Mobile Apps Profit System for Non-Programmers

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Taman Tun Dr. Ismail

Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan 50480


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Mobile Apps Profits System - for Non-Programmers

An Efficient 2-Day Class

Venue: TTDI.Contact Mr.Tan 018-3984623 for direction

Make US$. It is sweet to receive US$ at RM4.xx rate...

Earn A Staggering Income with MOBILE APPS! Plus, special Bonus Await!

For Those Who Love To Make Money

Time to quit the rat race and start your own? You can capitalize on Mobile Apps That Has Generated Billions Of US$ Dollar sales!! The Star news: "Apple’s App Store generated US$20bil for developers in 2016"

Dear Future Millionaires,

This program will satisfy you like a glass of iced water in a hot day.

Since year 2010, hundreds of our participants have completed our mobile app programme. Perhaps our course is the first one in Malaysia and South East Asia in mobile apps designed for non-programmers while some programmers have joined our course too.

We will share "38 ways to make money with In-App Purchase" during our course for you to make extra income.

Guarantee: 100% app approval by Apple and Android!

Captalize on Mobile Apps! The world has gone mobile...

I know once you start to read this you won't be able to put it down...

Over the years, we have seen major changes in how mobile apps changed the world. We saw iPhone grow, iPad launched, Android launched, Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Oppo, phablets, developers earned big income with apps, companies started to use apps for sales/ marketing/ branding, Angry Birds drove the world crazy, Whatsapp becomes free SMS! Facebook started its app and now captured 80% or 700 million FB users ... web apps started and accepted by Apple a few years ago but not almost won't be accepted by Apple, hybrid apps started but struggles with users safety and security, and more...

The market has developed a lot since mobile apps started. You can now:

  • Make apps for Android and iOS phones/ tablets
  • More than 2 billion Android and iOS Users Are Ready. Yes, 2,000,000,000!
  • Android users have paid US$12 billion to app owners by 2015! Apple has paid even more! What are you waiting for? Let’s Make Money!!
  • 1.1 billion Facebook users use Facebook on mobile devices
  • The world is getting to a point where there isn’t much you can do without a mobile phone.

Answer these:

  • How many times have you wish to make more money but you never get there?
  • Do you want to monetize with apps?
  • Where do you want to be financially in the next two years?
  • Remember the life you want? This can be the most important turning point that improves your life. Make the profit and no more worry about money... You can start to live your life the way you want...


  • More than 150 billion app downloads recorded
  • Do you know in 2015, more than 5 billion app downloads were recorded monthly?
  • Do you know Apple’s App Store generated US$20bil for developers in 2016? Google Play generated $billions of sales during the same time too! What are you waiting for? Act now!
  • Sell on Google Play and Apple’s App Store 24/ 7, WORLDWIDE!
  • There are so many smartphone users that it would be impossible for you not to make a fortune out of them
  • Your market: 2 billion Android and iPhone/ iPads. Imagine... you turn just 0.01% of them into your ATM Machines... SWEET ENOUGH!!

Mobile Apps Is A Huge Gold Mine!

Make money in sweet US Dollar every month with Mobile Apps!

Use mobile apps to grow your business!

2-Day class:

  • Proven & effective!
  • A solid method. Unique, Effective & Powerful! Read our testimonials...

Only minimum time needed – designed for BUSY PROFESSIONALS, students, retirees, housewives and anyone who want to make more money.

What You Get?

  • 7 ways to make profit!
  • 100% control of your profit and products
  • 100% Copyright and Master Rights of your apps.
  • Make apps for corporate and charge them a sweet amount! Current market price: at least RM25,000
  • Your passive income can be sweeter than your main income!
  • No Paypal needed. Your profit goes to your bank account directly
  • No programming knowledge needed
  • No technical knowledge needed

The apps downloads are GOING THROUGH THE ROOF like what Internet was in 1990's! You can make up to US$30k or more in 3 months.

We Guarantee:

  • 100% apps approval by Android. That's easy... almost any Andoid app is approved in 6 to 12 hours.
  • 100% apps approval by APPLE all the time. Yes, this is tough. We know many advanced programmers are not able to promise this because of Apple's high standard. Some of them have learned from us too... How? Just follow our unique method.

