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Inbox Awesome – The Future of Email, Messaging and Productivity

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Gowanus, Brooklyn

473 President St

Brooklyn, NY 11215

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Welcome to Inbox Awesome (#InAwe17)! The annual boutique conference on the future of email, messaging, chats and workflows – convening thought leaders from Fortune 500 companies to seed startups.

How can your feeds thrive – and protect you? Which tools, skills and strategies does your organization need to get work done and organize knowledge? What are the inboxes of the future – and how can you turn them into business? Find the answers at Inbox Awesome.

Where and when does InAwe take place?

All-day on Thursday, Nov 9th, at 473 President Street in Gowanus, Brooklyn.

Who is speaking?

Elisabeth Goodridge
Editor, Newsletters and Messaging
The New York Times

Nick Beim

Maggie Hsu

Dennis Dayman
Chief Privacy and Security Officer
Return Path

Naomi Makofsky
Global Partnerships Lead
Google Assistant

Gerrit Lansing
Chief Digital Officer
The White House / RNC

Alyssa Nahatis
Director of Deliverability

Tim McElreath
Director for Mobile and Emerging Platforms
Scripps Networks Interactive

Tara Clark
Director of Email

Margot Boyer-Dry
Founder and CEO
Lorem Ipsum

Jerry Talton
Search, Learning & Intelligence Group Lead

Vanessa Liu
Trigger Media

Omar Tawakol

Zack Christenson
CEO, Co-Founder

What's the agenda?

07:30 - 08:00
Awesome Breakfast
Good morning!
Arrive without a rush, and settle in with some local pastries, Brooklyn brewed coffee and live music.

08:00 - 08:15
Guided Meditation
A focused and quiet start in the day
Led by an expert, this morning meditation will provide mindfulness for the day ahead.

08:15 - 09:00
The Productivity Puzzle
How to manage a mega-feed future
Most of us have no idea how to get to inbox zero. Or how to win the daily war against all our feeds and still get meaningful things done. Meet the masters of productivity – and learn their tactics to win over the mega-feed era of the future.

09:00 - 09:45
Talk, don't touch
Why voice is having its moment
Alexa, Siri, Vega, Azure – all big tech firms are building voice platforms, and brands follow along. How does this change our way of communicating, which platform will win, and will touch interfaces die?

09:45 - 10:15
The Chat vs. Email Faceoff
Which feed will save us all?
Are chats saviors, increasing productivity for all, or just another nuisance on top of email? And how can they ever coexist? Meet the innovators who are working on this mission impossible.

The science behind the @
How your email address is becoming your new DNA
Targeting and customization starts with your name@xyz.com. Peel off the onion behind the @, learn how companies analyze your digital DNA and data science influences the way you live, shop and travel.

10:45 - 11:15
Coffee Break
Hang out, wake up, or grab a snack
Local vendors & live music

11:15 - 12:00
The Political Inbox
How campaign messaging works
One year after the election, take a deep dive into how the best campaigners work your inbox, creating movements from politics to social good.

12:00 - 12:45
Awesome Lunch
Savoury bites from farm to table
Local vendors & live music

12:45 - 01:30
Catch the Phish
The challenge of protecting your inbox
Leaks, breaches and hacks are front page news. Our inboxes, from email to social media, are more volatile than ever. How can we improve security – and what do we do when it’s too late? A hands-on workshop.

01:30 - 02:00
Inbox Interactive
The next marketing frontier
From livestreaming to interactive design – email is being reinvented as a marketing platform, reaching far beyond its old school image. Meet the cutting edge innovators in the field and learn about their vision and best practices.

02:00 - 02:45
Inbox Profit
How selling through the inbox works
From Sign Up, to Personalization to Re-Engagement - the customer journey through messaging is long and challenging. Still, 20% of e-commerce is made this way. Discuss the dos and don'ts, the challenges and lessons – and whether humans or bots are making the cut.

