NYC Midtown: Cloud, Security, Network, Unified Communications, DevOps
NYC Midtown: Cloud, Security, Network, Unified Communications, DevOps

NYC Midtown: Cloud, Security, Network, Unified Communications, DevOps

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Harvard Club of New York City

35 West 44th Street

New York, NY 10036

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This comprehensive seminar covers IT security/compliance, wireless/network, network infrastructure, plus private/public/hybrid cloud architecture and DevOps. There are Google and Microsoft keynotes, featuring two globally renown IT evangelists, plus subject matter experts presenting from Nutanix, Silver Peak, Shoretel, Ivanti, Darktrace and other industry leaders. Scroll down to see the full agenda and click on links to see company information and speakers' biographies, who deliver concise, technical, educational and non-salesy talks.

Content is pre-approved by Angelbeat and past attendees to maximize learning; click here to download presentation guidelines that are followed by all participants, which makes the program so worthwhile for IT Directors, Security Analysts, Enterprise Architects, Network & System Administrators, Data Center/Storage/Infrastructure Managers, CISO/CIO's, etc.

CEO Ron Gerber's 7 Reasons to attend Angelbeat
As one Walmart attendee states, "Of all the seminars I attend, your format is by far the best. Brief informative talks from vendors, followed by one-on-one time at their booth to find out more. I am out of the office for less than a day yet I have access to all the different solutions. This year I will follow up with two vendors." As another IT Director commented, "Thanks for hosting a very informative meeting with vendors that tied in well; it was an integrated picture of technologies that work together to create a complete infrastructure solution for the workplace."

Join your peers from Chase, Barclays, Nomura, BNP Paribas, Pfizer, AIG, Ogilvy, CBS, Time Warner, Con Edison, Scholastic, Quest Diagnostics, Mendes & Mount, Town Car, Covenant House, Plated, Diligent, AxiomSL, March Architects, City of New York, NYU, Columbia University, Rutgers University and many more organizations who are confirmed attendees.

Every attendee receives breakfast, complimentary Wi-Fi, plus 4 CPE credit hours towards your CISSP or other certification. There are drawings for gift cards and other prizes at the end.
NYC Midtown

7:30 - 8:40: Registration Begins, Breakfast Served, Exhibit Area Open with Product Demonstrations, Time For Peer Networking/Interaction

8:40 - 9:00: The Importance of Web Application Firewalls for Today's Cloud-Based World, from Network Box

IT Security is in the news every single day, and everyone is fully aware of the need for better cyber protection. However many individuals are underestimating the scope, severity and frequency of attacks to web servers and web-based applications, while overestimating the ability of firewalls and IPS to protect these web servers and applications.

Without adequate safeguards, cybercriminals can unleash attacks that leverage the expanse and anonymity of the world wide web, to not just cripple a website but cripple it instantly. This can paralyze an entire corporate infrastructure in mere seconds, while giving hackers access to confidential and sensitive professional and personal data.

During this informative and technical discussion, Pierlugi Stella, CTO at Network Box, will discuss the functionality of its Web Application Firewall, and how/why it should be part of your defense-in-depth security platform.

9:00 - 9:20: The Enterprise Immune System - A New Approach to Cyber Defense with Darktrace
Fast-evolving cyber-threats call for a change in the way we protect our most critical information assets, in a digital world more interconnected than ever. Understand from Darktrace how new self-learning technology, known as the “Enterprise Immune System,” marks a fundamental transition in cyber defense, allowing organizations to gain indispensable visibility into their network, and detect emerging cyber-threats that bypass traditional security controls.

Thanks to fundamental advances in mathematics and unsupervised machine learning developed at the University of Cambridge, UK, Darktrace's technology is capable of learning what is normal and abnormal within an organization, detecting genuine behavioral anomalies, without using rules or signatures. More than 250 organizations across the world rely on its Enterprise Immune System to defend against novel cyber-threats, including insider threat, and protect themselves in today’s changing threat landscape.