New!! You've tried other methods but still need help?

  • Having technical issue?
  • Need app advise?
  • Apps rejected by Google Play or Apple?
  • Stuck and not able to complete or upgrade your app?
  • Unhappy with your app quality?
  • Can't upgrade your web app?
  • Fix your app?! Your app is ready but you are not happy with it and struggle with technical issue? Talk to us. We can help you fix it.
  • The method you use limits you from having the app functions/ features that you want?
  • Your app keeps getting removed by Google Play/ App Store repeatedly?

We know apps programming is tough so we've designed this training for you to have your own apps without painful or difficult process. Book for preview now!

100% Freedom! No Need to Depend on Others.

Monetize with our method!

No need to rely on app portals or website with limited capability or support. They take too long to response. You can only have hybrid app? Are your app features limited? That shouldn’t happen. And you shouldn't have to wait. You should have the freedom to have any app, with any functions at any time including the advance 3D animation, virtual reality and iBeacon sensor integration that brings great user experience. Because an app should be an app... interactive, fast, responsive, fluid, beautiful... an app should not look or feel like a website... slow, low quality and always have to wait forever... Unfortunately many apps are low quality. Do you agree that you should capitalize on the huge user base?

With our method, you can have high quality native apps specially for either iOS or Android, or both, at any time, with any functions, as well as hybrid apps that work on both platforms.

Isn't that what you want?

Quality Policy: Small Class

Only 5 students per class to ensure our programme’s quality

Apple has paid US$50 billion or US$50,000,000,000 to app owners.

Now, convert that to Ringgit!!!

Direction: turn RIGHT if coming from Pusat Sains Negara/ KLGCC/ INTAN:

Turn right to Mont Kiara turn right to Mont Kiara

Feedback/ Testimonials:

"Great teacher that teaches 100%" - Yeoh Pit Shng

"Truely Amazed! An Experience of a Life Time. Well crafted with some "special tips" for special students. Thank you so much This was "AWESOME"" - Dr. Patrick, Family Physician/ Medical Director

"1. Great program - great formula 2. Great venue - fantastic 3. Great trainer . Totally amazing! Worth much more than the fee. Delivered professionally and whole heartedly!" - Gideon Chiong, Chinese traditional medical doctor

"I am impressed with the program. Good and valuable information. Very good and interesting program. I would recommend it to friends." - Dr Fadzil Mohd Salleh, Psychologist

"Mr. Tan shared very useful information and short-cuts to get our apps up and running in the shortest time possible" - Tan Thiam Hock

"1. This course is about the business of how to profit from creating the business and revenue streams using iPhone applications. 2. Facilitator has been very a).clear, b) honest c) precise d) open in teaching and sharing his strategy. 3. The best parts: the strategies are proven and ready for anyone to use to create the profit as intended." Azrina bt Yusof, CEO

"Very good training! Good training with real examples, actual cases help us learn better!" - Chan Yen Nee

"There is no weakness and there's no need for improvements. I enjoy the training so much. Keep it up." - Mohd Haidir B Halmil

"Trainer was helpful & delivered the course well." - Chong Kok Hau

"Mr. Tan shared very useful information and short-cuts to get our apps up and running in the shortest time possible" - Tan Thiam Hock

"Very good training! Good training with real examples, actual cases help us learn better!" - Chan Yen Nee

"There is no weakness and there's no need for improvements. I enjoy the training so much. Keep it up." - Mohd Haidir B Halmil

"A powerful formula and a great course. Mr.Tan was very helpful and provided excellent training." - Joe Greenway, Director

"Informative and practical enough to apply straight away." - Quek Jin Keat, QS

"5 STARS information, 5 STARS clarity, no hidden secrets, 5 STARS real experience sharing. The course is simple to understand, obviously the instructor had spent a lot of time and thought in making this a really cohesive expereince that anyone can follow. A few revealing secrets proved to be a big BONUS." - Maizura, SAHM

"Learnt a lot about building apps. Hope to keep in touch. The plan is to build a profitable app soon using the lesson and tips learnt from the lessons. TQ." - Loi Kia Tong

