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Joy-Full Holly Days

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Don’t look now, but the holiday season is rounding the corner! And for some of us, it comes with stress, overwhelm, guilt, anger, and disconnection.

  • Does something as simple as taking a few days off, which you earned, stir up guilt?
  • Do you stuff down the feelings and you wonder why you suddenly hate everything about a season with so many things to love?
  • Are you tired of abandoning YOU, and what matters most to you, only to wake up in the New Year feeling terrible as you work to undo the damage?

It doesn’t have to be that way! That’s why I created Joy-Full Holly Days program.

The Joy-Full Holly Days program ISN’T the typical complete a worksheet, write in a gratitude journal, meditate on your intention and all-will-be-revealed program. We’re going to WORK.

During our three 90 minute calls (which will be recorded in case you can’t make a date or want to re-listen), you’ll map out your self-care habits and the boundaries that protect them. We’ll also uncover what leads to self-care abandonment and learn ways to protect your self-care at a time when that feels impossible.

Here’s the best part: we’ll not only sooth the symptoms of stress, overwhelm, guilt, and shame created by this ‘joyful’ season, we’ll start to heal the root causes that lead to other kinds of stress, shame, guilt, and overwhelm.

You will learn ways to keep yourself on track any time your boundaries begin to falter. You’ll understand the cause of self-care abandonment in times of stress and overwhelm, and in so doing, begin to break the unhealthy patterns that keep you down. It’s like a gift (for yourself) that keeps on giving!

Think about it this way: treating our symptoms is great for short-term relief, but if we don’t address the root causes (or, worse, pretend that none exist) the symptoms will always come roaring back. That cycle is exhausting, I know. For more than a decade, I ignored my own signals of overwhelm until Thanksgiving 2007 when my husband nearly checked me into a hospital. It was then I knew I had to dig up the roots and not simply treat the symptoms. That’s why I created this program, and why I want to help you make this, and all others to come, the best holidays ever.


November 2 at 6 - 7:30 p.m. EST

November 16 at 6 - 7:30 p.m. EST

November 30 at 6 - 7:30 p.m. EST


Your house, your favorite coffee shop, a library - as long as it’s somewhere quiet


You’ll log into my Zoom account and we’ll virtually chat (note: Zoom is a Skype-like or FaceTime service in which, if you choose, other people can see you).

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