Quantifying the Value of Innovation

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We know that the value of "innovation" can be difficult to communicate. How might we better tell the story of our work? How can we see the connections across our projects? Through the Presidential Innovation Fellow (PIF) Storybank prototype we are answering these questions in three ways:

1) Collecting the stories

2) Setting up relationships

3) Exploring reporting and visualization

We began the PIF Storybank in April 2019 as a prototype. Each week, PIFs answer eight questions via a form in Airtable, a tool approved by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). In the process, we are tracking and tagging our narratives making it easier to publish and analyze our work in innovation. All this is setting us up for a future where:

1) We have more internal visibility into our work, and

2) The American public has more visibility, too—perhaps through a virtual artificial intelligence (AI) storyteller.

We now have 135 entries from 25 PIFs. We know what percentage of PIFs are working on AI, autonomous vehicles, communications, cross-agency collaboration, data accountability, data science, data transparency, public-private collaborations, human-centered design, investment, twenty-first-century workforce, product management, and tech infrastructure. We know that 18 PIFs have worked on AI projects across 16 agencies. We also know what blockers have arisen.

Join our webinar to learn more about data storytelling, tagging text, and quantifying the value of innovation.

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