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Hawaiian Mana Gardening™ Mastery System
Activate Your Inner Guidance System

Mana is a Hawaiian term for the internal power or life force energy of any living thing, also known as spiritual power that resides within us all. Mana Gardening™ is an easy access portal to your inner wisdom, an ancient Hawaiian method using your creative imagination, that supports transformation through relaxation, improved relationship with self and others, improved intuition, a deeper sense of spiritual connection, and more happiness.

When: Every Thursday for 1 hour for 12 weeks (Aug 3 - Oct 26)
Where: Your Phone (wherever you are)

Aloha is the most intimate of all greetings. It’s the unconditional extension of trust and friendship to include strangers. Defined literally, the joyful sharing of life energy in the present; to consciously manifest life joyously in the present. Implies stewardship and caring for others and our world.

This 3-month course prepares the soil for your Mana Garden and invites you to cultivate your Mana and begin living with the Spirit of Aloha. I, Dr. Michelle Shine, personally guide you, step-by-step, to learn Hawaiian Mana Gardening techniques and experience your success as a beginning gardener of your own consciousness and empowerment. I hold your hand every step of the way, giving you feedback, keeping you on track and moving forward with your transformation targets.

During this course you will discover how to:

  • Access your inner Mana easily and quickly, anytime!
  • Identify what you want, what you need and your best path forward (Design the garden plot)
  • Let Go of what is not serving you (Pulling the weeds)
  • Upgrade your relationship with partners, friends, relatives, co-workers and, most importantly, yourself.
  • Access your inner wisdom and Divine guidance
  • Access and trust your intuition

Plus, you get all this support for 12 weeks:

  • 6 Live Teaching Teleconference calls.
  • Receive lessons, assignments, guided experiential energy exercises and answers to your questions.
  • 6 Live Small Group Teleconference support calls.

You will be assigned to a small group (your own dolphin POD) that you will stay with for the series to foster support and trust. Receive consistent and personal support as I lead your POD in open discussions and sharing of your experiences and challenges in a more intimate atmosphere. Receive one-on-one support, guidance and suggestions to help you get the specific results you are seeking.

Benefits of POD calls are:

  • A cohesive, nurturing environment for authentic sharing
  • Development of personal relationships
  • Accountability and continued forward momentum
  • Email support
  • Online support in private FB group

Our NPO: Mana Gardening Institute is a Hawaii based organization created by two biomedical research scientists to research Mana Gardening™, a very simple way to access an ancient Hawaiian method of positive psychology.

Objective: To share Mana Gardening with the intention of assisting in the personal transformation space by helping people worldwide connect with their inner self, to know what they want, and transcend the emotional baggage that holds us all back from pure Love. To be an integral part of humanity awakening and becoming a more loving, open hearted community of beings.

Registration: $333
Discounts =
Early Bird: $199 (Ends on May 25th)
Deposit to hold a spot: $99
(complete registration payment by Aug 1st - early bird price honored if deposit is made before May 25th.)
Website: www.managardening.com
(Also Mind Gardening™ www.mindgardening.org)

  • PhD, Biomedical Science, Medical University of South Carolina, 2003
  • CoFounder, Mind Gardening™, 2008; Mana Gardening, 2015
  • CoFounder and CEO, Mana Gardening Institute since 2015; Scientific Director, Mana Gardening Institute since 2015; CoFounder and CEO of Mind Gardening, LLC; Scientific Director, Mind Gardening, Inc. since 2008
  • Author of numerous articles and blogs on Mana Gardening process and affects
  • Author of the Mana Gardening book series due out later this year.
  • Instructor for various online and in person courses
  • Invited speaker and workshop presenter for gatherings, festivals and events.
  • Instructor for Asheville City Schools After-school Program, Hawaiian Mana Gardening for Kids
  • Facilitator, Mind Gardening to Activate your Sweetest Future. May-June 2015
  • Invited presenter at LovEvolution Festival, Blue Ridge Mountains, NC. Introduction to Mind Gardening, Sept 2015. Mana Gardening Workshop, July 2016. The Science of Imagination and Mana Gardening Workshop, June 2017
  • Invited speaker at Mindfulness Festival, UNCA, Asheville NC, 2016
  • Invited speaker at Resonate Festival, The Science of Imagination and Mana Gardening Workshop, Asheville, NC, Oct 2016
  • Invited presenter in the Psychology and Life Series, University of North Carolina at Asheville, Asheville NC. The Answers lie within, August 2012
  • Invited presenter at Unleash Your Inner Power event, Atlanta, GA, May 2017
  • Invited Workshop Presenter at Sonic Bloom: The Unified Field, Hummingbird Ranch, CO, June 2017
  • Invited Co-speaker, The 21st annual meeting of the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM), Westminster CO. Consciousness 2.0 Your guide to an easy, graceful, conscious evolution, June 2011
  • Numerous other Scientific and Technical presentations

Dr. Shine has been a scientist on a spiritual path for almost 20 years. She attained a special passion for bridging science and spirituality and for personal transformation after reading Barbara Marciniak’s book, Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library, back in 1997. Inspired, Michelle earned her PhD with the intention of studying scientifically how humanity would evolve to a more loving and powerful species in the current time.

Holding a PhD in Biomedical Science, Dr. Shine has published peer-reviewed articles in the fields of microbiology, cell signaling, tissue engineering, human adult stem cell therapy, stem cell basic science, biotechnology, and complementary and alternative medicine. She has also co-authored and served as Co-Investigator on several multimillion dollar grants leading scientific and engineering teams towards research goals. These experiences gave her a strong scientific ethic and foundation from which to explore other fields of science and provide a valid perspective. She also served several years as a college level professor.

In addition to being a student of many spiritual modalities for the last 15 years, she is the CoFounder and pioneer of Mana Gardening. Practicing this technique daily for over a decade transformed her from a broken hearted doormat into an empowered, happy woman. Her astounding results inspired her to write a book to share the wisdom of this ancient Hawaiian method. The first book in the series, co-authored by Keti Kamalani, is due out this fall entitled, Mana Gardening – Empower Yourself and Live a Better Life. Michelle teaches Mana Gardening skills in person and online.
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