Intuition as Sensemaking

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Civana House

711 Scott Street

San Francisco, CA 94117

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( æthos ) Salon Series: Intuition as Sensemaking

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The modern world has become fragile, alienating, and matricidal. One way or another this era will come to an end. On the way we will release the unnecessary systemic complexity in the current “world-mind-system” into something much more elegant in which simple, obvious actions contribute to deeply healthy living for all individuals. However, this does not entail either a romantic yearning to return to the past nor an incautious techno-optimism.

The problems and opportunities we face are increasingly too complex to analyze. While ancient humans also encountered environments that were too complex to analyze, they had an evolved intuition for how to (more) sustainably cultivate and relate to their world. The intuition about and resonance with the more-than-human world is missing in our modern civilization. It has resulted in an industrial operating system that has destroyed ecosystems and degraded the integrity of a symbiotic living-planet without understanding the consequences.

In order to learn right relationship with the world at a higher order than ever before, we need to learn to sense our world differently and navigate beyond conceptual abstraction and reduction. We must reintegrate rationality(/ies) and intuition(s). An elegant, congruent, and harmonious future will not be more complicated. Rather, our lives will feel integrated and whole, rich and clear, liberated from the constraints of a zero-sum world.

In this salon, our community will explore these themes and deepen our understanding of both why and how engaging multiple forms of knowing can help us navigate these times of accelerating change. Specific themes may include:

- How we can cultivate more non-analytic modes of knowing - our intuition muscle, so to speak

- How common sense and the “still-quiet voice of wisdom” can give us more, as well as potentially better, information about how to act

- Cognitive neuroscientific perspectives on multiple modes of thought

- How different modes of knowing relate to different rhythms and timescales

- Why complex systems and hyperobjects are unanalyzable yet still tractable

- Why indigenous perspectives on participatory learning provide novel insight

About the Speakers:

We will have multiple brief presentations, followed by a panel discussion amongst the presenters and open discussion with all participants.

Current confirmed presenters include:

- Julia Plevin: designer, author, and founder of the Forest Bathing Club whose experience with chronic illness taught her to participate more deeply to the real communication we are always having with trees and the Earth.

- Adam Robbert: founder of The Side View, a journal and media platform integrating theory and practice on how we use knowledge and intuition to skillfully navigate the world.

- Matthew Pirkowski: systems architect, specializing in applied complexity, whose work focuses on reducing the existential risk of technological innovation, and understanding the impact of accelerating technological development upon the nature of humanity.

- Bavani Ramanan: advanced trainer with the Art of Living Foundation, teaching breathing techniques, meditation, and intuition development for youth and adults. She holds Master’s degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science and previously worked in the IT industry for over a decade.

- Zanette Johnson: experience designer, facilitator, and researcher. Her doctoral degree from Stanford University’s transdisciplinary “Learning Science and Technology Design” program included research on how intuition is an under-theorized but essential component of excellent teaching.

If you would like to submit a proposal for a brief presentation - no more than 12 minutes - please fill out the application form here.

In order to maintain intimacy and coherence we will cap the salon at 25 attendees. However, the salon will be recorded and posted online publicly. Feel free to share this invite with people you think would benefit and could contribute to the discussion.

About the ( æthos ) Salon Series

( æthos ) is a multidisciplinary collective of creatives, strategists, and operators whose work spans education, media, and organizational change in service of beauty and goodness.

The ( æthos ) Salon Series weaves great hearts and minds into a co-creative, co-developmental field of learning. Our Fall 2019 series is focused on “mythcraft.” Each salon explores narratives and processes of meaning-making that generate collective coherence and healthy sensemaking. This Fall series will culminate in a multi-day workshop for narrative builders on mythcraft in early 2020. Our previous workshop, On Guildcraft, was on new modes of collective organizing.

Gatherings take place at Civana House, our community space by Alamo Square Park in San Francisco, California.

(event image: The Buddha by Odilon Redon)

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Civana House

711 Scott Street

San Francisco, CA 94117

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