"A Practical workshop with money-value! Minimize the potential mistakes that I tend to do. SAVE TIME! Learn well and make good $!" - Terrence Lee

"It has been an eye opener experience during the training. I like the way you incorporate human values in Chapt 2, and I agree it is the most important part fo the training. Without effort and a good attitude, nothing cn be achieved. Good job!" - Mohd Mokhsein b Che Embi, Professional Hipster


"This workship has really opened up a while new world to me! Where there is a method to tap the expertise, by following Mr.Tan's guildelines, this is serious business. I enjoyed Mr.Tan's frank and honest lectures as he shared real evidence of what he is sharing. Well done and interesting lecture cum training. Lots of hands-on traininng and guidance." - Sandra Tai, Marketing Coordinator

"Highly informative. A lot of valuable advise. Pactical and hand on. Value for money course." - Frankie Cheah

"Informative. Comprehensive training. It shows that trainer has a vast experience. Fun & excting. It covers all areas. Recommended!" - Rebecca Joseph, housewife

"Knowledgable. Deliver all his knowledge. Sharing all the experience with us. I will recommend to others... With his training you can learn not only iPhone app and also can apply to other industry such as Internet Marketing, SEO" - Edwin Chong, HOB

"Eye-opening of the potential opportunites and untapped/ raising apps market. Certain aspects are common sense but if nobody were to tell you, you will not know. You will now what you don't know and what you think that you know indeed not. Delivery is above my expectation." - PH Lim, Financial

"It is an eye-opening idea/ formula. Great seminar. A very big thank you to Mr.Tan for providing an approach which not apply to one but a whole lot of possibilities," - FY Won

"Mr. Tan's teaching is honest & full of stuff, well organized and emphasized on 100% hands on training. Truly 200% training & 100% real stuff. "Like!" - Cheah Tatt Mun, Contractor (note to readers: yes, you read that right. Mr.Cheah wrote "200%" training and 100% real stuff)

"Recommended to anyonw who passionate about making money from this lucrative mobile industry." - Ray Wong, System Analyst

"Highly comprehensive and hands-on apps development training - perfect for both novices and experienced users. You don't need an iPhone to launch an iPhone app! Easy navigation with step-by-step instruction to plan, design and submit the apps to Apple Store. Includes business management tips and best-in-the industry marketing ideas to promote the apps. Handy book packed with information. Hightly recommended - a worthwhile investment that may lead the way to a lucrative and viable business model that's home-based, costs little and utilizes very little time" - Caroline Ang, General Manager

"100% content delivered. Nice." - Chong Yeon Mei

"Real eye opener for a newbie like me. Mr. Tan's experience will help me to avoid the minefields in the App Development business. Thank you for sharing 110% of your expertise." - Jeffrey Yong, Trainer

"Knowledgeable (very good). Generous with sharing his knowledge and info. Real time examples which made an IT illeterate like me having an idea on what, how, when to do Apps biz." - Cynthia Gan

"Overall Mr. Tan has been patience and very helpful although he has strict practices and make sure the class finished well equiped to start putting apps for sale and generate revenue. No nonsense attitude from him & want you to make your money work." - Lee Sian Yang, M.D.

"Hi Mr. Tan, Your professional approach was very good and very committed throughout the course whereby your clear explanation step by step guide with repeating emphazing on the important points and by showing many examples how to get good ideas for preparing my next productive apps to be developed soon & mistake free. Thaks to your years of experiences and ungreediness by sharing all important information with me. Appreciated it very much. Mr. Tan, you're a very humble & nice person to work with and you always keep to you promises. You're very well-experienced, very updated on the latest informations on apps development & kept abreast with the latest trend. All I can say, you're simply the best 'sifu' in the field. I'm happy too & have no regrets coz it's worth paying for the course's fee. Alex Ng, Financial Consultant

"TQ for sharing knowledge - Great course." - Mastura Mohd Zan, Executive

"I am impressed with the porgram. Good and valuable information. Very good and interesting program. I would recommend it to my friends." - Fadzil Mohd Salleh, Psychologist


"Highly recommended to ALL that was to have a New approach to a new Life Style. Its very enlightening to see Tan's appoach to make money in today's environment. It's worth the effort & the money you paid for!" - Michael Tan

