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Workshop for Managers and Culture Keepers on How to Create Supportive and Inclusive Workplaces for Employees Experiencing Challenging Times

What are the simple opportunities for your organization to create meaningful and inclusive culture when it matters most?

TDP @ Work helps you create supportive and inclusive workplaces so all of your employees, and consequently your organization, can thrive. There are invisible silos that can are often created in the workplace in times of grief and loss because employees don't have permission to bring their full selves to work. Beyond the isolation that's caused by these silos, making it harder for employees to engage in their work, there's also a big missed opportunity to build more meaningful connections and purpose through challenging personal experiences.

Utilizing our professional backgrounds in culture, talent, and organizational design, our team has analyzed learnings from thousands of conversations to create a training program on how to create more supportive work cultures following loss in its many forms. Whether you're a manager, director or in an HR role, we'll provide the tangible things we can do for people who’ve experienced loss, and for the people trying to support them. We’ll also share how setting the tone and creating space so employees can ask for what they need and also feel comfortable receiving that help will ultimately lead to a happier, more productive, engaged staff.

Through the training, participants will become better equipped to navigate life after loss with their employees by learning how to:

  • Plan ahead for the inevitability of loss in the workplace

  • Support employees through open and honest question asking and individual support

  • Cultivate a culture of peer support within their organization

You'll also be joining a diverse community of committed culture-keepers working to improve life after loss in the workplace - a resource for ongoing support, connections, idea-swapping and more.

Why is this important:

We’re all hearing that vulnerability is one of our most powerful assets in the workplace. That teams who have a sense of psychological safety outperform those that don’t. That retaining great talent isn’t about throwing money at problems, but about helping employees find purpose and community through work.

While vulnerability, psychological safety, purpose and community all sounds great - how do organizations effectively and authentically cultivate them? The answer might be unexpected, but it’s more than likely already impacting your organization - and leaning in can lead to a culture of connection and support that goes below the surface of common perks-based talent builders.

For the last seven years, The Dinner Party team has been dialoguing with over 5,000 people about their experience with grief and loss, and building an active community across 140 cities who care about living well after. A consistent theme around the table is going back to work - and based on how an employer responds to their employee’s experience - can make or break a person’s relationship to their workplace.

From the company’s perspective, an estimated $71B is lost in annual revenue to lack of grief and awareness training, and nearly every employee and manager we’ve connected with feels ill-equipped to support colleagues or direct reports going through it. For all of the much needed conversation about preparing for the beginning of life (i.e. parental leave), the taboos around death and loss mean we’re fiercely unprepared for end of life and ensuing grief - our most universal guarantee regardless of seniority, tenure, or age.

About us:

The Dinner Party is a community in over 140 cities who’ve each experienced significant loss, and get together for recurring potluck dinner parties to talk about how to live well after. Our mission is to transform life after loss from an isolating experience into one marked by community support, candid conversation, and forward movement. www.thedinnerparty.org.

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Refunds up to 7 days before event

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