Monthly Community of Practice for Facilitators

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Monthly Community of Practice for Facilitators

Join us as we learn & try out Liberating Structures facilitation. New hands-on demonstrations each month! Plus regular guest facilitators.

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About Liberating Structures

We're the Liberating Structures community of practice in the Washington, DC area, which also includes Virginia and Maryland. However, in an online world, we're open to anyone in the world. Liberating Structures are easy-to-learn facilitation microstructures that enhance coordination and trust in groups and quickly foster lively participation. We meet monthly to learn new techniques, try them out, and experiment with new ideas around group facilitation.

Most events are free to attend. You don't need to have experience in facilitation or using Liberating Structures. And you don't need to be in the Washington, DC area. This practice group is hands on, uses active learning, and is designed to be appropriate for beginners and veterans. Don't worry if you're new or don't know anyone in the group yet -- you will :-) Friends and colleagues are welcome.

Monthly Meet-ups

We generally meet on the second Wednesday evening of the month.

-- December 14, 2022 6:00-7:30 PM ET --

A Global LS Holiday Party: Using Facilitation Activities to Foster Community and Have Fun

Let's have some fun with Liberating Structures! These group facilitation techniques are often used for serious, important work: strategic planning, portfolio analysis, scenario planning, etc. However, in an annual tradition, we'll be using these powerful methods to have some fun. Hint: it's not play without purpose though. Lighthearted and social, the evening will build connections and spark laughter as a holiday party should -- while also highlighting the important interpersonal and cohesive aspects of group facilitation work. We'll plan to use Min Specs, Simple Ethnography, and Wicked Questions in ways you might not expect!

-- January 11, 2023 6:00-7:30 PM ET --

Start With Ourselves: Using Ecocycle as a personal tool to discover its power (and quirks!)

Ecocycle Planning is a really great and powerful process, but people sometimes find it a bit mysterious. Often employed by organizations to identify which elements (products, services, departments, etc.) are starving for resources and which ones are rigid and hampering progress, the Ecocycle makes it possible to sift, prioritize, and plan actions with everyone involved in the activities at the same time.

Come experience it in a practical, hands-on way by applying it to some/all parts of your life. As we work the Ecocycle, we will explore some tips and hopefully demystify the structure a bit. Expect to emerge with your own 15% Solutions for what's next in your life!

- Guest facilitator -

Nancy White is a longtime Liberating Structures practitioner, supporter of the LS global community, and an even longer time independent consultant. Nancy has worked with all kinds of clients over the years with an emphasis on non-profits and those serving in the area of international development. Now she spends more time in the garden, co- parenting her grandkids, and playing around with more experimental approaches to both group process and life. Like Ecocycle, Nancy is a bit quirky!

Etiquette and Preparation

  • Join us on a laptop or desktop, not devices with small screens, i.e., phones or tablets. It makes the experience better for you and everyone else.
  • Arrive before 6:00pm (US Eastern). We'll open the room at 5:55pm. (Check your time zone.)
  • Most of our online sessions are run on Zoom. Download and use the Zoom (desktop) app.
  • Plan to use your mic and camera. You'll be part of an interactive event, not a passive presentation. Use your computer's audio.
  • Have a few pieces of paper and a pen handy.
  • Having earphones/buds can reduce ambient sound and improve the experience.


We're a volunteer community of practice in the Washington, DC area. We send out a newsletter once or twice per month with updates on our future meetings. You can find more information via: