Psychedelic integration through yoga: From theory to application

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SoulNest Studio

2236 26th Street

Santa Monica, CA 90405

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Integration of psychedelic and other peak experiences can happen through various mediums that can support the individual through the various stages of integration: rebalancing of the soul, mind and body following an impactful experience; psychological processing of the insights and lessons gleaned in the psychedelic state; and daily application of these lessons to achieve personal mastery and self realization. The series “Integration Practices Workshops” presents various activities that can support the ongoing integration practice by offering grounding, activation, soul nourishment, education or just plain fun to keep us comfy and safe when moving through the ever-winding road of transformation and growth throughout our lives.

Workshop time: 7-8:30 pm

Questions and mingling: 8:30-9 pm

Cost: $22.22 online, $27 at door

Location: SoulNest Studio

2236 26th Street, Santa Monica, CA, United States

(Located in the back of a private residence - enter through the driveway)

Workshop Description:

Psychedelic Integration Through Yoga: From Theory to Application

This evening will feature not one buy *two* awesome speakers who will share their insights about the ancient practice of yoga and the myriad of ways it can be used to enhance the progressive practice of psychedelic integration.

Carl Jung on Yoga: Insights for Your Journey of Awakening - A talk by Dario Nardi, Ph.D.

Shamanic experiences can be powerful, clarifying, and sometimes confusing. In 1932, the renown Dr. Carl G. Jung spoke on the psychology of kundalini yoga. This form of yoga trains people for heightened states of consciousness. Dr. Jung's words plainly parallel what people report today while working with entheogens like ayahuasca and sapo. In this talk, we will explore some choice words of wisdom from Dr. Jung on consciousness, the chakras, and the integration of altered states into everyday life. Includes graphics and quotes from for the forthcoming "Jung on Yoga".

About Dario:

Dario Nardi, Ph.D. is an international author, speaker, and trainer in neuroscience and personality. He is a senior lecturer at UCLA, where he won UCLA's 2011 Distinguished Teacher of the year award. His books include "Neuroscience of Personality" and "8 Keys to Self-Leadership". Dario owns Radiance House, which provides workbooks and other training materials by many authors for human resources. Since 2007, Dario has researched, spoken on, and trained on the brain and individual differences in skills and personality, focusing on hands-on brain research using EEG technology. In 2014, he began his journey with shamanic medicines and kundalini yoga and has documented people's brain activity during altered states. For details, visit www.DarioNardi.com.

The Psychedelic Sutras: Direct application of yoga for psychedelic integration - An interactive talk by Joël Karamdeep Brierre:

Integration of a psychedelic experience can be a very challenging and confusing time, these medicines bring up issues from deep within the psyche and it can be fairly tough to figure out how the mind works in all of this. Joël has found that the eight limbed path of yoga is a perfect tool for understanding the complexities of an unfolding mind.

Somewhere between 300 and 800BCE the sage Patanjali gave us the timeless scripture called the Yoga Sutras. He was able to fully comprehend and capture the struggle of the human experience, mapping out an eight limbed path to enlightenment. As entheogens are a tool for self realization, this 8 limbed path can be useful in understanding the hurdles that come along with understanding one’s own mind.

Joël will be speaking on how to directly apply these limbs your to your psychedelic integration experience. Joël will go into depth on what poses will best help to ground you, how to restore balance to the nervous system and endocrine system. He will show and explain different pranayamas (breathing techniques) to balance and distribute the energies as well as to stimulate different parts of the brain.

About Joël:

Like so many other people, yoga found Joël at the perfect moment. Using this ancient practice to rid himself of the old patterns that made for such a rough early life in Washington D.C.. Joël left the US in 2008 to travel the world and immerse himself in the practice of Yoga. Being half Haitian, the Caribbean was in ideal choice to begin this journey, he found home on St. John in the Virgin Islands and dove deep into a daily sadhana. When he taught his first class in 2010 he knew he had found his passion. Over the years Joël would carry this light everywhere he went, from living the ashram life in Rishikesh, India, to opening Radiant Awakening Yoga Centre in Sydney, AUS, holding retreats in Ubud, Bali and elsewhere, founding Skylight Yoga in Miami, and working with the Rastafari community in Jamaica, Joël has kept it moving and has spread the love everywhere he can take it. Now settled in LA with his beautiful wife, he is happy to love, teach, and learn with the community. Joël teaches Vinyasa, Hatha, as well as Kundalini Yoga.

Joël also has a deep relationship with plant medicines, using them for searching the inner and outer depths of consciousness since the late 90’s. He spent 2001 in Peru studying medicines with Curanderos and has journeyed with medicine men from various cultures around the world.

Brought to you by The Psychedelic Integration Coach, Sherree M. Godasi www.psychedelicintegrationcoach.com. In Light!

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Date and Time


SoulNest Studio

2236 26th Street

Santa Monica, CA 90405

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