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In January, Jeff Lawson, CEO and co-founder of Twilio, published “Ask Your Developer”, a book about Twilio’s success, and how by leveraging the API mindset inside and outside a company, you can achieve outstanding growth and maximum potential, if you understand what you do. This is what we will talk about for two days at Interface.

In fact, APIs change the company and its ecosystem. With developers, partners, and customers, APIs enable lower transaction costs and create connection opportunities that would have been too costly before. Now you can maximize your ecosystem footprint and influence by being the single point of value.

Internally, APIs enable communication between many stakeholders: teams that were not talking together in big organizations, IT and Business, or even cross departments, APIs enable to create innovation with cross-pollination of ideas and bits.

APIs enable the programmable economy, where your value can be discovered, distributed, and scaled, in a self-service and consumable approach, and enable your business to expand dramatically.

In order to accommodate most regions of the world, this conference will be broadcasted in 3 time zones: PDT for North America (June 30/July 1), Singapore time for APAC (July 1&2) and CET for EMEA (July 1&2).

In 2020, our line-up of SPEAKERS include:

  • Kin Lane, The API Evangelist
  • Mike Amundsen, Author of "API traffic Management 101" and "Restful API Design"
  • Mark Rendle, co-creator of gRPC
  • Dick Hardt, creator of OAuth
  • Kevin Dunglas, creator of APIPlatform, Vulcain and Mercure protocole
  • Anki Sobti, CTO and co-founder of Postman
  • Marco Palladino, CTO and co-founder of Kong
  • Arnaud Lauret, author of "The Design of Web APIs"
  • Ronnie Mitra, author of "Microservice Architecture"
  • Fran Mendez, creator of the "ASyncAPI Specification"
  • Erik Wilde, co-author of "Continuous API Management"
  • Marc Andre Giroux, author of "GraphQL in production"
  • and many more . . .

In 2020, we explored the following technical topics:

Microservices have been a subset of the Service-Oriented Architecture that pushed many companies in the recent years to start the transition of their monolithic legacy system into more independently deployable, more loosely coupled and domain defined capabilities.

API Lifecycle Management has evolved a lot since the development of the API Mindset, the appearance of API-as-a-Product philosophy and the practice and the evolution of the OpenAPI Specification standard, enabling tooling automation at large scale.

API Identity and Security - Opening APIs cannot be made without safety and access control. The API identity and security landscape has evolved a lot in terms of technology and practice.

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