PMF Program Q&A Session: Class of 2023 Application

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PMF Program Q&A Session: Class of 2023 Application

PMF Program Q&A Session on the Class of 2023 Application

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This session, taking place the day before the application opens, will serve as an open forum for questions. It will be open to all disciplines, but will not include a presentation.

The PMF Class of 2023 Application is scheduled to open at Noon (Eastern Time), Tuesday, September 13, 2022, and close at Noon (Eastern Time), Tuesday, September 27, 2022.

These dates, additional details about the upcoming PMF application, and any updates, can be found on our “2023 Application” webpage at We expect to announce PMF Class of 2023 Finalists in the months following the close of the application.

A full list of informational webinars is also posted to the above webpage.

This webinar will be hosted on Microsoft Teams and meeting details will be provided to those who register in advance of the event. In the meantime, please block this date and time on your calendar. The webinar will not be recorded for later publishing or viewing.

Want to stay informed on the PMF Program and upcoming application? If you haven't done so already, please be sure to sign up for our newly launched "PMF Subscriber Lists" via the following link: From this page, click the "Subscribe" button, select your preferred audience (e.g., Potential Applicant), and follow the instructions to sign up.

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