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Knife Instructor Level I Certification Course Jan 7th Sunday 8 am to 4 pm

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Alpha Doce Pares Eskrima Academy

84-33 Jamaica Avenue

Woodhaven, NY 11421

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40 Hour (5 - 8 Hour Training) Level I Knife Instructor Certification Course

Instructor Specific Training, No Weapons Experience Necessary. Course strictly geared for Martial Arts Instructors.

We Only have 20 Spots Available. Registration opens Dec 25th, Monday & Ends Dec 31st Sunday

The Instructor Intensive Knife Certification Course is designed to give the instructors the fundamental curriclum, concepts and basic skills to add a Knife-Fighting Weapon Curriculum in their class.

The best way to defend against a knife attack is first to learn how to use one. The more you know how to use a knife, the greater the chance of you successfully defending against one.

This basic Knife training course will introduce the instructors how to teach to defend against different knife attacks & learn to use a knife as a defensive tool. Knives has been used since the dawn of time for self-protection, early man realized that an edge tool is a great equalizer in self- defense situation. A knife like any other tool could be used as a utility implement & when the need arises a very effective life saving tool. It doesn’t take much strength to use, perfect for people who are not very strong physically. Whether it is a folding knife, kitchen knife or any other bladed instrument all the principles apply to whatever which one you might need to use to defend yourself.

If you are one of the many martial arts instructors who would like to add a effective & practical weapons curriculum to add in your class this training course is specifically designed for you.

In the right hands a knife is a very effective self-defense tool, in the hands of a criminal, it is a very dangerous weapon. Unfortunately knives are used by criminal elements to intimidate, rob and sometimes kill because of the ease of obtaining them. You are most likely to be attacked by a knife than any other weapon, learning to defend against a knife will raise your chance of survival if you ever get attacked by a knife wielding attacker. Learn the skills you need to teach your students to protect themselves & their love ones.

You will learn edge weapons skills in hours not months or years, we accomplish this by teaching you core principles, basic fundamental techniques & drilling you on practical applications of these techniques.

This is the traditional version of the edge weapon course we teach to Law Enforcements & Military. This is the only knife certification course of it’s kind in NYC, 40 Hour course that will elevate your skills in a short period of time.


Training Course Overview

• Legality of owning & using a knife for self-defense

• Combat Mindset

• Choosing the right folding knife & straight blades for self-defense

• Different Grips & Stances

• Different carry methods

• Proper drawing methods

• Non-Lethal & Lethal Target Areas

• The proper way to block & parry a knife attack

• How to disarm a knife wielding attacker instantly & safely

• Defense against armed and unarmed attacks

• Drawing your blade from a disadvantage positions

• Various tactical knife training drills

• Self-defense applications

Instructor Bio: Sonny Mayo

Sonny Mayo a student of GM Dong Cuesta for 2 decades is a former 2 time US National full-contact stick-fighting champion & Silver medalist in the world championship in the mid-90s. In the early 2000 as a fight trainer Sonny Mayo produced national & world champion eskrima fighters up to the present.

In the last 5 years Sonny Mayo was sought by different law enforcement agency & personnel to teach close quarter combat tactics in the use of edge, impact weapons & close quarter pistol. He is also the featured lead instructor in the 2010 & 2011 LAW ENFORCEMENT Expo in the Jacob Center in Manhattan, NY & Pittsburgh PA. Also a regular guest Combatives instructor at Camp Smith in Upstate NY to the 1/106 Military Police Battalion. To date Sonny has taught Defensive Instructors form city, state & federal agencies here in NYC. He comes highly recommended & endorsed from the instructors of most of the Law Enforcement trainers in New York City.


Course Dates: No 5th, Sunday 8 pm - 4 pm

Cost: $50 upon registration balance of $100 only in cash is due on the day of class.

Class size is Limited We will not "hold" slots in the course. All participants must complete a registration form and pay prior to being included on the training roster. Don't Delay & Sign-Up now we only have 20 slots available!!

Deposit for missed training is non-refundable instead will be credited towards a future course.

We want to make sure that you will be completely satisfied with This Training course that we are offering you a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or Your Money Back

Equipment List: All training gear & equipment will be provided by us, Training attire is comfortable shirt, Jeans or BDU/Cargo Pants.

NEED More Info: 718.850.5501


Sonny Mayo and the MayoTac CQB Academy is a treasure-trove of defensive tactics knowledge located right in Queens, NY. As a Police Officer i can tell you that the CQB firearms training and edged weapons defense taught at this academy is absolutely necessary for anyone in the field of Law Enforcement. Sensei Mayo is a true professional and Patriot. Thank you and your staff for all you do for the Law Enforcement community!

-Vince S.-

I recently had the pleasure of attending a seminar of Sonny Mayo's Knife Fighting hosted by the Krav Maga school I attend. In just a short time I came away with some immediately useful skills that blend well with my own reality based martial art. As someone who also trained in Close Quarters Combat as a Marine I appreciated the mission oriented and tactical approach of Sonny Mayo's MayoTac CQB. Most of us train to simply survive and go home and some need to train to survive , overcome and continue on, and Mr. Mayo's system addresses both those approaches. I look forward to future seminars

-E. Murphy-

As a current serving member of the Canadian Armed Forces and a member of a Police Service in Canada, I've had the pleasure of training with Sonny Mayo and his team over 20 years. Sonny Mayo's staff provided great help in developing an edge weapons program that I can deliver to my troops. I highly recommend training with Sensei Mayo, you'll get a good appreciation of the implementation of edged weapons in a combative situation.

-Michael M.-

Sensei Mayo, is an awesome instructor with a wealth of knowledge in practical martial arts applicable to real world situations. He is a skilled firearms instructor especially in the area of CQB. All of this from a respectable family oriented man of high character, and honorable values. Do not let the opportunity to train with him slip by!

-Nathan H.-

As a lifetime/career martial artist, and police officer, I search for only the best instructors, most comprehensive curriculums and effective fighting systems. Sonny Mayo and the MayoTac CQB system has it all. Get there, and get some.

-David H.-

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Alpha Doce Pares Eskrima Academy

84-33 Jamaica Avenue

Woodhaven, NY 11421

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