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Intro to Programming with Python

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In this course, you will . . .

  • learn to code from day one
  • learn practical programming skills that are in demand by today’s best employers
  • get live guidance from a team of world-class instructors and mentors
  • learn how to do basic data wrangling using Python
  • get started writing and running Python scripts
  • gain an understanding of Python’s role in the data science ecosystem
  • practice what you are learning with real-world problems and projects
  • enjoy access to a comprehensive collection of learning materials and resources

Who this course is for

According to, the average Python developer salary in the US is $102,000 a year. Take this course if you want to:

  • advance your career
  • earn more
  • learn practical programming skills that are in demand by today’s best employers
  • learn under the guidance of a live (not recorded) instructor

What you will learn

Session 1: Programming Basics

Learn how to get started writing and running Python programs on your computer.

Session 2: Compound Data and Control Flow

Learn how to make choices using loops and conditionals, and how to work with compound data types, such as lists and tuples.

Session 3: Interactive Programs

Learn how to build interactive and reusable programs that can process documents and human commands.

What our students say

"Well-organized, good flow and lots of practice. The only difficult thing for me was the scheduling, but I guess that’s unavoidable with a live course." Derrick A.

"Loved the interactive format, and the instructor was very friendly and engaging." Anvesh G.

"The hands-on programming experience I got in this course was super helpful. If you’re a beginner looking for a good online class, this is one of the best ones out there." Kevin J.

Your Instructor

Bruce Wang, MSc

Bruce Wang is an expert in Python who works as a data scientist at Data Plus Math, a Boston-based startup. Prior to Edlitera and his current position, Bruce conducted topological data analysis at Brown University, and biomaterials data analysis at Boston Children's Hospital. Bruce earned his Masters in Data Science from Brown University, and his Bachelors in Mathematics and Biochemistry from Boston College.

Why Edlitera?

Live classes - Your class is always live, always hands-on

Elite instructors - You learn from an elite team of industry experts who have taught at universities such as Harvard and Brown, and have trained teams at Qualcomm and Nielsen.

Sustained practice - You start coding from day one, and get valuable feedback, which is the fastest, most effective way to hone your skills and master programming.

Tailored feedback - You get personalized, live feedback and guidance directly from your instructors.

Fellowship and community - You gain access to a vibrant and engaging community of fellow students and knowledgeable mentors in every class.

For more information and the detailed syllabus, please visit

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