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[ONLINE] Learn JavaScript and Prepare for Technical Interview

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Jonathan Lewis, Software Engineer at Directangular and Hack Reactor Remote Alumni

Jonathan has a varied background in the arts, entertainment and information technology industries. Jonathan is a graduate of Hack Reactor from which he launched his career in software engineering. Jonathan resides in San Diego, CA where he works as a full stack software engineer at Directangular.


At this workshop series you will solidify your understanding of Fundamental JavaScript, furthering your knowledge and better preparing you for our Technical Interview. WE WILL BE REVIEWING 4 DIFFERENT CONCEPTS EACH MONTH (then starting over)

Week 1 - JavaScript101 11/29/18

Week 2 - Functions & Scope 12/6/18

Week 3 - Arrays & Objects 12/13/18

Week 4 - Loops & Logic 12/20/18

You'll learn how to tackle some of the biggest challenges faced by those learning JavaScript. This is a highly interactive course that uses exercises and projects to drive home these JavaScript Fundamentals.

Topics covered:

JavaScript101 and How to compose and use functions in JavaScript

The mechanics of functions in JavaScript

How local and global scoping works

How the scope chain affects how you build JavaScript programs

Who this workshop is for:

This workshop is for beginners with limited JavaScript experience.

Optional Prep:

Udacity's Intro to JavaScript course (estimated 10-12 hours to complete)

Gordon Zhu’s Watch and Code up to and including “Interlude - Data types and comparisons”

First four chapters of Eloquent JavaScript

Tech requirements:

Students will need to have their own laptops! Windows, Mac or Linux will do it!

Our preferred web browser is Google Chrome.

Have the Zoom Client for Meetings installed.



We look forward to meeting you virtually!

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