Maryland Psychic Fair

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Bowie Elks Lodge No 2309

1506 Defense Highway

Gambrills, MD 21054

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Refund Policy

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Maryland Psychic Fair

Many of the best psychics, mediums, healers, and readers of all types will have tables along with other vendors with related arts and crafts, all from Maryland and the surrounding areas and all under one roof.

30 tables, Indoor Event, Free Parking.

A Psychic Fair which is not to small and not to large just the right size.

Many of the vendors will be giving Fair Specials and Discounts.

Some of the tables will accept credit cards.

Pre-pay via Eventbrite -Ticket Cost = $5.00 plus service charge.

Pay day of the event, at the door- Ticket = $10.00 (Cash Only)

FYI: List of Vendors

Allison Dougherty : Arcturian Ascension and Healing : Allison is a conduit for Arcturian Healing and Activations, a QHHT and Beyond practitioner, a Multi-Dimensional Guide, an Ascension and Starseed Support Specialist, a Quantum Learning Experiences Facilitator and a Spiritual Abilities Development Mentor. She connects with the Galactic Council of Light to facilitate initiations, activations and healings to support souls in remembering who they are, why they're here and in fulfilling their Divine blueprint. At her table sessions will be offered. Available for purchase will be Arcturian Ascension and Healing Crystals, Stones and Meteorites. You will also find information regarding Quantum Healing Hypnosis.

Angela Freitag : Mosaically Yours LLC By using elements of the earth, Mosaically Yours creates unique and inspired representations of what your mind envisions. Angela Ross-Freitag, owner and signature artist for Mosaically Yours, creates installations, mixed media, and conceptual artworks. Her artwork is characterized by the use of vibrant colors, whimsical patterns, and a full spectrum of material. At this table you will find Mosaic works that can be incorporated into every day home life which will add little flair, ie mirrors, trays etc

Anne Miller & Tony Stevens - Spiritual Information Center : www.spiritualinformationcenter.com The spiritual information center brings peace love and happiness into your life specialize in Tarot Card, Psychic, Palm, and Crystal readings. Besides readings at this table specials and packages of candles, crystals and oil‘s will be available. Also offered will be self meditation aura cleansing and spiritual work.

Athena Allread - The Seaside Shaman : Athena is a young shaman & reiki master practitioner & teacher in the small beach town of Lewes Delaware. With a down-to-earth and lighthearted approach, She utilizes crystals, tarot & oracle cards, medical intuition & the guidance of your spirit team to connect you to the healing and guidance you are seeking at this moment on your path. Within the integrative health practice of Quakertown Wellness in Lewes, she practices traditional shamanic healing such as soul retrieval & past life journey in combination with reiki & crystal healing. Whether it be physical healing, trauma, grief, heartbreak, general guidance or some combination. Visit Athena's table for an intuitive tarot/oracle card reading.

Carleigh Kaiser - Spiritual Encouragement Services : Carleigh is a Light Language Practitioner, Intuitive Channel, and Spiritual Artist.

Claudette Knox - Intuitive Awakenings with Shaman Claudette : Claudette Knox is a gifted intuitive providing guidance combining Palmistry (clues to character, prospects and talents) and Hawaiian Aumakua (Higher Consciousness) Cards which give a conceptual photograph of energy that visually projects personalized patterning’s of present and future events. She will be doing readings at her table.

Cheryl & Norman Howdyshell - The Grove of Brite Blessings : Owners of this new age / metaphysical / curiosity shop. www.TheGroveofBriteBlessings.com Cheryl is a psychic/medium/oracle card reader, who has been doing readings for 20 yrs, and she also reads energy fields in and around people and connect them with stones & crystals. Cheryl also does past life regression sessions and house cleansings. Norman does energy channeling work, he is a sensitive receiving messages & visions from spirit. They will be doing readings and more at this table.

