LYS Presents: How to Build TEKS Aligned Lesson Plans in Minutes!

LYS Presents: How to Build TEKS Aligned Lesson Plans in Minutes!

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Are you a teacher in 6th-8th Grade? Need more time for yourself and family? Need time to focus on students that need you the most? Join us.

About this event

An LYS Teacher is at the forefront of implementing revolutionary lessons in the classroom that will ensure the success of your students by igniting their hopes and goals, preparing them for a successful life and career.

They empower their students through creative and imaginative lesson plans by incorporating decision-making tools, life skills, SEL, and hard/soft skills that students can use for a path-of-direction to pursue not only college but a variety of post-high school options.

The result is an LYS personal path of purpose, based on students' strengths and interests to pursue their passions after high school.

Online Training Includes:

  • Texas 6th - 8th Grade core subjects (Except Math)
  • Teachers can create Weekly Lesson Plans and assignments in under 30 minutes.
  • Allows teachers to select from standard aligned pre-authored lessons and assignments, modifying them as needed for their student's needs.
  • Ability to create, modify, and distribute daily work assignments for students.
  • Incorporate Character, SEL, hard/soft skills into their lessons effortlessly using our Being, Know, Doing Methodology.

Participants will need to Create An Account to access the LYS Classroom lesson planning tool.

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