'Minding the G(r)a(s)p' / 'Artificial / State' RSVP |「擱 角 覺」/「人為/狀態」預約參觀

'Minding the G(r)a(s)p' / 'Artificial / State' RSVP |「擱 角 覺」/「人為/狀態」預約參觀

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’Minding the G(r)a(s)p’ / ‘Artificial / State’ RSVP |「擱 角 覺」/「人為/狀態」參觀預約

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「擱 角 覺」

Para Site藝術空間欣然呈獻群展「擱 角 覺」,展出C&G藝術單位、鄭淑宜、周俊輝、林嵐、劉學成、倪鷺露以及黃慧妍的近作與全新委託作品。於5月14日至8月14日(逢三至日)12-7pm 展出。

鄭子峰、李曉華:「人為 / 狀態」


作為「工作室 + 文獻庫計劃」的一部分,展覽「人為 / 狀態」以藏在Para Site的檔案資料作為起點,邀請鄭子峰及李曉華在駐場期間回顧廿五年來的檔案資料,讓兩位以攝影為創作媒介的藝術家重新詮釋歷史記憶及探討時間性。於6月24日至7月17日(逢三至日)12-7pm 展出。



照片:黃慧妍,《全部都有病》,2021 年,彩色錄像,342 分鐘。由藝術家提供。


‘Minding the G(r)a(s)p’

Para Site is delighted to present the group exhibition titled ‘Minding the G(r)a(s)p’, featuring recent works and new commissions by C&G Artpartment, Eastman Cheng, Chow Chun Fai, Jaffa Lam, Lau Hok Shing, Lulu Ngie, and Wong Wai Yin. ‘Minding the G(r)a(s)p’ will be open by appointment from 14 May until 14 Aug 2022 (Wed–Sun) 12–7pm.

Jeff Cheng Tsz Fung, Li Hiuwa: ‘Artificial / State’

Opening Reception: 24 Jun 3-9pm

As part of the ‘Studio + Archive Project’, the exhibition ‘Artificial / State’ departs from the Para Site Archive and invites Jeff Cheng Tsz Fung and Li Hiuwa, two artists working with photography as their primary medium, to look back on 25 years of archival material in order to reinterpret historical memory and to explore temporality. ‘Artificial / State’ will be open by appointment from 24 Jun until 17 Jul (Wed–Sun) 12–7pm.

Book your visit now. Please note groups are limited to a maximum of 8 people, there are a maximum of 32 reservations available for every one-hour time slot, and the visiting time will be limited to 1 hour. We look forward to welcoming you to Para Site!

For more details, please visit our website. Please email to info@para-site.art for enquiry.

Video Still: Wong Wai Yin, Everyone’s sick, 2021, video (colour), 342 mins. Courtesy of the artist.

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