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Brewhouse South

1855 Galleria Blvd

Franklin, TN 37067

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Something new in the networking world. A group designed to help build your business & career through inspiration, information, & ultimately implementation. To grow and improve your business or career, you must first grow as a person. Please watch this video to hear the why and how behind the birth of this group. https://goo.gl/THhia3

This group will be different than many networking groups -

- Only $5 a meeting. No monthly / annual dues. Come weekly or once a quarter. You will receive 10 to 100X more in return than you ever invest. BEST OF ALL, the funds are invested in the group & NOT shipped off somewhere else.

- No exclusive "chairs"... You don't have to feel obligated to refer to that jerk.

- No referral slips to fill out and track... What you earn is your private info. Share only if you feel it will help the group.

- No ridged rules... YES, we'll have an agenda. Yet, we won't "move on for the sake of moving on." If we're chin deep in some great shitzle.

- Not boring... We'll have fun in all we do.

- No feeling like you've wasted your time... You will walk away each week with something tangible to use in your business/career.

WHAT WILL WE HAVE? ... This is going to grow and change per the needs of the group. Again, no ridged rule book that keeps us from growing. Yet, for now we’ll have -

- Education on, but not limited to: Social Media, the Sales Process, Networking, Public Speaking, Body Language, Presentation Skills, Picking up girls (JK. just seeing if you're reading it all), How to Schedule your day/week/year Effectively, Phone Skills, CRM & other Follow-up Methods, Text marketing, Email Marketing, Hiring & Firing, Book Keeping, and a ton more based on what YOU want and need.

- A Success Library: Books, audios, and more that you can check out for self-study.

- Each paid member (more on that below) will get a Smart business Card. The SBC is a fantastic way to standout, collect info from someone you just met, and to use in your FOLLOW-UP process. This is a $149 value.

- Member Directory. This is NOT an “app” you must download on your phone, I’M so “App’ed-Out”. You don’t need to give up any space on your phone to access the group app. Between the SBC & directory, IT’S SO EASY to refer your member of choice.

- A monthly(ish) application of a renowned book. We'll work through a book each month or so and APPLY the lessons to our businesses/careers. Information is great. Implementation is needed to succeed. The first 3 books have been selected. From there, YOU will help mold whet is taught.

- Comarketing Opportunities... Many of us will have the same ideal clients/customers. Comarketing can lower costs dramatically, gives the clients/customers a better value (offers made), and the process can be repeated again, and again.

- Self Imposed Accountability... The members that want to take the next step in their business/career can join smaller, WAM groups. Weekly Accountability Groups. AMAZING things happen when you wear your results on your sleeve.

- Mastermind Round Tables... Talking through challenges at work and seeking the insight of others in the group.

- Prizes: Yup… we got stuff to give away.

& more.... This will grow and change over time based on what works and what meets YOUR needs. This is an interactive group. You cannot just show up and "wish for referrals".

3i Networking. Get Inspired, get Informed, go freaking Implement.

"To change the world, it starts with the most important person... you." - gravyism.

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Brewhouse South

1855 Galleria Blvd

Franklin, TN 37067

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