Moving Forward Through Grief Masterclass Workshop

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There are times when we feel closed in, isolated and a prisoner of our own lives. We feel trapped because we can't see past the challenges of loss of a loved one that we encounter. Which leaves us in the darkness of grief and depression. This is where we suffer in the past because there is no hope.

The problem is that we let our thoughts, beliefs, stories and people block us from our true power that we all have to move forward. With this power a new meaning can be given to our loss. A meaning that can give us hope that will make our loved one proud.

This workshop by the Warriors of Life Institute and Richard Pryor will help you move forward through your grief by discovering your warrior and finding yourself.

This workshop on grief will connect you with a small group of warriors that have the same challenges and learn from one another. Become stronger as a unit and rise up out of the ashes of your loss on a journey of self discovery and mission to find your true self.

  • ​Get clarity on what you need to find you.
  • Finally have an opportunity to tell someone what you really want from your life without fearing judgement.
  • Learn how to start living in the present instead of suffering in the past.
  • Discover answers to the burning questions that have you stuck in life.
  • Uncover new ways to understand others
  • Learn the fine art of communication and why it is vital to improving relationships
  • Begin to discover your true self. Who has been imprisoned under all the labels that society has placed upon you.
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