"Overall, I have gained tremendous insight of app development & the 'formula' to make profit. Thanks Mr. Tan. I couldn't have done this without you.' - Jeremy Cheong

"Mr. Tan is a great teacher. Very thorough and patience with students. Always willing to share everything he knows about technology." - Giam Tee Hoong

"Good Si Foo! Answered questions asked. V informative and useful. Recommend to my friends. Give good tips.' - Sathyanan Dha Roo

"Good couach and good speaker. Simple and humble person. I like!" - SK Lau, Semi Retired

"Mr.Tan, you are a very patient and sincere person. You give more than 100% of what is required. Thank you so much for your time and effort." - Ruby Chek, Donor Relations Manager

"I definately would recommend other to this training

"Very well presented, very detail and fullfilled his promises. Very detail. Learned a lot even do not know a lot about Internet world." - Tan K.N.

"A very good training course, indeed an eye-opener. It should be seen as a long-term investment plan, worth every cent. I always thought Mr.Tan was not the guy I was looking for, but after the course was done he was more than the guy I needed. He had all the solutions to my problems.' - Mo

"This is a SUPER VALUE and EYE OPENER Program." - Hon Wooi Leong, Managing Director

"Knowledgable - exceptionally strong. Reliable. Most important - high integrity which is rare in the cyber world specially & the world generally." - Jackson Chan, Consultant

"Mr. Tan is giving more than expected. He is very dedicated in giving us the knowledge that works." - Joe Nicholas

"The trainer, Mr. TAN is always at his best when delivering his talk and clarifying issues and doubts raised by the students. A very THANK YOU for MR. TAN." - Samsuddin Abdul Wahab, Retiree

"Informative. Compact." - Tee Hing Koon

"I like the class. Maximum results, minimum effort. Mr. Tan is patience and knowledgable. Best deal - Yeah Baby! Thank you Mr.Tan." - Wong Soon Huei, Bank Authoriser

"Good class. 100% delivered what he had promised. Just follow the formula that he provided. The success is waiting for you. Worth to join, save you time for experience it yourself." - Chin Zong Ming

"I consider a good program to attend, so much to learn. Somehow during the training few ideas open-up. Will recommend to my friends." - Roger Phuang

"Very, very informative and educational. Certainly a lot of value to take home. Would recommend business associates to join this course." - Ng Kim Poh

"The teaching are quite good. I could understand and learn a lot from this program. It's fun to satay and learn from you. Thanks Mr. Tan. Very helpful program." - Nur Izzati Mohd Hariri, Student

"Mr. Tan is a "Master of Information Technology". Very Informative. Very Smart. "Think Out of the box". He has it all. Very Honest teacher also... Keep me updated if there is another advance class." - Ian Lim, Marketing/ Sales Manager

"Thank you very much to Mr. Tan, giving and providing a very clear teaching note to use for this 2 days. However, result must start from our work. I have learn a lot of things here. I believe if I follow what Mr.Tan teaching me, I can achieve it. I will recommend this course to my friends who have ineterest on this field." - Yim Chai

"Generally, a very practical, useful, commercially and good program which provides fast tract to knowledge of building apps or any other media projects for non IT professionals at small competitive budget. Mr. Tan is very humble, committed and ensure students understand each step of the process/ formula" - Gladys Lim

"Like this program very much." - Sean Seow

"This training brings a newbie with no experience whatsoever to a position where I am armed with all the tools and resources necessary to take on whatever projects that I want to undertake. The position now is scary because I have no excuse not to succeed. I look forward to working with Mr.Tan on developing my future apps and I know that with his guidance I will avoid the traps that obstruct our effort to succeed. Thank you very much." - Seow Wei Tang

"Great. I learn a lot of secrets from Mr. Tan. The class is easy to follow." - WH Loh

"I greatly appreciate for the methods, knowledge and lessons shared. The course is an eye opener for me, as I thought I know most of the things (online). Here, I record a sincere thank you to Mr. Tan! He is very nice person and very supportive." - Rita H Au, Account Assistant

"An enlightening program. Needless to say, a well thought and through strategy." - Dahrani, Product Specialist

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Taman Tun Dr. Ismail

Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan 50480


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