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Just Being, Just Sitting: Getting Out of Your Own Way in Meditation

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Just Being, Just Sitting: Getting Out of Your Own Way in Meditation

Just Sitting is a form of meditation in which we simply allow the mind to settle of its own accord. It is a practice of non-doing in which, as we sit, we allow thoughts to pass through the mind unobstructedly, and without getting caught up in their storylines. In time the mind stills, and a state of pure, effortless awareness emerges.

On this 28-day online course you'll learn how to sit without judgement, to practice radical self-acceptance, and to rest in an open and expansive state of awareness. Ultimately you will learn to recognize that it is not “you” who meditates, and allow your meditation to unfold spontaneously and effortlessly toward awakening, from within.

Course benefits

In this 28 day event you’ll learn to:

  • Enter an effortless state of meditation
  • Sit without judgement
  • Practice radical self-acceptance
  • Allow thoughts and feelings to arise and pass without obstruction
  • Rest in an open and expansive state of awareness
  • Recognize that it is not “you” who meditates, and allow your meditation to unfold spontaneously, from within

This event is suitable for people of all levels of experience, including complete beginners.

Course format

Signing up for this event gives you access to:

  • Daily emails with practice suggestions and inspiration
  • Access to nine guided meditations, from 5 to 30 minutes in length
  • Support and encouragement in a welcoming online community

What other participants have said

  • “It has been a great course. The emails have been both great works of philosophy as well as useful guides to practice.” Michael B.
  • “Thank you so much, Bodhipaksa, for this life-changing course. Your insights into the nature of reality breathe new life into the Dharma, bringing scientific understanding to ancient teachings. This is a wonderful course that has inspired me to return to the cushion every day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such an inspirational teacher.” Claire L.
  • “Thanks, Bodhipaksa, for all the care and effort you’ve invested putting this mini-course together. I’ve found it very interesting and informative, and even if I don’t feel I’ve made much progress with the technique I have experienced occasional glimpses.”Andy R.
  • This course has been invaluable to me. I find the peace and stillness come easily. In earlier practices, I would berate myself for “failing” to do it right. Jeanie S.
  • “I’ve loved this course and it’s been a good anchor for me during a time of transition. Thank you Bodhipaksa for helping me to access that gentle place of abiding, where I can appreciate being sustained.” Kathy M.

About the instructor

BodhipaksaBodhipaksa has been practicing Buddhist meditation for over 30 years, and teaching for around 25 years. He formerly taught meditation in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Montana, and for several years ran a thriving retreat center in the Scottish Highlands. He is the author of more than a dozen books and audiobooks, and has been published in six languages. In 2001 he founded Wildmind, an online meditation center. He has been a member of the Triratna Buddhist order since 1993. He is originally from Scotland, but now lives in New Hampshire. He has two children.

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