Persuasive Writing Skills: Impress Them to Read, Persuade Them to Act

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Have you ever read material that was incomprehensible, and as a result, you were left unpersuaded to act? I guess we all have, haven't we?

But, how would you feel, if you had been the Author?

About the Program

That's a frightening thought, isn't it? In our view, a Persuasive Writer sees the challenge through the lens of their audience. They're Empathetic, and that insight drives the coverage of this Program.

To Persuade, we need to skilfully use our words in ways that others find appealing. Whether we drive them forward using science & data, or tug them back using heartfelt emotions, the way we use language is critical.

Yet as Mark Anthony implored, to Understand they first need to "lend us their ears". Effective writing is architecture that creates space for others to read. It is structured around sound grammar that conveys real meaning.

Given the dialectic between Reader & Writer, we'll embrace an emotionally intelligent approach to think about the Message. You'll explore what helps a Reader to read then understand text. We'll move on to make that message much more persuasive, such that your Reader is motivated to act.

This will enable you to have greater impact amongst the audience for whom you are writing.

Setting Expectations

On completion of this Persuasive Writing Skills Program, you will be able to ...

  • Clarify purposeful communication objectives
  • Architect with grammar to create credible first impressions
  • Organise thoughts to isolate key themes & ideas for the reader
  • Deconstruct the message into more digestible, meaningful, passages
  • Explore elements needed for persuasion and positive influence
  • Examine vocabulary to see how choice of language resonates
  • Draw on emotional intelligence to bring in perspectives
  • Build rapport to help the reader to read, then act

Program Delivery: Four Modules

Program details are provided to Participants one week before the published Start Date.

Two of the four Modules are Individual. They are Self-paced and require around 3 hours of effort. The remaining two involve Group Learning. These are Facilitated via a Learning Platform and covered in two different 3.5-hour sessions.

  • Module 1: Self-paced - One week prior
  • Module 2: Facilitated - June 29, 8:30 thru 12:00
  • Module 3: Self-paced - Prior to Module 4
  • Module 4: Facilitated - June 30, 8:30 thru 12:00

Participation Prerequisites

This is an interactive Program that requires participation via Computer, Voice & Video. Please ensure that you have a Microphone & Camera available, and that they are in good working order.

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Refund Policy

Refunds up to 7 days before event

Eventbrite's fee is nonrefundable.

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