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How to set boundaries around YOUR priorities + what matters to YOU, without...

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The Mug

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How to set boundaries around YOUR priorities + what really matters to YOU, without feeling guilty, burning bridges or selling yourself short.

  • Do you find yourself saying yes to requests from others, accepting meeting requests and additional tasks, even though you know you don't have time to even get your own work done?

  • Does an "oh sure, I'll quickly do that" escape from your mouth before you even notice. And then, a split-second later, you realise that you just said yes, even though in your mind you're screaming "noooo, I don't wanna do this piece of work!".

  • Are you afraid that if you'd say no, you’d jeopardize your relationship with your colleagues and your boss, and maybe even harm your career? Are you afraid that they'd think that you're selfish and not a teamplayer? Or that you're being difficult and not a nice person to work or live with?

  • Do you find yourself feeling guilty and selfish in those moments when you finally muster up the courage to say no or to leave work a bit earlier than usual? And so while you said no, you're still feeling bad about yourself?

  • Does it seem as if everyone around you knows exactly how to say no or how to maneuver out of having to take on additional work, while you find yourself struggling to find the right words to say no? And does that make you feel a bit incapable and incompetent somehow - why can't you just say no like everybody else?!

  • Do you find yourself getting more and more exhausted and drained from juggling all that work that's accumulating on your plate, and maybe even a bit resentful (behind an upbeat smile) because everyone keeps dumping things on your plate and no-one seems to even notice or appreciate all the hard work that you are doing?

  • Do you find yourself getting a bit more shorttempered and snappy, at home, and maybe even a bit at work too - despite your efforts to be upbeat and cheerful at all times? And then those snappy moments feel like little failures too?

If you said yes to at least 3 of these questions, and you're a smart, driven, hardworking woman, then this workshop is designed for you!

In this class you’ll learn

  1. why you tend to say yes, even when you really wanna say no (hint: it has something to do with your brain doing what it does best),

  2. the “Tree of No”, a simple, yet effective 3-step approach to saying no + setting boundaries in a clear, confident + respectful way,

  3. how to identify your No's (which can be surprisingly hard when you're in the habit of saying yes, right?),

  4. the exact reasons stopping you from setting boundaries more often - and it might not be what you think it is,

  5. the very next step you can take - and the typical pitfalls that might stop you in your tracks.

We’ll also be doing a few exercises together, so makes sure to bring

  • pen + paper because there’s tons of goodies coming your way!

  • a few examples from your own life, so that you can dive in + apply what you’re learning to your life right away!

My classes are no frills, high energy and built on a foundation of brain science, psychology and practicality.

Here's a few things participants in previous workshops shared:

"Insightful, uplifting, empowering!"

"It was to the point, very practical and 100% related to me and my life."

"The thing I loved most was your feedback, and you certainly challenged me to look inside.
I loved the questions you asked - if answered truthfully they were very liberating."

Please note that this class is women only.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 - Wait! What?! Why is this class women only?

Yep - women only! And here's why!

I'm on a mission is to help at least 1.000 women in Brussels by end 2018 to

  1. thrive by being who they truly are (instead of being who they think they should be in order to be successful in life), and to help them to

  2. create the career (+ life) that’s truly aligned with their talents, strengths and aspirations without being paralyzed by worries, doubts and fears, being snowed under by shoulds and have to's, or being trapped by what others might think of them,

so that they

  1. get to live their full potential, feeling fulfilled, focused + on fire,

  2. get to show what they’re truly capable of (+ blow their own minds!), and

  3. can’t wait to get out of bed in the morning, eager to start the day - even when things go different than expected.

2 - What's the refund policy?

Please note that there are no refunds for this class.

Now I know that sometimes things can happen, so if you'd not be able to make this class, you can transfer your ticket to a friend or you can use your ticket fee of 25 EUR towards a future purchase of any of my classes or programs.

If you're not able to make this class, please make sure to send me an email at an@unapologeticandhappy.com and let me know which option you prefer.

In case there would be no more than 10 participants for this class, I reserve the right to cancel this class. In that case, I'll make sure you'll get a full refund of the ticket you paid.

3 - I still have a few questions. What do I do?

Don't hesitate to shoot me an email at an@unapologeticandhappy.com !

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Date and Time


The Mug

Rue Charles Martel 6



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