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Remote Problem Framing for Distributed Teams

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Learn Problem Framing

Remote Version for Distributed Teams

As humans, we love solving problems. We're wired for it! Unfortunately, unless we know everything there is to know about the problem, who we're solving for, and why the problem is (or isn't) important to them, our solutions will create little to no value.

Problem Framing is a rapid, highly structured discovery process for identifying critical business opportunities for your organization to innovate within -- problems that, if solved well, will create significant company impact and user value.

Impact on business

As much as we don't want to admit it, many organizations prioritize projects based on the whims of a few, or on incomplete, biased insights. Problem Framing shines a light on strategic roadmapping and goal-setting.

  • Eliminate bias and assumption from our strategic planning
  • Prioritize opportunities that will provide both business + user value
  • Establish rapid alignment and clarity of our most pivotal opportunities

Impact on products & services

Tools like design sprints are perfect for solution validation -- but they can't tell us if we're working on the right problems. Framing provides problem validation to ensure our products & services are attacking a viable space.

  • Eliminate the threat of initiating projects that won't drive value
  • Validate there's a problem to be solved - before prototyping and design
  • Empower and speed up our prototyping (design sprints) and design cycles
  • Identify and fill critical gaps in team expertise and user research

Impact on team

When we lead by talking about solutions, our team members hear instructions to carry out. When we talk about problems to be solved, our team members hear an invitation to innovate.

Cross-functional problem framing enables teams to:

  • Empower its skilled practitioners to do the jobs they were hired to do
  • Build rapid alignment on a problem space
  • Bring perspective from key experts & stakeholders
  • Maintain morale by eliminating reprioritization after work has begun
  • Establish team-wide ownership & accountability

Who should attend this workshop?

  • Innovation leaders looking to help drive more informed roadmapping
  • Innovation leaders looking to work on projects that create impact
  • Executives + Stakeholders looking to improve strategic planning
  • Facilitators looking to expand their product + innovation toolkit

What will I learn?

  • How to inspire the team to generate potential problems to work on
  • How to prioritize problems in order to identify the top ones to attack
  • How to identify the user-centered needs within the problem space
  • How to map the current experience and find opportunities to innovate
  • How to reframe problems to be prototype (design sprints) ready
  • Gain access to the same templates New Haircut uses*

* Included with Facilitator + Templates ticket


Why is the workshop online & virtual?

Since framing is strategic it requires participation from team leads, senior leaders, and business stakeholders who aren't always available to collaborate in-person.

Does this workshop tie into topics like design sprints?

Yes, we will talk about the relationship between framing and solution discovery frameworks like design sprints. If you're looking for comprehensive design sprint training, consider our Design Sprints // DEEP DIVE course.

Should I come on my own or with my team?

Individuals and small groups (up to 3) are a perfect fit for this workshop. For larger groups, contact us about private team training -- start@newhaircut.com

What will I need to attend?

You will be working on a canned business challenge that we've prepared. The only thing you'll need to do is show up and...

  • Be able to access the online workshop via a Zoom video call
  • Have access to a reliable internet connection
  • Join from a Mac or Windows computer (Chrome recommended) with a good headset + mic
  • Join from a quiet location with webcam on
  • Complete ~15 mins of pre-work prior to workshop

Is this for people outside of product design & innovation?

Yes! While the canned problem will be related to a digital consumer offering, the lessons and tools are applicable across all markets, business functions, and expected outcomes.

Can I purchase tickets for others?

Yes. Select the number of tickets you'd like and then fill in their details to have the tickets assigned to them.

Can I transfer my ticket?

Yes, up until 3 days prior to the workshop. Please email start@newhaircut.com for help with your transfer.

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Refunds up to 7 days before event

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