Courtney Walton - Courtz Crystals

Donna Joy - : Psychic/ Medium, Psychic Detective, Remote Viewer, Numerologist, Certified Reiki Master, Certified, Hypnotherapist, Certified Bio-Energy Practitoner, Certified Life Coach, Certified Nutrition Coach, etc. Donna Joy, PhD. will be offering Psychic, Past-life, Tarot, Numerology and Mediumship readings at the event.

Eileen Strange - The Soul Shepherd: Eileen works with people around the world as an Intuitive Empath, Psychic Medium, & Medical Intuitive. She also provides healing work through her modality which she calls “Intentionalized Healing”. All she needs is a picture where she can see the eyes of a person living or a person who has passed. Readings include Psychic, Mediumship or Medical Intuitive. She has been named Woman of the Year in the Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide – Edition 2018. She will be offering 20 & 40-minute sessions at show special prices. She will also have collectible, spiritual pottery for sale.. People can pre-book session times. www.thesoulshepherd.com

Dr. Gwen MacGregor - The Medium of Maryland : www.drgwengmacgregor.com Dr. MacGregor is a nationally-known Intuitive Life Coach and Clairvoyant. WIth almost 40 years of spiritual teaching, doing palm and tarot readings as well as psychic sessions, her expertise in the field of metaphysics is well known. She is seen regularly on Fox News Washington, D.C. and, has been named "one of the three best fortune tellers" in Baltimore by CBS. Dr. Gwen offers Palm, Tarot and/or Psychic Sessions at her table. Her home base is in Annapolis at Ridgely Retreat Holistic Spa

Jacqueline Lunger - : Jacqueline offers you comprehensive and professional services that are intended to enhance your spiritual growth and understanding, empowering you to make more positive decisions. Rev. Lunger, is a 4th generation Spiritualist, Medium, Healer and Author. She brings experience, compassion and skills to each person she connects with or for. She is available for phone and in person appointments and requests contact by email www.psychicauthor.com Jacqueline is the author of 2 non fiction metaphysical books" There's DNA to Prove It and Commander Collins' Will as well as self help insight tools: Inner Voices chakra cards and Speak Stones Deluxe. Autographed copies of her books are available upon request.

Jim Doran - Artist : Jim Doran is a Baltimore artist specializing in tiny dioramas. His work has been seen at the Mütter Museum, Washington D.C., New York City, Europe, and he is part of the current exhibition at the American Visionary Art Museum, The Great Mystery Show. Jim's art is macabre, humorous, and tries to lend hope to the human condition.

Joanne Amorosi : Mary Magdalene Medicine :Joanne is a mystic who has been working with the angels for over 20 years to share their guidance and messages of love. Her Mary Magdalene Medicine focuses on providing heart-centered healing that enables individuals to forgive and forget so they can further their life’s mission, discover their own spiritual gifts, and make better decisions. At this table In addition to doing angel card & past life readings and healings, she will be selling her 3 books:Come Walk with Me: The Remembrances of Mary Magdalene, Heart-Centered Healing: Help for Healers and Healing Seekers, and Unsent Letters of the Famous & Infamous.

Rev. John Marani - Hierophant Tarot & Astrology : John has been studying the tarot & astrology for 28 years. His professional practice began in 2005. He is the former Head High Priest and High Priest of Tarot of the Tradition of the Witches Circle, where he taught astrology, tarot, Wicca/Witchcraft and many other metaphysical topics. John studies astrology with Pam Gallagher at the Midwest School of Astrology and will graduate with a Certificate of Astrological Proficiency in June 2018. John will be offering tarot readings and astrology mini-readings and selling his book. John’s wife Jennifer of Dragonfly Design will also be selling gemstone jewelry.

