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Richmond UX August: The Power of CSS Flexbox

By Richmond User Experience (RUX)

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015 · 4:30 - 6:30pm EDT


Gather 409 East Main Street Richmond, VA 23219

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On August 26th, RichmondUX is excited to host a long overdue presentation on a topic in the intersection between interaction design, UI design, and front-end development. IT Analyst at VCU and long-time RUX member Gaurav Gupta will talk about the Power of CSS Flexbox.

Web developers have been trying to solve layout issues since the dawn of web. We started with tables, then floats and grids—each technique had its limitations. Thanks to Flexbox, it’s all about to change.

Flexbox is one of the most promising yet underutilized additions to the CSS3 specification. Using this layout model you can arrange elements in any direction, align them, distribute the space, assign sizes, stretch or shrink them to fit in parent element, wrap or rearrange them—all with far less CSS compared to grids.

Flexbox truly shines when used in responsive design. Changing the visual order, alignment, assigning proportional sizes of your boxes becomes a breeze. During this presentation, you will learn the basics of Flexbox specification and explore some of its practical uses.

4:30-5:00 - Networking & Announcements
5:00-5:45 - Featured Speakers
5:45-6:00 - Q&A
6:00-6:30 - Socialize/Network/Exchange Social Media Profiles

Who Should Attend
Interaction and UI designers, front-end developers, UX practitioners. Create web based products or services? This session is for you.

Gaurav GuptaAbout Gaurav
Gaurav Gupta is an IT Analyst in the Office of the Vice Provost for Learning Innovation and Student Success at Virginia Commonwealth University. In his current position Gaurav wears multiple hats. As a web designer and developer, he builds websites and web applications with an eye towards simplicity and usability. In his administrator role, he has led the implementation of University’s online course evaluation system and manages its day-to-day operations. As a tech expert, he gets to play with the latest instructional technology.

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