Austin Eppstein, one of Darktrace's top cyber security experts, will cover the following subjects during this session:
- Learn why “immune system” technologies represent a fundamental innovation for cyber defense
- Discover how to apply machine learning and mathematics to detect advanced, internal threats
- Understand how to gain 100% network visibility to investigate emerging anomalies in real time
- Hear real-world examples of threats detected by the Enterprise Immune System

9:20 - 9:35: Manage risk, not data or systems, with cloud-based automated security from NormShield
Cyber threats are unrelenting. Your security team is faced with an overwhelming amount of data as they race to find and fix vulnerabilities. Prioritization is difficult, informed decisions are nearly impossible.

Candan Bolukbas, NormShield Co-Founder & CTO, will show you how hackers conduct reconnaissance and discover weaknesses in your security infrastructure without ever touching your network. And, more importantly, how you can stop them cold. A security polymath and certified ethical hacker, Candan will share the tools of trade and you will learn how:

- Hackers leverage publicly available information to discover your security weaknesses
- you can use the same techniques hackers use to discover your security weaknesses and fix them – before hackers find them
- CISOs and other executives can have continuous visibility to the security posture and always make informed decisions
- IT security teams can prioritize their tasks and focus on fixing the riskiest vulnerabilities

The NormShield cloud platform automates finding vulnerabilities, prioritizes them and provides actionable intelligence. You reduce risk as never before possible, and at an affordable price. With NormShield, CISOs can make informed decisions with continuous visibility and measurable performance. Security teams take swift action with prioritized tasks and auto-assigned tickets.

9:35 -9:55: IT Modernization and Automation Strategies with Ivanti
Gartner routinely surveys IT executives in providing an assessment on where they are in terms of maturity, modernization and automation strategies, and where they want to be. Surprisingly, the average score of those who complete the assessment is 2.31 out of 5. Only 10% of companies surveyed have scored 3.0 or greater.

During this educational session, Greg Lavonas from Ivanti will offer insights on accelerating your organization's deployment of modernization and automation strategies and tools.

9:55 - 10:15: From Traditional to Next-Generation: Demystifying Hyperconvergence and Enterprise Clouds with Nutanix
As enterprises look beyond traditional IT workloads including cloud-native applications and DevOps, they should consider how technologies such as software-defined infrastructure and cloud can drive real-world benefits.

During this informative session featuring Scott Ryden of Nutanix, learn how IT can move away from traditional environments to hyperconverged infrastructure and onward to Enterprise Clouds. These new platforms can handle all your challenging applications and business needs, with clear agility, productivity and availability/security benefits. At the end of this session, you'll:

- Aquire proven strategies for delivering frictionless IT services while retaining the precise control your business needs
- Understand new capabilities that tear down IT silos and unify the technology stack
- Learn best practices in virtualization, application design and cloud technologies

10:15 - 10:35: Multi-Vendor Network Infrastructure Complexity; How to Simplify with Glue Networks
Typical networks have become increasingly complex and require constant attention, especially when there is a multi-vendor architecture/configuration.

To greatly simplify network management, Glue Networks created Gluware, a software-based orchestration platform that reduces life cycle costs and boosts network agility. Michael Haugh from Glue Networks will demonstrate how network operations teams can simplify tasks like switch management, ACL, QoS, firewall rules and many other time consuming functions. Gluware makes the network work for operations - not the other way around.

Coffee/Snack Break, Exhibit Area Open, Peer Networking, Product Demonstrations

11:15 - 11:35: Smart Wireless for the Smart Device Era with Mist Systems
Wi-Fi isn’t new. But how we use wireless has evolved substantially in recent years thanks to new smart devices, new applications, new wireless technologies - and new user expectations. As Wi-Fi has become more prevalent, it has also become more business-critical.

This makes it essential to simplify Wi-Fi operations and ensure a consistent and reliable Wi-Fi experience across all users. At the same time, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) has emerged as a nice complement to Wi-Fi, delivering high value indoor location-based services. With BLE, there is an untapped opportunity to better engage with employees and customers. The key questions then is "How do you build a modern wireless network designed to address the above?"

