JavaScript+, HTML5, CSS4
€690 – €1,590.90
JavaScript+, HTML5, CSS4

JavaScript+, HTML5, CSS4

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4 jours pour apprendre, essayer et progresser. 4 soirs pour réinventer, découvrir et profiter. Un voyage immersif dans un contexte atypique pour faire émerger créativité et curiosité. Le tout en français !

Pour ça, réservez votre ticket, emportez votre bonne humeur et plongez avec nous dans la nouveauté. Nous réservons le logement, organisons les repas et partageons les loisirs.

Ces formations s'adressent aux intégrateurs et développeurs Web qui souhaitent améliorer leurs pratiques du front, appronfondir le JavaScript et faire leur veille technologique.

Objectifs : une formation de qualité, à très bas prix et dans un lieu atypique !

Exploiter HTML5 et CSS3 / CSS4, leurs bonnes pratiques, découvrir ce qui est utilisable aujourd'hui, anticiper ce qui va l'être demain.
Jouer avec les Web Components, découvrir les Web Extensions, écrire du VanillaJS et se séparer de JQuery, tapoter du JavaScript ES6, plonger dans le backend avec NodeJS et ExpressJS, ouvrir des Web Sockets et faire communiquer des API en Rest.
Remplacer GoogleMaps dans vos applis, sandboxer avec Docker, oser du SVG, l'animer, appliquer des templates HTML/JS
Utiliser les bons outils pour tester les performances, responsive et debugger, embarquer une app pour du mobile natif creuser vos idées et projets intimes, …

Et bien sûr en utilisant Git et le reste, dans le respet des bonnes pratiques, et en parlant architecture. Et avec la banane.


What does a day look like?

We all meet for the breakfast and start the training at 9am.
We cover some topics during the whole day until 5pm with a lunch break.
After 5pm it's free time. Either we keep on working on what was covered, we share tips and tricks or we go out and visit around.
We then go for dinner together in the evening.
That's what we can expect for a typical day…

What is included?

  • The 5 days training
  • An accomodation from Sunday evening until Friday
  • Meals (breakfasts, lunches and dinner) from Sunday evening until Friday noon


  • Your trip to reach Syracusa and the accomodation
  • A private room (this is a shared room)
  • Extra lunches
  • Souvenirs, drinks, outgoings, extra services at the accomodation
  • Sleep before Sunday or after Friday morning
  • Insurances out of the training schedules

What to bring?

  • Your laptop with it's plug and an adaptor for the country. PLease don't forget it!
  • A towel, soap, shampoo
  • An outfit adapted to the weather (it could rain)
  • Clothings to walk around the city of to go for activities
  • Earplugs!!
  • Your geek stuff to share (Arduino, Makey-makey, Raspberry, puzzles, …)
  • Ideas, good mood and big smile

What transport/parking options to reach the workshop?

The cities are selected considering the easiness to reach and their low-fares from Europe.
You might want to check, or other transportation services.
You will be provided the exact location once it is booked to be able to organize.
Meanwhile you may organize to reach the city center as we won't be far from it.

Could the journey be extended?

You are very welcome to do so! Of course these extras will be at your cost.
You will be able to stick around with us and whoever will stay. We won't be able to extend the rental and you will have to take care of your accomodation.

Why is it so cheap?

We know you are paying here for a week what you would pay for only 1,5 day with any regular training center.
We try to make it affordable for everyone to spread the best practices and high quality web development.
At scopyleft we earn a decently low salary and as a not-for-profit cooperative company we don't do Web for money but make money to build and share.
However, to be viable we need to reach a minimum of attendees. Under that number we would be forced to postpone the workshop.

Are workshop tickets transferable/refundable?

Yes. You can tranfer your ticket to anyone. Just keep us informed if you do so.
Some rare cases like these using the "DIF" (some financial support in France) are not transferable.

Cancelling a ticket you will be refunded of 50% of the price you paid.
The other 50% will help us to cover bookings costs we cannot cancel.

More infos

The website :
The program :
Contact Vincent : vincent ((at))

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