Networking With Confidence Workshop for the Introverted Business Professional
$80 – $250
Networking With Confidence Workshop for the Introverted Business Professional

Networking With Confidence Workshop for the Introverted Business Profession...

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Oromo Coffee @ Shaw Tower

100 Beach Road




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Are you an introvert facing any of these networking challenges?

Dislike attending networking events
・Feel awkward meeting strangers
・Lack the confidence to speak to strangers
・Find it tough to generate business because of the size or strength of your network

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We totally understand if you've faced any of these challenges.
We often hear how introverts have difficulties building their own business network.
It’s likely they did not have the necessary support and guidance for networking success.

What if you can change the way you network to build your own dependable and effective business network today?

4-Hour Networking With Confidence Workshop for Introverts

Especially for introverts who want to improve their networking skills to build their own business network which leads to sales breakthrough and business growth.

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Why are we conducting this workshop?

We want to help you learn how to network more confidently and effectively. So that you can build your own dependable and effective business network.

How are we conducting this workshop?

You'll take away practical tips on keeping yourself motivated and creating the right mindset for networking.
Highly interactive, practical, and engaging. This workshop is complete with activities and exercises to help you put into practice what you have learnt.

In this 4-hour workshop, you will discover:

1. How to network more confidently and effectively
2. The proven way to build your business network and net worth
3. How to interact with anyone and anywhere with ease
4. How to maintain top of mind status with your clients
5. How to increase your visibility without being loud
6. How to enjoy the networking experience
7. A lot of case studies, sharing, and practice to take you out of your comfort zone, comfortably

Who should attend?

If you're an introvert in business, sales and marketing who have networking challenges
If you're looking to generate new business and grow your network
If you're looking to increase your confidence and visibility

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Meet your trainer, Mervin.

A Networking Evangelist, Mervin Yeo is a trainer, consultant, and author. Over the last 17 years, Mervin has shown over 10,000 business owners and marketing professionals in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines a systematic and effective approach to qualified business referrals.
Under his 13-year leadership as the Singapore National Director of the world's largest networking organization specializing in referrals, members passed referrals which generated an annual average of USD20 million dollars worth of business for each other.
A networking coach to aspiring entrepreneurs and graduates entering the marketplace, Mervin lives and breathes as well as speaks and teaches the language of referrals.
A Certified Behavioural and Career Consultant, Mervin is a sought after speaker and trainer on Purposeful Networking and Strategic Referral Marketing for career and business success.
Hailed a “Networking Guru” by a Straits Times writer, Mervin has been interviewed on NewsRadio 93.8 including The Living Room and Positive Business Minutes and was featured in Zaobao and SME Magazine.
A contributing author in the New York Times best-seller Masters of Networking, Mervin is consultant and advisor to networking organisations and facilitates networking at conferences in the region.
Mervin is athe uthor of Purposeful Networking for Introverts, co-author of Turning Ideas Into Profit and author of I Can Connect - An Introvert's Handbook To Stress-Free Networking which launched on 14 Oct 2014.
An Introvert Leader, Mervin founded and runs the Introverts Network Singapore — a quietly growing networking community of introverts in the marketplace.

Background & Achievement

Singapore's very own Networking Guru & Evangelist
Professional Certified Networking Trainer
17 years of Networking Experience
Brought to Singapore the World's Largest Business Referral System in 1999
Hailed a Networking Guru by a Straits Times Reporter
Featured on NewsRadio 93.8, Zaobao Newspaper, and SME Magazine

Past Workshops & Events

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Published author of these books.

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What do others say about Mervin?

Helping Introverts Achieve Success Through Networking
"Mervin is the undisputed champion for the introverts. He addresses an area that is untouched or often misunderstood with the general public thinking that if a person is introverted, that means that particular individual does not value or want to build new relationships which is far from the truth.
Mervin provides practical and easy to implement advice and tools that will help introverts overcome their fears in networking and cross the hurdles stopping them from achieving success through networking."

Jamie Lee, Director at Lunch Actually

Refreshing Visions in the Importance of Business Networking
“Mervin is lively and engaging. Through his enthusiastic and personalized, interactive mode of presentation, it widens the participants’ scope to assert them to refresh their visions in the importance of networking in a highly competitive business environment whereby one’s visibility and credibility would enrich them through the ‘harvesting of seeds’ in these bad times. I feel recharged and motivated after listening to him!"

Jerome Ho, Entrepreneur

The True Meaning Of Networking
"Mervin really helps me to open up my mind to how to network with purpose and the true meaning of networking."

Jason Lim, Asanoya Bakery

An Eye Opener To Effective Networking
"The workshop is an eye opener to effective networking. It's a good workshop and those who intent to make networking their lifestyle should learn the skills shared in this workshop."

Joanna Ng, Nuskin

Informative, Useful, Engaging And Interesting
"The way Mervin prepared and conducted the workshop was informative and very useful. Also, the inclusion of real life stories make the workshop even more engaging and interesting."

Esther Lee, Manulife

Important And Meaniningful Lessons That Will Last A Lifetime
"Mervin, I really want to thank you for the important lessons you shared. They are very meaningful and will last me a lifetime."

Christine Bustamante, PAIA Consulting

Are you ready to change the way you network today?

Now, it's the time to step up.
Let Mervin help you improve your networking skills to build your own dependable and effective business network.
Register your seat today. We look forward to seeing you at the workshop!

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Date and Time


Oromo Coffee @ Shaw Tower

100 Beach Road




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