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MERN: React and Node Full Stack JavaScript Course

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Hack Reactor, Los Angeles Campus

6060 Center Drive


Los Angeles, California 90045

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Azat Mardan (author of 14 books on JavaScript and Node) and NodeProgram.com (a.k.a. JSProgram.com)—one of the best JavaScript/Node.js education companies—is bringing this two-day in-person MERN:

React.js+Node.js+Express+MongoDB workshop held at Hack Reactor in Los Angeles, California on the weekend of April 22 and 23, 2017.

Azat Mardan speaking at Node Interactive Europe 2016

The benefits of this 2-day hands-on MERN course are as follows:

  • Learn only the needed stuff to get going and start building with Node and React, avoid wasting time on fluff
  • Learn the best practices from Azat Mardan's years of using Node at scale in production
  • Network, learn from and hangout with peers
  • Real-time help: Ask questions in real-time without losing any context
  • Learn effectively: Learn by listening, reading, asking, watching, and doing

So now you might be thinking why should you join instead of reading a book or taking an online course?

Why Join?

So are you tired of the same old tech stack you've been using for years? Java or PHP or Ruby or Python?

No time to read books or watch videos?

Studies have shown that in general, intensive training always trumps interupted and distracted learning process.

Come to our live in-person hands-on two-day training!

Learn fullstack JavaScript with Node and React for fun and profit. ;)

Over the span of two day, you get into the isomorphic/universal JavaScript development with MERN:

  • React.js 101: The most developer-friendly UI library to build large projects
  • Node.js: The fast and most vibrant platform for web, IoT, and mobile
  • Express.js: The most popular, the de facto standard Node framework
  • MongoDB: The most popular NoSQL database for distributed system which scale

Come learn with the world-leading experts such as Azat Mardan (published 14+ books and 7+ online courses).

This course might not be repeated any time soon.

Register now to secure your spot and get started with Node, Meteor, Express, MongoDB and of course REACT.

Continue reading to find out what to expect from the course.


It's impossible to master a new language or a new platform in 2 days...

But it's more than enough for expeienced (2+ years of web development) software engineers to learn the foundation...

Get the gist...

Get over the fear of new...

Get practical experience by building several apps from scratch...

Build your own code refernce library to copy/paste into the future projects...

Yes. All that and much more like networking...

Did you know that the best way to get a job is to be referred?

Also, learning from peers and mentoring other is a great way to re-enforce lectures!

To summarize, after this weekend at a bare minimum students will walk away with these :

  • Build from scratch a few major apps and over a dozen small Node scripts— no boilerplate bull shit
  • A working front-end UI app written in React from scratch so you understand everything... NO MAGIC which will bite you in the ass later!
  • Confidence to start a new Node project because you'll be doing it over and over—you will aquire a good habit
  • Understanding how all the parts of MERN work and fit together
  • Knowledge of some tips and tricks of JS style, npm, Node, Express and production deployment
  • Code, slides and examples to refer to later - no need to memorize everything!

Don't believe me? See the testimonials at NodeProgram.com!

But what about the price? Well, I'll tell you the price is 3x cheaper than conference workshops and 2x cheaper than an analogus course at General Assembley.

Still Not Sure?

The $399 price is not expensive if you consider the coaching and the collaborative atmosphere.

Of course someone can buy a book for $30. I even wrote one or watch an online course for $47... but let's be honest—they are not the same as real in-person class!

For most people it's hard to sit with a book or an online course, because of distractions and life's demands, but when you're in a class with like-minded people and experts, then focusing become easy.

You are in a blissful flow. ;)

I'm confident there's value in this training beyond the price of admission. That's why there's a 100% refund policy, if you're not satisfied. I personally refund you money. Also, group discounts are available. Just ask us.

If you think you need to think about buying this workshop, think how many times you postponed doing something and it never happened. For me too many times, so I stopped the procrastination (a.k.a. life full of regrets and pain). I act now and recommend you to register now. You can ask refund later if you change your mind or don't like the training (highly unlikely though). Oh, by the way number of spots is very limited by the venue and instructors' capacity.

More details and curriculum: http://nodeprogram.com.


Azat is an expret on JavaScript and Node.js, spoke at over a dozen tech conferences and taught at various schools and Foturne 500 companies. Last presentations which Azat spoke at include conferences such as Node Interactive Europe and North America, Node Summit, ForwardJS, jDays, and JSConf Iceland.

Azat Mardan speaking at Node Interactive Europe 2016

Azat Mardan is a Technology Fellow at Capital One Financial Corporation. He wrote 14 books including top-sellers like React Quickly (Manning), Practical Node.js (Apress), Pro Express.js (Apress) and others. Azat is JavaScript/Node.js expert who blogs at http://webapplog.com and http://azat.co.




Node, Express, Meteor, MongoDB and React.js 2-day live in-person workshop with Azat—the author of 13 books.


9am-5pm Apr 22-23, Lunch break ~12-1pm (Bring Your Own Lunch or treat your self to a place near by).


Hack Reactor LA (6060 Center Drive #950 Los Angeles, CA 90045)—"Learn to program software and applications in 12 weeks"

Hack Reactor



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Date and Time


Hack Reactor, Los Angeles Campus

6060 Center Drive


Los Angeles, California 90045

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