In this interactive session, David Gau of Mist will discuss this topic in more detail, covering how to:

- Design, implement, and operate a modern wireless network that takes advantage of both Wi-Fi and BLE
- Leverage machine learning and cloud technologies to minimize wireless OPEX through automation
- Use proactive insight and predictive recommendation to ensure a great experience for all Wi-Fi users
- Eliminate physical beacons and site surveys with enterprise-grade BLE
- Explore real use cases for indoor location services like wayfinding, proximity messaging, and asset tracking

11:35 - 11:55: Cloud-Based and Hybrid Unified Communications/Telephone Systems from Shoretel and Eastern Datacomm

With Telephone/Voice systems running over IP networks, the next evolution is building a cloud-based unified communications platform, integrating cellular and landline numbers. This frees your workforce from being tied down to a desktop phone's physical location, while reducing telecommunications and facility costs. However, many businesses want the the flexibility and features of a cloud system along with the control that an onsite system provides. Learn from Telecommunications expert Raj Shah from ShoreTel, plus its partner Eastern Datacomm, about the advantages of hybrid and cloud-based/hosted systems, and how to best migrate to this platform from your existing voice infrastructure.

11:55 - 12:15: Cloud Analytics, DevOps, Using Big Data to Optimize Website Performance and OnLine Results, with Soasta
In today’s hypercompetitive online marketplace, providing high-performance end-user experiences is the only way to win. It’s a world where milliseconds can add up to millions of dollars – and one where performance is everything. But optimizing customer experience goes way beyond measuring speed and engagement.

During this informative and technical session, with highly-relevant content cutting across website infrastructure, Big Data, business analytics and DevOps, John Schuster from SOASTA will discuss the value of a crystal-clear view that illustrates the relationship among IT performance, user behavior, and business results. You will learn about the contextual intelligence needed, to allow your website to perform at its best, in real time and at scale. SOASTA technology allows you to spend less time searching for performance intelligence – and more time putting it to work.

12:15 - 12:35: Software Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN) with Silver Peak
Geographically distributed enterprises are embracing SD-WAN at an accelerating pace. As applications continue to move to the cloud, networking professionals are quickly realizing that traditional WANs were never architected for a dynamic, internet-based environment, and recognize that backhauling traffic from the branch to headquarters doesn't make sense. Furthermore, end users often find their business apps run faster over their home Internet service, or even on their mobile device.

During this technical session on this increasingly important topic, Chris DeHoust, Systems Engineering Manager from Silver Peak, will help you better understand how and why to deploy SD-WAN in your network infrastructure, covering the following topics:

- Address and overcome concerns around overall network performance, reliability and security
- Harden broadband internet connectivity, for a secure SD-WAN
- Eliminate latency and performance limitations of broadband
- Prioritize mission-critical applications and ensure that non-business/consumer applications that are bandwidth-intensive, such as Netflix, do not impact customer service
- Simplify management, configuration and expansion of branch offices

Lunch is Served

1:15 - 1:50: Google Cloud Platform

The Google Cloud Platform ("GCP") frees you from the overhead of managing infrastructure, provisioning servers and configuring networks. It enables organizations of all sizes to build, test and deploy applications on Google's highly-scalable and reliable infrastructure, choosing from computing, storage and/or application services for your web, mobile and/or backend solutions. Ray Tsang, a top enterprise and technology strategist at Google, will discuss how and why you should use its Future-Proof Infrastructure, covering the following items:

Run on Google’s infrastructure, Focus on Your Product: Build on the same infrastructure that allows Google to return billions of search results in milliseconds, serve 6 billion hours of YouTube video per month and provide storage for 425 million Gmail users. Rapidly develop, deploy and enhance your applications without worrying about system administration.

Mix and match services: Virtual machines. Managed platform. Blob storage. Block storage. NoSQL datastore. MySQL database. Big Data analytics. GCP offers all the services your application architecture needs.

Live Migration: Google Compute Engine’s instances can be moved to nearby hosts while active—even while under extreme load—complete with their working SSD storage (up to 1.5 TB). Since your VMs don’t need to be rebooted for host software updates or other standard operational tasks, uptimes are superb. This ensures predictable performance across all the different parts of your application.

Cloud Developer Tools/DevOps: GCP provides a collection of tools and libraries - Google Cloud SDK, Cloud Source Repositories, Cloud Tools for Powershell and Visual Studio - that help you develop quicker and integrate seamlessly with Operations. Whether you want to manage your resources from the command line, need better ways to debug source code in production, need a solution for running API backends or just want intuitive integration into your favorite IDE, Google has the resources available to make your life easier.

