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Would you like to learn how to use energy to heal yourself, and enhance all aspects and dimensions of your life and the life of others?

In addition to connecting you to your higher self and channeling divine energy, promoting greater health, and supporting the healing of physical ailments and illnesses, energy healing can also help you permanently release negative patterns of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, let go of limiting beliefs and fears, transcend negative karmas and family or past life karmic patterns, enhance your relationships, and accelerate you towards your life and spiritual intentions and goals.

How it works

Our private Reiki energy healing certification training programs are tailored to each individual who chooses to learn Reiki energy healing privately with a more direct focus on their specific energy system and the clearing of their personal blockages and imbalances.

Whether you want to learn Reiki energy healing to heal yourself or to heal and help others, our unique Reiki energy healing certification training can help you achieve this goal and many more.

The very first step to learning how to heal and help others is learning how to heal ourselves and clear our own energy system from blockages, imbalances, and karmas that prevent us from being a clear, empty vessel and a channel to receiving and transmitting divine energy.

We design our private Reiki energy healing certification training programs to fit your individual and specific intentions and goals, and to address and resolve your specific challenges, blockages, and personal issues.


In addition to the benefits that you receive through a private Reiki energy healing session, taking our Reiki energy healing certification training will enable you to enjoy the following:

* Receive Reiki energy healing level 1 attunement, which clears your energy system from existing blockages and attunes you to receiving and transmitting divine energy

* Heal, clear, and release negative karmas associated with healing and becoming an energy healer

* Heal and clear your energy system at a deeper level so that the benefits of the healing remain with you

* Receive a profound energy healing physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually

* Evolve and grow spiritually

* Understand and learn how to clear fears, limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, and painful emotions at a deep level

* Come into greater alignment with divine energy and source

* Develop unconditional love, acceptance, and forgiveness towards yourself and others

One of a kind Training

Our Reiki energy healing certification training programs are truly unique. They integrate many different healing methodologies and tools. and they integrate knowledge and techniques from the various traditions we've trained in and practiced over the past 25 years, in addition to the more traditionally practiced Reiki. We’ve integrated these different approaches and systems and have only kept what we've felt to be most effective, beneficial, and in alignment for ourselves, our students, and our clients.

Some of the healing methodologies and approaches integrated into our Reiki energy healing certification training programs include:

* (Japanese) Usui Reiki

* (Tibetan) Reiki Tummo

* (Chinese) Medical Qi Gong

* Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) - Cupping and needle-free Acupuncture

* Extraordinary Vessels Acupuncture - Understanding the energy flow and structure

* Karmic Healing through the Lords of Karma and other practices

* Pranic Healing and Breathwork

* Vibrational Medicine

* Mantra (Sound) Therapy

* Music & Sound Therapy

* Self Cultivation

* Hypnotherapy



Following is an overview of what we typically cover in our online program:

1. Attunements and karmic healing
2: Grounding, opening your chakras, and channeling energy
3. Activating your chakras and clearing your energy system
4. Increasing sensitivity to energy, enhancing energy flow, and developing your energy system
5. Physical areas to channel to, hand positions, opening and closing rituals
6. Opening the heart, releasing past pain and trauma, and enhancing energy channeling
7. Intentionality in healing
8. Self-healing
9. Healing others
10. Personal practice and refinement
11. Environment, clearing, and energy protection for healing
12. Self-practice exercises
13. Supporting media

Manual, tracks, and videos are all included as part of the training. The online training certification program includes a 30 minute attunement and a 30 minute Q&A session, which can be completed over the phone or by Skype.


Our online Reiki energy healing certification program takes about 6 hours to complete depending on what your focus and intentions are with your Reiki energy healing certification and the complexity of the challenges or blockages you may be experiencing at the onset of taking the program. You make your schedule however it best fits your lifestyle. The attunement and Q&A requires a prior appointment.

Online Option

Our private Reiki energy healing certification training program is available online and supported by a manual, videos, audio tracks, a full video recording of the training, and 1 live questions and answers session scheduled at your convenience. It can be taken live or fully online on your own time.


Our online Reiki energy healing certification program is only $200, or $150 less than the private Reiki training. It includes a full Reiki energy healing manual, additional documentation, a video and audio recording of the training, and audio and video tracks containing all the techniques and meditations taught during the training.

More Information

To find out more about our online Reiki energy healing certification training program or to schedule your private certification training now, text or call 786 308 9552 or email us at alessandrina@dexterandalessandrina.com, or visit: https://www.dexterandalessandrina.com/reiki-energy-healing/

If you prefer to wait and do the group or private reiki energy healing certification training program in person, visit www.dexterandalessandrina.com/events to find out when the next training is. We usually hold 2 group certifications each year and private trainings daily (except Sundays)

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