Katherine Wolff : Kindred Spirits Store : Katherine is a Psycho-therapeutic Intuitive, Reiki Master Teacher, MassageTherapist & owner of Kindred Spirits Store. She has been trained or certified in over 12 different massage modalities. She has been a Reiki Master Teacher for 10 years. She is educated in Somato-emotional techniques (releasing emotional memory from the body), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping), Chakra Balancing, Sound Therapy, Crystal Therapy and is an ordained non-denomination minister. At her table with be items such as crystals, unique wire wrapped crystals, incense, tapestries, salt lamps, inspirational banners, sage & smudge products also offered will be Reiki sessions, Oracle Healing & Intuitive readings. www.Kathy-Kindred-Spirits-Store.com

Lotus Wellness Center : Lotus Wellness Center is a holistic studio based in Manassas, VA. We offer a range of holistic services including Reiki, Tuning Fork Therapy®, Reflexology, Access Bars, Intuitive Readings, Astrology. We also offer workshops and classes in Reiki, Tuning Fork Therapy® ,Meditation and a wide variety of metaphysical topics.If you are not in the Virginia area, we offer intuitive readings and private mentorship via phone or Skype. Jason Knepper - Jason is an astrologer, card reader, Reiki practitioner, and speaker at Lotus Wellness Center. Carleigh Kaiser - Carleigh is a Light Language Practitioner, Intuitive Channel, and Spiritual Artist.

Lou Foster - Herb Fancy : http://www.herbsandcrystals.com Lou is a Master of Crystology, Reiki Master/Teacher, Animal Totem Seer, Dream Walker Spiritual Investigator and Artistlearned in the healing arts of herbs, crystals, meditation and shamanism. Lou put her talents to work creating teas, salves and soaps and weaves the energy of herbs/crystals into all her artwork - from soaps to jewelry creatings a healing vibration unique to each artistic piece. Offering day of event: Animal Totem Readings / Reiki (about 15-20 minutes) Love offering accepted and some items to be sold are herbal and crystal products, jewelry

Mara Berman - Mara's Art & Psychic Work : Mara has been reading palms, tarot cards, and auras for twenty-six years. Areas of study include, meditating in light using twelve dimensional rings as steps to a higher power and source of light. Other psychic skills involve aura cleaning, angel connections, and healing using images and light. Activities during meditation includes star seed connections, meeting guides, reading palms, tarot cards and conducting meditations in light. She will also have at her table some of her paintings and earrings for sale. www.maraberman.net

Mary Perry - Wings Unfurled : Mary is a healer and teacher of light and transformation and through her business, Wings Unfurled brings this enchantment and wonder to you so you can move to your sacred self, embracing the world of angels & guidance from spirit. Rev. Mary Perry offers angelic guidance through channeled Angel Readings. She is offering channeled Angel Readings at her table & will be talking about Seraphim Blueprint & perhaps offering a sample of the energy if time allows. She will have the book, “Seraphim Blueprint, The Power of Angel Healing” by Ruth Rendely available for sale along with quartz crystals empowered with the Seraphim Blueprint energy.

Meagan Beach -

Michele Buckley - Alpha Trinity Health Ministry : Michele has offered her services for the past 15 years in the Mid Atlantic area. Shes a holistic practitioner, energy healer, gifted intuitive reader, spiritual counselor, and spiritual teacher who offers a variety of holistic heart-centered healing and intuitive services. She is also known as the Crystal Whisperer for her ability to hear messages and interpret glyphs on crystals. Michele is also the founder of a new energy healing modality called Infinite Divine Illumination Healing www.alphatrinity.com At her table she willl be offering all the types of readings, and offer mini sessions of healings with folks sitting in a chair.

Nikki Tanks - Life Energy Reiki and Mediumship : Nikki is Certified Reiki Practitioner, Psychic Medium, Angel Messenger and Creator of Life Energy Reiki and Mediumship. She provides physical, emotional and spiritual healing through Reiki as well as connecting with Spirit Guides, Angels and Loved Ones to deliver healing messages of Love, Guidance, Comfort and Joy. She will be doing sessions and readings at her table

Rae Roach & Valerie Willis - Women Helping Women Retreats & Workshops : Mobile, customizable event programs of 2 hr & 1 day workshops; 3 & 5 day retreats designed to allow women to sample techniques & activities that aid in healing, the cultivation of inner peace, and the uncovering of one’s authentic self. Staffed by experts in mind, body, & spirit practices, the retreats encourage participants to learn, network, & find support among like-minded women that can advance them along their chosen paths of self-awareness & self-development. Each retreat offers a theme-based grouping of sessions ranging from life coaching, to relaxation & self-actualization exercises, to therapeutic movement, art, writing and music, & energy work just to name a few! Visit the table and learn more.

