How to Recession Proof Your Business with an IP Licensing Strategy - Replay

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How to Recession Proof Your Business with an IP Licensing Strategy - Replay

Learn how to use your business IP and licensing to create new revenue opportunities in a challenging economic marketplace.

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Don't let a down economy hold your business back.

Success in a recession economy isn’t just about getting the finances to remain afloat. It requires breaking out of the “make and sell” mindset and creating new ways to use your IP. When money is tight, licensing is a strategy that “puts your IP to work,” generating revenues, securing funding, launching new products, and more. It’s a flexible asset that gives you options.

Here's what you'll learn during this webinar:

  • Five Major Problems Many Businesses Already or Will be Facing Soon
  • The Top Reasons Why Businesses are Failing to Meet their Financial Goals
  • The Most Overlooked and Least Effective Part of Most Business Strategies
  • What You Need to Know about Your IP Business Assets
  • The 3 Biggest IP-Related Problems inside Many Businesses
  • What’s Required to Create the IP Licensing Strategy Effectively
  • 7 Ways an Effective IP Licensing Strategy Will Immediately Improve Your Business
  • Why Failing to Have a Proactive IP Strategy can be Fatal to a Business
  • The Starting Point for Developing the Right IP Licensing Strategy
  • Why Licensing is Ideal for an Economy in Turmoil
  • Why Avoiding Litigation Licensing is Critical to Your Financial Survival
  • 15 IP Licensing Strategies and How to Use Them
  • Real-World Case Studies of Effective IP Licensing Strategies
  • Resources to Help Your Business Develop and Execute its IP Licensing Strategy

About the Presenters

Toussaint L. Myricks, Esq.

Law Offices of Toussaint L. Myricks, PLLC

Mr. Myricks is a patent attorney and strategy consultant. He advises clients on patent protection, portfolio management, and monetization strategies. He is an MIT graduate and holds degrees in law and engineering. He practices law in Washington State and represents clients before the US Patent & Trademark Office. For more information, email or visit

Rand Brenner

CEO, Licensing Consulting Group

Rand Brenner is President and CEO of Licensing Consulting Group, an IP consultancy and licensing firm. He has an extensive career as both licensee and licensor, and has developed licensing programs for several Hollywood blockbusters, including the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Batman. For more information, email or visit

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