Master Your Mindset & Communicate Confidently with Toastmasters

Master Your Mindset & Communicate Confidently with Toastmasters

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Club Central Hurstville

2 Crofts Avenue

Hurstville, NSW 2220


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Hurstville Weekend Toastmasters - Master Your Mindset & Communicate With Confidence! Email us:

About this event

Who are we?

Hurstville Weekend Toastmasters. A not-for-profit organisation, with an executive team filled with professionals and coaches to help you grow.

We are not just a public speaking club.

We are passionate about personal development and use each of these meetings to grow our confidence and master our mindset.

We meet at 2-4 pm on every 1st, 3rd and 5th Sundays of the month to practice the art of public speaking.

Imagine, you are at work and your boss suddenly asks you to express your ideas and thoughts. What do you do? Stutter through it? Or will you fend him off with the Art of Improvisation (through table topics) and CONFIDENTLY deliver an off the cuff mini-speech in reply to his question. WOOOAH!! as Bruce Lee will say with perfect vocal variety!

Where are we located?

Club Central Hurstville. Please register to grab a Visitor Pass ticket. Check in at reception and let them know you're there for a Toastmasters meeting.

How much does it cost?

As visitors, you get 3 free visits to our friendly club before we pick you up and throw you out the door. I'm only joking!!!! Come and observe how we run our club and listen to the fascinating stories and speeches told by our members. We are all individually working on our own arts of public speaking. Some may focus on body language and some vocal variety. We are all encouraged to experiment with whatever speaking style we like. You are encouraged to participate with us but there is no OBLIGATION.

If you would like to join, the costs are VERY minimal (we are one of the most affordable clubs around). Please come speak to our members and we will tell you how cheap it is!

What is our club culture?

Two words. Positive reinforcement! We have only one objective. To positively reinforce each other to overcome our fear of public speaking. There are no EGOS in the room and certainly no perfectionists. We are all learning together to become better speakers and effective future leaders.

Who joins our club?

People who want to grow their confidence and conquer their fears.

Or to be more specific:

- You're passionate about personal development and mastering your mindset

- Those who speak English as a second language and want to practice their English fluency (they end up achieving this goal very quickly and soon start to challenge themselves with different arts of public speaking)

- Professionals who want to master the art of speaking and leadership in a friendly environment

- Those who want to be inspired by personal stories. Tickle themselves with laughter with funny stories and speeches.

For more information:

- Email us:

- Join our Free Facebook Group ; or

- Send me a massage personally and I'll get right back to you.