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SaaS Metrics for Product Managers - Live Online Class

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SaaS Metrics for Product Managers

And how they will shape your product strategy (and your career!)

Live Online Class

As a product manager, what's your real job?

It's NOT just to build features and manage releases.

And it's NOT to deliver customer value.

Yep, you read that right.

As a product manager, your real job is to drive the business growth.

This means you need to not just create customer value, but create customer value that can be monetized.

To do that, you need to be STRATEGIC in how you decide to add features and expand your product.

And this means understanding deeply your company's business model and how it acquires, retains and expands customers.

If you are a product manager for a SaaS product, this is the class you need to leap frog your skills from the tactical to the truly strategic.

By the end of this class, you'll have the necessary knowledge to look at your product in the same way as your CEO/founder and your Board does, and how you can use this understanding to craft your product strategy, plan your roadmap, direct your product development efforts, and measure performance and success.

Whether you're a newly minted product manager or a seasoned one, if you want to get to that next level as a product manager — one who is recognized as making a real impact on customers AND the business, consistently driving business growth and delivering results that actually matter to the business — then this class will fast forward your skills to help you get to that next level.

What Is This? (aka, Description of the Online Class)

A live, online class for product managers. The class will be conducted in a webinar style format and will be a combination of presented material and live Q&A. In addition, students will receive a copy of the slides and other downloadable materials.

Who Is This For? Who's The Audience?

Product Managers and Product Marketing Managers who manage any kind of web-based software product, application or service, and need to better understand how such a SaaS product business actually works so they're empowered to make STRATEGIC decisions about their products and help drive the growth of the business. (That's the stuff that gets you promoted!)

What Will Be Covered?

We will be covering a TON of super important topics like:

  • The stages of a SaaS company, and how each stage impacts funding and resourcing for your product strategy.

  • The SaaS business model — what's really going on in the business, different ways to look at the profitability of your product, the economic factors driving your product's growth, and how it all impacts your product strategy.

  • What your CEO/founder really cares about.

  • The 3 primary goals for a SaaS business, the keys to SaaS success, and the most important metrics to measure for your SaaS product.

  • Why negative churn could be your best friend.

  • How to tell if your SaaS product is going to succeed.

Of course, we'll be going over typical SaaS metrics, like MRR, LTV, churn, CAC, etc.

Plus, you'll get a copy of the slides and access to the replay.

This will be a class conducted by a product manager for product managers. SaaS metrics, business terms, and economics discussed in a sensible, down-to-earth, actionable way that makes sense to us product folks. I'll walk you through all the concepts, not as an investor would to a naive entrepreneur, but as a product manager, so we're speaking on the same level. I'll de-mystify the buzzwords, and show you how you can use important these important metrics to get on the same page as your CEO and chart the strategy for your product.

Net-net: you'll come away knowing EXACTLY how a SaaS business works, its underlying financial and economic model, and how you can use this know-how to craft your product strategy, plan your roadmap, direct your product development efforts, and measure the success of your product performance — i.e., you will know how to drive the growth of the business.

How Long Is The Class?

You should budget 2 hours. We want enough time to cover the content in depth, answer questions, and have good discussions.

How Does The Registration Work?

1. Pay for your enrollment in the class on this Eventbrite page.

2. Once you've made your payment, follow the link on the confirmation page to register for the GoToWebinar. (You'll also receive this via email.)

3. Once I receive your registration request and receive confirmation of your payment, I will approve your registration for the GoToWebinar which will provide you with your personal attendance link for the live online class.


Will a replay be made available later?


I can't attend. Can I access the replay or recording later?

Yes! There is a special enrollment option for you called Can't-Attend-But-Want-The-Recording. That's the one you want to select.

After the live class is over, I'll be providing the recording as an online course hosted on my Product Manager Academy website. You will get access to the FULL recording of the live class including the live Q&A that would have taken place. Plus, you'll get a copy of the slides, and everything will be viewable whenever and from where you want, and fully downloadable.

Refund Policy

Sorry, no refunds.

I'm already familiar with some SaaS business concepts. How advanced will be the topics covered in this class?

The key question for you here is how are you driving your daily activities as a product manager?

Are you simply focused on executing your next release? Or just focused on pushing out the next feature? Do you consider your backlog as your product roadmap? Do you struggle to articulate the business impact of each story in your backlog?

If so, you need to take this class!

Are you able to confidently articulate the business case for the features on your product roadmap to your CEO and other executives in terms of business growth? Are you intimate with the SaaS business model and do you use SaaS business metrics and KPIs as the primary driver to define your product strategy and measure and guide your activities as a product manager?

Does your product roadmap clearly lay out a path to impacting critical metrics like LTV, negative churn, months to recover CAC, expansion revenue, net MRR, etc.?

If not, then you need to attend this class!

If you're completely unfamiliar with important SaaS metrics and business concepts, this is definitely the class for you!

In a way, you could look at this as a SaaS metrics 101 class, but with the added twist that it's been specifically geared for product managers. So whether you know nothing about SaaS metrics, "know enough to be dangerous", or are fairly familiar but feel you could use a "tune-up" to level up your skill sets, I guarantee you'll come away with valuable learnings from this class.

I'm not yet a product manager, but aspiring to be one. Should I attend?

You certainly can and you'll definitely come away with valuable business skills every product manager needs. Just know that the class is targeted toward product managers looking to improve their business skills.

I have an idea for a SaaS startup. Will this class help me?

Only in so far as to teach you how the SaaS business models and key metrics you'll need to track. But know that this class isn't geared toward entrepreneurs starting out with a SaaS startup. It's geared toward product managers, who typically are working in early-stage to mature SaaS businesses.

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