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Metallurgical Anomalies: Matrix, Graphite Shape, Size and Distribution (Vir...

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This Virtual Seminar is part of a series dedicated to understanding and minimizing potential defects for ductile iron castings.

Brainstorm with our experts and the THORS user community to solve your industry-related problems. We bring world-class experts from many fields of manufacturing to your doorstep through our Virtual Seminars. This month, foundry expert Al Alagarsamy shares valuable information on Metallurgical Anomalies.

4th in a series on Ductile Iron Casting defects

Ductile iron properties are controlled by the shape, amount, and distribution of graphite, along with the matrix (the space in between the graphite particles). The properties of ductile iron can vary considerably due to an uneven matrix and non-uniform graphite particle distribution in the microstructure. Premature failure of parts may occur if the matrix or graphite is not controlled closely.

Some of the questions addressed during this Virtual Series include:

  • Why do we get large sized nodules sometimes when our processes remain the same?
  • Why do we get ferritic skin (on the surface) of a casting that has predominantly pearlitic matrix?
  • Why is there a line of continuous ferrite sometimes in an otherwise pearlitic matrix?
  • Can surface graphite degradation be eliminated in ductile iron made in green sand molds?
  • Inoculation is the predominant way to increase nodule count - can there be over-inoculation?
  • Why do we get subpar tensile properties when the alloy chemistry seems to be within range?
  • What is graphite floatation and what factors affect this phenomenon?
  • Why does the cope surface have lower hardness while the drag has higher hardness?
  • What is the difference between chill carbides and inverse chill carbides – how are both avoided?
  • What are favorable conditions for forming grain boundary carbides?

This Virtual Seminar will answer these and other questions that may be asked in your organization.

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