Processing Intense & Toxic Thoughts and Emotions

Processing Intense & Toxic Thoughts and Emotions

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Processing intense emotions to release or use for constructive purposes is critical so they don't affect our physical and mental health.

About this event

We are all experiencing a menagerie of emotions these days, and not just a lot of them, but intense ones. When we experience emotions to the degree and strength that we are right now, it is important to harness that emotional energy in productive ways or allow them to release in nondestructive and nontoxic ways. Emotions that turn toxic in us only harm ourselves, which can produce physical ailments as well as further cause us mental and emotional turmoil, none of which is healthy.

If you are looking for assistance in processing emotions that may be a little heavy for you right now and helping to either use their energy for productive outlets or to release them in healthy ways, please join us in weekly Toxic Thought & Emotion Processing sessions each Sunday at 3:30pm EST/EDT (USA time). Here is the time for each time zone of our common participants:

UK London/Ireland/UK/GMT Time Zone: 7:30pm through March 22nd and then 8:30pm starting March 27th through the fall*

USA Georgia/Florida/South Carolina/Eastern Time Zones: 3:30 pm

Minnesota/Illinois/Central Time Zones: 2:30pm

Arizona (Oct-Mar) Colorado/Mountain Time Zones: 1:30pm*

Arizona (Mar-Oct)California/Oregon/Pacific Time Zones: 12:30pm (noon)*

*Note - for AZ from March-October, they will be on PDT/MST, so will be at 12:30pm. For the UK and others outside the US & Canada, the US/Canada moves to daylight savings time 2 weeks earlier than Europe, so for March 13 & 22 of 2022, the UK/Europe time zone will take place at 7:30pm until Europe moves to daylight savings time on March 27.

We will deal with 1 emotion each week for 4 weeks until further notice: anger, fear, shame (& its cousin guilt) and sadness.

- 1st Sunday of the month: anger

- 2nd Sunday of the month: fear

- 3rd Sunday of the month: shame/guilt

- 4th Sunday of the month: sadness.

Sessions will be "pay what you can" and if anyone wants to donate to our nonprofit, Liberate From Hate, Inc., we will be grateful.

We will use a Zoom online conference room, so please be sure to register so that you receive the link.

Please bring a journal to the sessions. You will also be sent a worksheet for each session with exercises we will do.