Machine Learning Crash Course

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*This course does not require any prior experience with machine learning or programming. It is designed to be applicable to anyone interested in learning about the latest Machine Learning developments.

Learn the fundamentals of machine learning from terminology to theory. The course will gradually build up to neural networks/deep learning and how it could be used to do supervised learning and making inferences. Through this course you will have the foundational knowledge to dive into other machine learning techniques and apply neural networks to do semi-supervised and unsupervised learning as well.

Our instructors have in depth industry experience developing highly scalable applications at Microsoft Research, NASA, Microsoft, Cisco and many startups. We have hosted workshops for Stanford University, CNN Money, Dev Bootcamp, General Assembly and many startups.


  • Although these courses are offered at the specified time, we can also offer alternative times that could be taken in-person or online remotely.
  • Opinions are my own and not of my employer.

Learn more about Pan at panw.github.io. Any questions contact Pan on Twitter: @itspanw.

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