Scale to millions of users: Applications hosted on Cloud Platform can automatically scale up to handle the most demanding Internet-scale workloads and scale down when traffic subsides.

Pricing innovation: GCP has re-invented the way organizations pay for cloud. Innovations like per-minute-billing, sustained-use discounts that offer optimal pricing without locking you into potentially obsolescent gear, plus special pricing for particular use cases, all combine to give you the best price-performance available from any cloud computing provider.

Get the support you need
: With its worldwide community of users, partner ecosystem and premium support packages, Google provides a full range of resources to help you get started and grow on your journey to the Cloud.

1:50 - 2:25: Microsoft Keynote: Linux, Windows Server and Hyper-V Containers: What They Are, Which One to Use, Why and How, plus Integration with Azure Private/Public/Hybrid Cloud
A container is an isolated and portable operating environment. It provides a mechanism for IT to deploy services in a portable, repeatable and predictable manner. Container technology is the next evolution in cloud/virtualization platforms, and in addition to Linux, Windows now also offers two different types of containers for addressing various business needs.

In this session Dan Stolts, a world renown Technical Evangelist at Microsoft and dynamic/engaging presenter, will examine the similarities and differences between a container and a virtual machine, review the requirements and walk through the processes and essential operations of enabling, creating, deploying and managing Linux and Windows containers and resources. He will also evaluate when to use which containers, why and how?

For those who are new to containers, his delivery serves as a jumpstart to accelerate your learning of containers. If you have already had some experience on Linux containers, his session familiarizes you with the specifics on Windows containers and helps bridge and extend your skills for bringing business value to both Linux and Windows communities.

Mr. Stolts will conclude this session by highlighting the top five new features in Microsoft's Azure cloud platform for 2017, and how to integrate your organization's public/private/hybrid cloud and container/virtualization strategies. Lots of valuable content for infrastructure, data center and DevOps professionals.

End of Event, Raffle Prize Drawings for gift cards and other great items!


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Each attendee acknowledges/understands that financial support from Angelbeat sponsors allows him/her to attend this event at no cost, and that the sponsors will be given your contact information 2 days after the event for follow-up email and telephone communications. All sponsors are required to provide you with an opt-out option, allowing you to be removed from their database

However each attendee can opt-out of sponsor follow-up by informing Angelbeat staff at the event, or by emailing Angelbeat immediately after the event, but before Angelbeat releases the attendee list to the event sponsors.

If you have any questions regarding Angelbeat's privacy policies and how your contact information is used, please contact CEO Ron Gerber directly at 516-277-2057 or at

Who is eligible to receive a free pass
There is no charge to attend for an end user IT professional who works in the telecom/network/storage/security/data center/desktop/purchasing departments of corporations (private and publicly-held, large and small), universities, school districts, government agencies, hospitals/healthcare providers, pharmaceuticals, insurers, manufacturers, retailers, financial services/banks, real estate, legal/accounting/services, transportation/logistic firms, etc. and use, support, approve and/or are involved in or influence the decision to buy the products and services offered by our sponsors.

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If you do not meet the above criteria and still try to register, then you will receive an automatic reply/confirmation from Eventbrite. However you will shortly receive another email from Angelbeat, rejecting and cancelling your registration.

What are my transport/parking options getting to the event
Detailed driving directions will be sent out to all attendees one week before the event. The Harvard Club is conveniently located near Grand Central Station, and near many subway stops.

What is the dress code
Suggested dress is business casual.

What if you have special dietary needs/restrictions
If you have special dietary needs/restrictions, then please email Angelbeat below. We will do our best to accommodate any and all requests.

What if I am a government employee and cannot accept free meals and/or win raffle prizes
If you are a government employee and cannot accept free meals, then you can pay Angelbeat $35/person, to cover the cost of breakfast. Please contact the event organizer at to arrange payment.

Each sponsoring company/exhibitor handles its own raffle prize drawing; Angelbeat itself has nothing to do with these prizes and attendees are not automatically entered for any raffle prize drawing. Since each attendee must individually signup to win a raffle prize, then government employees (who are not eligible to win these prizes) can simply not signup for the drawing.

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Harvard Club of New York City

35 West 44th Street

New York, NY 10036

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