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ReactJS: Three Days to Master the Art of Web Applications

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116 W 23rd St

5th floor

New York, NY 10011

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Refund Policy

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Monday through Wednesday

November 13-15

9 AM to 5 PM

21 hours | Hands-On Training for $1,495

10% off Early Bird (Register by 10/13) and pay $1,345 - You save $150

Join us online: $1,250

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React with Flux, Redux & React Router

React, or React.js is an open source javascript library from Facebook used for view rendering in large scale or single page application (SPA). It encourages the creation of reusable UI components which present data that changes over time. React can also render on the server using Node, and it can power native apps using React Native.

Duration: 3 Days


  • Thorough understanding of JavaScript

  • Knowledge of jQuery, HTML events and bootstrap is highly helpful


In this course, you will learn:

  • Understand what React is and what problems it solves

  • Gain a deeper knowledge of JSX

  • Implementing Flux Architecture with React

  • React Redux framework

  • Implement unit tests for React components

  • Learn React best practices


This training is for the Javascript developers which are diving into the ReactJS library for the first time.


Day 1

What is React

  • What react is and what it is not

  • Advantages

  • Limitations

  • How react works

Introduction to JSX

  • Virtual DOM

  • JS vs JSX

  • React Components

  • HTML attributes e.g. class and id etc

  • Child Components and Namespaced components

  • Javascript expressions in JSX like attribute, boolean or child expression

Setting up your ReactJS Development Environment

  • Look at an ReactJS application in Plunker

  • Setup Cloud9

  • Using npm & package.json file

  • Webpack & ES6 Introduction

  • Organizing your source code

  • React browser plugin

Day 2

Creating a simple React Application

  • A simple react component with JSX template

  • Nesting Components

  • React render

  • React Props

  • Props validation with data types

  • States, Initialize states and update states

React UI and Forms

  • Form components e.g. input, textarea

  • Controlled form components

  • Uncontrolled form components

  • Checkboxes and Radios

  • Select box with default selected value

  • Form validation

  • Styles

  • Animation Introduction

Component Life Cycle

  • Initial Render

  • Props Change

  • Stage Change

  • Component Unmount

Day 3

React Router and Other JS concepts

  • React Router configuration

  • Router History

  • If-else in JSX

  • IIFE in JSX for complex logic

Event Handling in JSX

  • onClick, onKeyUp and other useful events in React

  • Sharing events across the components.

React Styles

  • CSS and inline styles

  • Setting up the react for React bootstrap

  • Implementing the react bootstrap components

React Router & Navigation

  • Loading the router library

  • Router configuration

  • Passing and receiving parameters

  • React-cookie integration


Daniel Zen teaches his course material on a regular basis to Fortune 500 companies such as Intel, Time Warner and Cisco. He speaks at numerous conferences - ng-conf, ng-vegas, AngularSummit, FITC and NYC Camp at the United Nations. He founded the AngularJS NYC meetup which meet monthly at Google offices in Chelsea which now counts over 5,000 members. And, he recently produced, BuzzJS, a sold out, One day | One track JavaScript conference at Microsoft offices in Times Square.

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Date and Time


116 W 23rd St

5th floor

New York, NY 10011

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Refund Policy

Refunds up to 7 days before event

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