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Indian Canyons

38520 South Palm Canyon Drive

Palm Springs, CA 92264

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Getting work done in an era where it feels like the work-cycle is 24/7 and where private time blurs into work time is a reality for most people today.

How often have you sat down to work on a project and found yourself shopping online for your favorite organic Greek olive oil or watching pop videos from the 80s on YouTube? (Duran Duran and The Smiths remain perennial favorites. Sigh.)

If you’re anything like me, far more times than you might want to admit.

So how can we get work done in a timely way when no one is creating external boundaries for us? (Read How to Get Stuff Done and Have a Life here)

These are the questions that men and women in the Palm Springs area ask me daily.

One of the best solutions I have found that works for people is actually taking time off to rest, rejuvenate and restore within your work week (yes, even on season). Research demonstrates that high performers, from tennis pros to your favorite writers, lawyers to photographers, create most sustainably when they take regular breaks.

(Not to mention Winston Churchill who famously took naps … but that’s another story.)

In other words, imagine you get your work done, make your creative dreams come true, get some exercise in nature AND you don’t get burnt out from over work!

Wouldn’t that be AMAZING?!!

(And, now that you think about it, isn’t that why you came to the desert in the first place, dear?)

To be in nature, live more sustainably and focus on what really matters?

That’s precisely why I’m so delighted to be offering Mindful Networking in Nature.

In this morning event the benefits you will receive pack a powerful punch. Imagine:

  • Enjoying the healing power of silence in nature.

  • Feeling more empowered.

  • Getting endorphins (those feel good hormones) surging through your system offering you a brighter, more positive outlook.

  • Greater emotional resilience.

  • Meeting like-minded people who also want to collaborate, connect and create.

  • Creating powerful intentions for your professional and personal endeavors in a supportive, authentic environment.

  • Feeling less stressed and anxious.

  • Deepening your experience of sustainable community-minded living.

If the words “networking event” make your skin crawl and you crave a chance to meet some authentically interesting humans (the kind who are also doing interesting work in the world like you are), this is the event for you.

Think of it as your chance to reboot- recharge - reconnect.

Here’s How it Works:

We'll meet at the appointed spot at the trailhead, introduce ourselves with a powerful exercise to help you dig deep into the silence within, and then spend the first 10 - 20 minutes on a guided silent stroll on a stunning trail.

Once we’ve come into our bodies and the present moment and slowed down the monkey mind (that mind that is always telling you to GO GO GO!), we’ll pause for a mindfulness meditation practice next to the babbling brook in the stream (where we might even have time to dip our toes if you are so inspired - yummy!).

We’ll stop every so often for simple facilitated exercises and conversation prompts so that it’s easy and natural to get to know new people and how you can support one another in your passions and projects.

Feel free to bring a brownbag lunch to sit at the picnic tables afterwards, so if you’re interested in continuing your conversations your growling belly won't make you leave!

And best of all? It’s going to be fun way to make your life and our community more sustainable.

HOW you ask?

In addition to your fees helping to support the Agua Caliente tribe of Native Americans, a portion of the proceeds of this gathering will go to support local community organizations such as Well in the Desert, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense, CancerPartners Coachella Valley, the Dharmachakra Buddhist Center, the Yoga for Teens Program (at Urban Yoga) and others, because you care about your community (and the planet) as much as we do.

Connecting + nature + mindfulness + supporting your community + fun = A FANTASTIC way to get ready for high season in the desert to begin.


  • *****You MUST register here so we know you're coming (space is EXTREMELY limited and payment is only taken online)*****

  • Specific meeting spot details within Indian Canyons will be sent to you before the event.


    • 9:00 - 9:15 am Arrival

    • 9:30 am Introductory exercise and hike

    • 11:30 am - 12 pm Open discussion/Networking

    • 12 pm onwards (OPTIONAL brown bag picnic lunch)

  • ***Please plan to be at the meeting point at 9:15 AM sharp (give yourself a few extra minutes to get there, it may be farther than you think and we will begin promptly!)***

  • The hike is easy to moderate (it’s not intense)

  • Wear sunscreen, perhaps a hat, and bring a water bottle (and more water than you think you will need as there is no drinking fountain in this part of the park), as well as a snack if you’ll need it.

  • PARKING: Admission and parking information rates are at http://www.indian-canyons.com/hours and are not included in the ticket price

  • CANCELLATION AND REFUNDS: Participant fees are non-refundable but may be applied to future events, workshops or coaching services. In the event the organizer must cancel due to weather, health or other unforeseen circumstances, fees will be either be refunded or applied to future events on a case-by-case basis.

NOTE: If you heard about this event on Event Brite or Facebook, make sure to also sign up at www.felinadanalis.com so you can be sure to hear about future events. (You will be added to my mailing list so you can hear about future events but can always unsubscribe if you wish).


Email: felina@felinadanalis.com

What People Who Have Worked with Felina have to Say:

Felina is incredibly insightful and full of ideas for how to incorporate mindfulness and meditation into a busy schedule.

Hayley P, doctoral candidate Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, Massachusetts

What would you tell someone about working with Felina? "Watch out! There were so many things that had such a big impact on how I am behaving and being today – I really mean watch out for really amazing major change things to happen which I certainly wasn’t expecting. Watch out for the miracle and the change that’s going to happen! I do want to thank you for the time you have devoted to coaching me – it has been a huge impact, not just to me but also the people around me. It has been a miraculous change.”

Brian M - tech guru/marketing coach, San Diego, California

[Working with Felina] helped me to look at T’s perspective in our marriage and be softer, more loving and compassionate. When I started I was frustrated and felt hopeless about my marriage and I decided to create the relationship I want one day at a time .... baby steps, it’s continually improving.

It has helped me be more deliberate in creating the joy I want and know that joy is out there in abundance for me and everyone who seeks it.

I learned to be vulnerable
, to take action even when I feel like throwing up in my mouth....
That creating my life the way I want it is my job!

I push beyond my fears, I challenge myself, I’m more confident
. I notice when I’m pulling back, make an inquiry then push forward

My marriage is thriving and my business is growing. Marriage! Yay, we are up to an 8 in satisfaction now.

I’m learning to create my own joy!

Lori T., small business owner/mother Palm Desert, California

What I got from working with Felina? Three things come to mind. 1) That focusing on the positive increases the likelihood that I will get into action and that I will feel satisfied with my life. 2) That change is often incremental and imperceptible. 3) That, by working with someone, synergy occurs. I know that I can be more successful if I work with someone else. Not everything need be done individually.I pay more attention to my health and on monitoring my goal-achievement on a regular basis.

Shane J., teacher/education consultant, New Jersey

I have been a [private coaching] client and an attendee at public classes with Felina. She has a talent for sharing her wisdom and particular brand of spiritual coaching that blends philosophy, spirituality and universal coaching principles into one unique and effective package!

Lori C., writer, Seattle, Washington


The contrasting greens of the magnificent fan palms in this part of Indian Canyons and more than 150 species of plants within a half-mile radius beckon the desert-weary traveler to this lush oasis. A scenic foot trail leads through the canyon passing groves of stately skirted palms, unusual rock formations and the perennial creek. One can still see bedrock mortars and metates used centuries ago for preparing food. This tranquil setting is excellent for photography, bird-watching, or a picnic at one of the tables along the trail.

Date and Time


Indian Canyons

38520 South Palm Canyon Drive

Palm Springs, CA 92264

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