scary and most direct site to go to for good safer sex info.

After the Welcome Circle, it's an "all skate!" For those of you who ever went to a roller skating rink growing up, you know that an "all skate" refers to when the DJ called for everyone to get on the rink and do their thing, whatever their thing might be.

WHAT TO BRING: You and your sexy ass (no farm animals, please). Whatever food and drink you might enjoy sharing. (We like our Playmates to be present and capable of connection, so no "hard drugs,” hard alcohol, or being super drunk, please - I will ask you and your PAL to leave if I have to.) Bring whatever sexy things you'd like to wear and lounge in or just throw on your regular weekend clothes or pjs for relaxation and chillin'. Bring along whatever safer sex accoutrements you desire (condoms, dental dams, gloves, toys, lube - whatever you might be needing to create that perrrrrfect evening). I will have some supplies and toys, but only YOU know what YOU need. Oh, and please bring a Playful attitude and an open heart and mind.

PLEASE BE ON TIME. For participants to Play with abandon, we need to co-create a safe environment. Having people floating in and out makes that difficult. Therefore, the doors will lock after the Welcome Circle begins. If you are running unavoidably late, call and we'll see what we can do. But don't run unavoidably late please.

Looking forward to Playing with you!

Happy couple

Show 'N Tell Sex10x Practicum - Deeper Dive Interactive Workshop
June 5th, Calgary (1-6pm)

Learn how to increase your sexual self-confidence and start becoming a more attractive, self-expressed and fearless person in all your relationships!

If you’ve ever asked yourself… Am I normal in the sex department? Am I good in bed (and how can I be better)? Am I broken when it comes to sex? How can I get my partner to be better in the sack?

Learning better sexual technique will boost your sexual self-confidence, raise your self-esteem, and make you more confident and competent in sex and love! Being THAT kind of person is attractive in AND out of the bedroom!

If you worry about sex and want to enjoy it more (or if you think your loved ones do), then please join sex and relationship expert Reid Mihalko for a humorous and informative, PG-13 Show 'N Tell introduction to his premiere Sex10x Online Course!

In this 5-hour, no nudity, interactive course (with hilariously “edutaining” demonstrations), you will learn:

  • 3 Powerful Perspectives that will help you understand pleasure and orgasm, and how to give and receive both!

  • 5 tips that will give you oral sex super powers!

  • How to use fantasy to turbo-charge a lover’s orgasm…

  • 2 BIG differences between penises and vulvas, and 1 thing that’s the same that will make you 10-times better in bed…

  • How to listen to your partner’s body in bed…

  • 3 ways to use your hands sexually that will drive your partner wild AND leave you feeling more confident as a lover!

  • How to create your own “sexual positions decoder ring” so you naturally “think” about lovemaking in an exciting, Kama Sutra way!

  • And more!

Introduction to Sex10x (with plenty of time for you to get your questions answered!) is designed for men and women, the shy and the extroverted, straight/gay/bi/trans/poly/kinky/vanilla/woo-woo/skeptics, couples and singles, beginners and advanced Sex Geeks…

All you have to do is be over 18, bring a note book, wear something comfortable, and show up ready to learn from the Sex Geek himself! And while you’re at it, invite your friends!

Like all of my programs and products, Show 'N Tell Sex10x Praticum, comes with my “Your Satisfaction Is Important Guarantee!” If, at the end of the workshop, you’re not completely satisfied with your experience, just let me know and I’ll be glad to refund your class tuition. Mark it on your calendar, get tickets, and be some of the first in your community to gain these transformational techniques!

Sex and relationship educator Reid Mihalko of about to lecture to 500 college students on rape culture, consent, and healthy sexual relationships at Brock University

Business Advice for Sex Educators/Workshop Faciliators w Reid
June 5th, Calgary - Evening event (7-9pm, FREE)

  • Are you a sex educator? Workshop leader? Healer or Teacher? Coach/therapist?

  • Wish you could reach more people and make a better living answering your calling?

  • Tonight is for YOU... Learn How To Have Less Stress, More Fun, & Make a Better Living as a Sex-Positive Professional!

If you’re tired of being the best kept secret in your field… Of struggling to make ends meet while your friends and family disapprove… Of worrying if it’s really worth sharing your gifts with the world and doubting if sex education will ever payoff financially as a career… If you’re ready to quit sacrificing your wellbeing and peace of mind, and hungry to make a difference in people’s lives AND MAKE A LIVING, then this evening is for you.

Too many smart, savvy sex educators/healers/workshop facilitators and sex-positive professionals struggle to pay the rent. You have a message that is worth sharing. A message that people NEED. Yet, it seems like people are always asking you to lower your rates, teach for free, and give another chunk of yourself for nothing.

How can we get people to see the value and transformation great sex, intimacy, and relationship information brings to their lives? And how do we get them to help support OUR lives financially while we transform theirs emotionally/physically/spiritually?

Being a sex-positive professional and making a decent living can seem at odds. Too many amazing healers, educators, coaches, and wellness professionals are on the verge of financial and emotional collapse from the worry, burnout, and frustration of trying to make ends meet while sharing their calling with the world. What if you could change lives AND get paid decently for it? What if there were ways to reach more people with your message using less effort? And what if there was a learnable approach to sharing your amazing knowledge that would augment your strengths, make you more prolific with less stress, inspire your fans and clients, free up more time for you to relax and recharge, and help you make money without feeling “salesy,” pushy, or creepy?

The good news: This is all possible, and you can do it, too! Join sex and relationship expert and business geek, Reid Mihalko, creator of for an informative and humorous evening where he’ll show you 3 crushing mistakes most sex-positive professionals are making that leave them frustrated, burnt out, and broke, AND the successful business models and practices that will help you turn your calling into a life-long, successful career.

Sex and relationship expert Reid Mihalko leading a workshop


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Date and Time


INKubation Theater

Eau Claire Market

200 Barclay Parade SW

Calgary, AB T2P 4R3


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