02:45 - 03:30
Coffee Break
Get your energy for the rest of the day!
Local vendors & live music

03:30 - 04:15
Newspapers? Newsletters!
How to build media empires around email
In a short amount of time, backroom producers and legacy media companies have turned newsletters from an old-school content dump onto highly crafted, engaging platforms. Meet the movers and shakers, and learn how to build your own letter.

04:15 – 05:00
Messaging Eats the World
A global forecast workshop
Data, AI and consumer needs are changing communication and commerce forever. But which platform is winning, and will the next big player come from China, Korea, Austin or Seattle?

05:00 - open end
Awesome Afterparty
Party your way out of the InAwe warehouse!
Live music, beer and entertainment

How can I partner up?

Inbox Awesome has built strong relationships with leading companies in the messaging and tech space. If you are interested in a partnership to highlight your brand, don't hesitate to reach out to conference producer Felix Zeltner, felix@workawesome.org, +1-212-658-0268.

Who attends and why?

Expect to bump into the most interesting New York product, tech, venture, and marketing people in one spot. Meet

- 200+ participants
- 10+ countries represented
- Various leading media companies
- 70% C-level, Founder or leading management
- 70:30 brand to vendor ratio

A selection of companies that have been represented at recent Inbox Awesome events: Betaworks, Bloomberg, BuzzFeed, CUNY, Foursquare, Giphy, Google, GoPro, IBM, Lyft, Mailchimp, Microsoft, Omnicom, R/GA, Redef, SendGrid, SparkPost, SoulCycle, TechCrunch, The New York Times, Trello, Twitter.

Join us all-day on November 9th in the heart of Brooklyn and experience a day that is more than a conference. Inbox Awesome, now in it's fifth edition, has become the annual get-together of folks who are making, re-thinking, and delivering to inboxes of all flavors and interfaces. It's a community of thought leaders, discussing the most relevant, toughest challenges of today and tomorrow. Our goal is to provide you with inspiration, with new friends – and the potential to redefine your business.

- Connect at the Inbox Awesome Speakers Dinner
- Use our networking areas to meet up, chat & discuss
- Stay in touch through our frequent community meetups

Let us know who you’d like to meet and we will introduce you!

What other people said on past events

“Amazing work. Congrats on the diversity and gender balance.” – Dawn Barber, Co-Founder New York Tech MeetUp
“One of the best conferences ever.” – Shana Dressler, Executive Director, Google 30 Weeks
Happy to have been part of this. – Dan Oshinsky, Director of Newsletters at BuzzFeed
“A nice combo of practical insight, inspiration and thought provoking contrarianism.” – Roger W. Neal, Founding Executive Director, NYC Media Lab
“I usually pop in and out of conferences. Here, I came and stayed. Wow.” – Milena Berry, CEO, PowerToFly
What a productive conference! I met such wonderful people doing interesting things, and even came out with a podcasting partner. – Margot Boyer-Dry, Founder, Lorem Ipsum

About us

Inbox Awesome was founded in 2013 in New York City by tech pioneer, investor and philosopher Amol Sarva. In 2015, it became part of Work Awesome, a strategy agency focused on the future of work, founded by Amol Sarva and German journalists and entrepreneurs Lars Gaede and Felix Zeltner. Apart from the Inbox Awesome Conference, we are proud to present and produce: Work Awesome, the annual conference on the future of work, with its 2017 edition coming to Berlin for the very first time; the future.work series in collaboration with WIRED at Telefónica Basecamp Berlin; and various networking events, innovation workshops journeys both in Europe and North America.

Get in touch

Are you interested in working with us? Have a question about the conference? Or just want to reach out? We would love to hear from you.

Felix Zeltner felix@workawesome.org +1-212-658-0268
Amol Sarva amol@workawesome.org +1-530-727-8277
Lars Gaede lars@workawesome.org +49-177 30 20 822

Check out the dedicated website for more.

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Date and Time


Gowanus, Brooklyn

473 President St

Brooklyn, NY 11215

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