React Native Development Training

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Cowork South Bay

22519 Hawthorne Boulevard

Torrance, CA 90505

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Refund Policy

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Learn to build real world mobile apps with React Native. This course will introduce you to this powerful JavaScript framework and will teach you all the tips and tricks of professional development.

About the Course

This full day course will give you a hands-on, deep dive into React Native. In this course, you will learn how to build cross-platform mobile applications from scratch using Facebook's React Native.

Senior Software Engineer, Lynda.com and Code District instructor Troy Miles will guide you through how to setup your development environment all the way to app deployment!

Students will start with the basics of React Native including the library and components.Along the way you will learn how to work with many of the core React Native components and API’s, as well as best practices for file structure, styling, and more.

Course Outline

Big Ideas

  • State

  • Data flow

  • Immutable

  • Pure functions

  • Single responsibility principle

  • Composition vs. Inheritance


  • npm

  • Babel

  • Webpack

  • Create React Native App


  • Collection Operators

  • Declaring Variables

  • Anonymous & Arrow Functions

  • Template Strings

  • Destructuring

  • Spread Operator

  • Class

  • Import, Export, & Default

  • Object


  • Components & JSX

  • one-way data flow

  • Props & state

  • Lifecycle events

  • Keys

  • Forms

  • call ref handler

  • Type checking

  • Components


  • In-app Developer Menu

  • Hot reloading

  • Chrome developer tools

  • React Developer Tools


  • Styling components

  • "Cascading" styles

  • Height & Width

  • Flexbox


  • ScrollView

  • List Views

React Router Native

  • URL Parameters

  • 404 Page

  • Redirect

  • Nesting Routes

  • React Navigation


  • Three Principles

  • Action & Action Creators

  • Reducers

  • Store

  • With React Router Native

Cross Platform

  • Cross platform components

  • Cross platform APIs

  • Android APIs

  • Android Components

  • iOS APIs

  • iOS Components

  • Android Native Module


  • Creating animations

  • Interpolation

  • Native animations

Testing with Jest

  • Installation

  • Matchers

  • Testing components

  • Testing async functions

  • Creating mocks

  • Setup and teardown

You will learn all of this in theory as well as practical! Not only will you learn how to use React Native'a amazing \ features, but you will actually build an application and integrate them!

Live Instructor-Led Training

Live instructor-led training allows you to get you questions answered on the spot, thus saving you tons of time. Live classroom training also allows you to collaborate, network and learn from other great developers!


  • Fluency in JavaScript

  • Experience with ReactJS, including an understanding of JSX and the component lifecycle


Developers who have some experience with React and are ready to leverage those skills to build robust, production-level mobile applications.

Instructor, Troy Miles
Troy Miles is a Senior Software Engineer and Lynda.com instructor. He is exceptionally skilled at full stack. He posses deep knowledge of the following frameworks: AngularJS, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, PhoneGap, Backbone, Ember, Jasmine, and Mocha.

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Date and Time


Cowork South Bay

22519 Hawthorne Boulevard

Torrance, CA 90505

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Refund Policy

Refunds up to 7 days before event

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