Randy Goldberg - Astrology Readings : : www.astrodc.com : Randy Goldberg LMT is a former Yoga monk, Craniosacral therapist, Family Constellation facilitator and a world renowned-astrologer doing Western and Vedic systems from a Jungian perspective. He was been interviewed by the Washington Post, NPR, and CNN. He will be doing readings and more at this table.

Robin Strom - Delaware Paranormal Research Group : www.deparanormalresearchgroup.com
Robin is the Director of D.P.R.G. and the author of the book "Anatomy of a Ghost" A Guide to Analzying the Dead. Included in the book are many of the first-hand experiences by the author and her colleagues. From the child ghost in Pennsylvania, to the demon in Dover. The book is laced with stories from people who have actually experienced the paranormal in their own lives. She will be selling her book at the table, and providing info about her Paranormal Research Group

Rob Gutro - Inspired Ghost Tracking of Maryland : Rob is an author, paranormal investigator and medium Since he was a child he could receive messages from ghosts or spirits (who have crossed over).He wrote the books "Pets and the Afterlife," "Pets and the Afterlife 2," "Ghosts and Spirits" and "Lessons Learned from Talking to the Dead" to teach others how ghosts and Spirits communicate with the living and to give proof of the afterlife. As a scientist, he also provides some scientific explanations about how energy is the baseline for the afterlife and the medium that entities use to communicate. Rob will be selling books and doing readings at his table.

Ron Evangelista - As a seer with psychic & mediumship abilities, I mainly use tarot cards, oracle cards, my intuition, and my sense of knowing--to include my knowledge of people’s personalities based on my deep knowledge of Western and Eastern Astrology. I give you the psychic reading you need on virtually any area in your life: your career, business, relationships, marriage, predictions, after-life communication, past-life retrieval, and even readings for your beloved animals. I've been doing psychic readings/spiritual counseling since 2003 , retired from military in 2002, hired by DoD in 2005 & got my masters in 2011 and retired as a civil servant from DoD in Nov 2017. www.ronsspiritualreadings.com

Rosalyn Kincaid - Karmic Wellness Center located in Woodbridge, VA, is founded, owned, and operated by Rosalyn Kincaid. Karmic Wellness Center offers holistic and spiritual solutions that promote healing and a better well-being. Features services include Reiki and Psychic Mediumship Readings. Find out more about Rosalyn and Karmic Wellness Center at www.karmicwellnesscenter.com. At this table Rosalyn and her assistant will be offering 15-minute Reiki Boost healing sessions, mini-Psychic/Mediumship Readings, and we also will be selling healing crystals, books, and cleansing sprays.

Terri Rodabaugh & Sharon Galloway & Rhonda Russo - The Haunted View : Three Mediums come together to do 15 minute readings with all 3 participating. The Haunted View is a podcast / cable show in the making. We investigate paranormal occurrences and host events about the paranormal. No Medium is alike so having all 3 give a reading is quite an experience. Please go to their facebook page for more information. https://www.facebook.com/thehauntedview/

Tom & Sam Vandeberg - “Tom and Samantha" are a unique pair of Tarot readers. Their empathic connection with one another allows them to jointly give concise insights into your questions about love, money, career or just life in general. Their very special approach to Tarot reading is focused on helping you find the answers that will guide you on the path to your greatest potential. facebook.com/crossroadsoasis.

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Date and Time


Bowie Elks Lodge No 2309

1506 Defense Highway

Gambrills, MD 21054

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