Manifestation Re-Treat: Creating Ease and Flow in Everything you Touch

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The Chateau Barnes,

Suffork Road


SW13 9PH

United Kingdom

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Manifestation Re(treat): Creating Ease and Flow in Everything you Touch

Through Dance of the Heart Dance Meditation, Sound & Chanting
With Karen Skehel, Gayatri Lindsey & Sever Sava

Blending the power of Dance of the Heart, Dance Meditation with Chanting from a myriad of spiritual Traditions, we will take you beyond enjoyment into real long-lasting life transformation, manifestation, ease and flow.

This blend of work is not only enjoyable. It has been proven to create extraordinary levels of well-being as well as the ability to bring miracles in to being. This is a visioning day retreat focusing on the power of the body, the heart, the soul, sound, movement and meditation.

It's a retreat day not to be missed!

Karen has worked with hundreds of clients one-to-one and many more have experienced her work in groups or through seeing Karen on National and International TV. She has learned that whilst many are seeking external measures of feel good such as a great career, a successful business, great physical health, great relationships, abundant wealth and the like, what they are really seeking consciously or unconsciously is the emotional experiences that they believe these external measures of success will facilitate for them. More Love, more Joy, more Fulfilment, more Empowerment, more Inner Peace and all manner of feel good emotional experiences. Meditation, Dance, Dance Meditation and Chanting are some of the best proven avenues to bring about these inner experiences. As we connect with the inner experiences our ability to manifest the external manifestations is also significantly increased.

This Retreat Day is for you if you drawn to Dance of the Heart Dance Meditation and Chanting too. The day also could be for you if these practices are something you would normally resist. Dance was not Karen’s “thing" before Dance of the Heart came into her life. A psychic told Karen many years ago that dance was going to be very important in her life and her initial response was the psychic has got this wrong. Well was Karen wrong! Only a year or so ago Chanting wasn't Karen’s thing either and now it has become so. You may be like Karen in which case we totally encourage you to give it a go.

What you can expect from the day:

• Each exercise is designed to facilitate a specific way to create Ease and Flow

• You will be invited to dance with joy, dance to connect with others and to connect with the higher realm, to express creativity through dance, and you'll have the opportunity to tap into the experience of love, as well as many other emotional experiences of your choosing which help you flow with ease and grace.

• The first part is an uplifting blend of free expression dance and the second part includes some relaxing moving meditation. There are no steps to learn making it ideal for everyone who wants to benefit from dance and believes they can't dance as well as those who can.

• There will be the opportunity to open up to more of that which you wish for in your life as well as letting go of that which doesn't serve you.

• There will be a short break, with time for tea, giving us space to transition to sounding and chanting session.

• We will start with a sound exercise releasing the old and making way for the new. Showing you ways to use sound to get into alignment in order to manifest your dreams.

• We will chant together. If you have a favourite rattle or percussion instrument do bring it along. The chants come from different traditions and bring a unified singing field.

• Then we will lie down for a relaxing and healing Gong Bath with Sever.

• Closing meditation and prayers.

Come willing to open up to play and having fun.


Date & Time: Saturday 3rd February, 13:30-18:30

Venue: The Chateau Barnes, Suffolk Road, SW13 9PH
We are a black timber framed building: the first building on the left as you enter Suffolk Road from Madrid Road.

Contribution: £47

£57 on the day
Please note we have 10 places so we highly recommend you book in advance.

Booking: www.meetup.com/conscious-creations/events/246115990/


Testimonial from our Retreat Day in December 2017

"What a joy to experience the delicious combo of dance of the heart with Karen Skehel and then to be bathed in sound by Gayatri. My heart was overflowing with love it is so awesome what occurs when we get out of our own way and open to source, everyone needs to experience this workshop."

Sara Jane Maynard 19 Dec 2017


Here is what participants are saying about Dance of the Heart Dance Meditation:

“I love the freedom to be me and to move without limitations. It's so much fun. Not only do I find my usual inhibitions are released but I leave each session uplifted energized and with my heart open. I feel happy relaxed and feel like I'm falling in love with everyone.”

Other fans talk about the following benefits:

“It is so much fun. I feel so great.”
“I feel so much more confident, more deeply connected with others and this impacts all my relationships”
“I used to judge myself and others. Now I do this less and less. Life is so much more fun”
“My health has improved so much”
“My stress levels have decreased, I feel so alive.“
“Karen gently encouraged to expand my comfort zone and I find that so much more is possible now that I do”

Testimonials about Gayatri’s work:

“Gayatri Lindsey made me feel incredibly welcome at her chanting evening with her warmth and openness. The surrounding environment she has created is so peaceful. I have learnt how to play a drum, chant and balance myself all after one session with Gayatri. Any questions I had were answered confidently and I felt constantly blessed by her words, which came from her heart. The singing bowls added a further touch of magic to the whole experience and my whole body vibrated from start to finish. I left feeling blissfully balanced and so very relaxed afterwards, almost comparatively to how one feels after receiving a relaxing full body massage!”
Sonal Shah - Nutritional Therapist & Reiki-Seichem Practitioner - 27 June 2013

“All the time I have known Gayatri she has been passionate about chanting, sound and meditation. That Gayatri has her own weekly chanting group is testament to her deep passion, commitment and drive to be in action. Gayatri has facilitated and supported group chanting at regular OneSpirit events in Brixton for years and has facilitated a chanting circle at the yearly Summer Solstice events in London each year. As well as chanting, Gayatri has played crystal singing bowls in our circle in a heart-full manner. Gayatri holds space very well, is confident in groups and communicates easily and effectively. In the chanting she has a strong voice, which carries group chants well. She exudes a lovely nature, deep passion and integrity and is most amiable in character. All in all it is a pleasure, joy and blessing to light work and co-create with Gayatri...”
Jane Weller - onespirit.co - 4 September 2015

“Thank you for a wonderful night of sound healing and a open hearted chanting circle. I felt a soul connection to the group and feel like a positive shift has taken place in my energetic frequencies today. A very powerful experience of Chakra activation using the beautiful chakra singing bowls. Blessings to all, sending Love, Light and Healing.”
Lisa Paz - Healer -12 October 2015






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Date and Time


The Chateau Barnes,

Suffork Road


SW13 9PH

United Kingdom

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