In Person - Infuse MAGIC into Your Business with the Steve Jobs Effect

In Person - Infuse MAGIC into Your Business with the Steve Jobs Effect

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Rohnert Park Chamber-Commerce

101 Golf Course Drive

## C7

Rohnert Park, CA 94928

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The people who worked with Steve Jobs said he had a “Reality Distortion Field” because he made the impossible happen routinely. You can too!

About this event

This seminar has two dates:

IN PERSON: 10 AM Pacific Time on Tuesday 8/16/22. Location is at the Rohnert Park Chamber of Commerce 101 Golf Course Drive #C7 Rohnert Park California - Free

ONLINE VIA ZOOM: 10 AM Pacific Time on Thursday 8/18/22 — Sign Up HERE - Free

Infusing your business with the magic you've always known is there is what the Steve Jobs Effect is all about. You can do this! Here's how:

1) Ditch the limitations of the mainstream

For years the most watched TED Talk in the world was Sir Ken Robinson’s Do Schools Kill Creativity? We’ve all been infected by beliefs that hold us back. Steve Jobs was special: he believed ANYTHING is possible and he lived that way. You can too!

2) Invoke the Steve Jobs Effect (aka placebo effect)

Did you know you can choose what you want to believe AND this helps reshape reality? This is the message quantum physics has been telling us for half a century, it’s also what gurus and sages have been saying for thousands of years. Isn’t it time you got on board?

3) Get to work

After you’ve taken care of the “I’m not good enough” syndromes above the next unconscious belief most of us have is: “it’s too hard to live up to my Divine potential.” It’s time to courageously step up and bring a world-bettering business into thriving existence.

This workshop is about marinating the Steve Jobs Effect (SJE) into the daily activities of your business. When you plug the SJE into ordinary activities like planning your day, generating leads, communicating with clients, closing sales and keeping an eye on key performance numbers you allow these tasks to be elevated to a quantum probability field of potential miracles. A lot of small miracles makes big things happen!

This seminar is about using EVERY tool available to help you build your business:

• Management • Leadership

• Marketing • Sales

• Client retention • Tracking key numbers

• Quantum know-how aka the Steve Jobs Effect

There is simply too much evidence to ignore the SJE aspect of your business any longer. The magic happens when you couple this with everyday activities.

Please note: This is NOT a sell-seminar, it is a HELP-seminar. When you sign up and attend you will discover tools of immense value to help your business AND you are entered to win five hours of consulting time with Jeffrey Schmidt for Free! You must register and attend to win.

Coming to both the in person and online events doubles your chances of winning!

Sign up HERE for the Zoom event.

This seminar gives you the the latest personal technology for business success available anywhere.

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