How to Break Into the Game Industry: IGA Level 1 Game Dev Intro Bootcamp

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How to Break Into the Game Industry: IGA Level 1 Game Dev Intro Bootcamp

Learn the fundamentals of game design, simple programming, and how the game industry actually works. And have fun doing it!

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About this event

  • 1 day 4 hours
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Do you dream of working in games?

There is a serious gap in game education. You'll find endless tutorials for how to program, how to make game visuals, how to create music for games and more. But there are precious few opportunities to learn how the game industry actually works.

So we decided to fix that!

At the Indie Game Academy, we turn students into game developers and game developers into indie studio founders. We are on a quest to help people break into the game industry and pave their own path.

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To help YOU do just that, we designed IGA Level 1: Embark. In our introductory weekend long bootcamp we give you the very first tools you'll need to break into the game industry. Spend a total of 8 hours learning from game professionals on multiple important topics. Learn the fundamentals of Game Design, Game Production, the Unity Game Engine and C# programming: just enough to help you get started building games. Even if you don't plan to be an engineer, we specialize in teaching in a way that is fun for all and that will be valuable to any field you want to break into.

Topics Covered

  • Game Loops and Arcs
    • Planning Game Production
    • Intro to the Unity Game Engine
    • Simple C# Programming
    • Intro to Games Marketing
    • Intro to Community Building
    • How to Network
    • Resume and Portfolio Fundamentals
    • What to do next

    All of that... in just one weekend

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    And you'll finish your first game

    Ever heard of the classic game Tower Defense? You must have! Well, turns out it's actually a pretty easy game to create! In our weekend long intro bootcamp you'll build your very own version of the beloved classic, and get everything you need to keep working on it, or other games like it.

    It's dangerous to go alone

    Meet your guide through this week and your number one supporter for the rest of your career, Willem Delventhal, the Headmaster of the Indie Game Academy and the Wizard of Joy.

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    Willem has been working in the Game Industry for over 15 years and was the original founder of our magical community. He is currently a Senior Game Designer at Together Labs where he designs games and experiences to help people build friendships. He has been teaching in the games space for many years, and believes that anyone can break into this industry with enough time and dedication.

    Extra Perks

    • Earn the IGA Level 1 Graduation Certificate
    • Gain access to our exclusive Discord with a bunch of wonderful, supportive goofballs
    • Finish an entire video game
    • Network with other hungry newbies in the industry
    • Have a heck of a lot of fun (it's what we do best)
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    Saturday, February 11th from 12pm-4pm EST / 9am - 1pm PST

    • 12pm EST - 12:15pm EST: Introduction and Warmup
    • 12:15pm EST - 12:30pm EST: The Magic of Creating Video Games
    • 12:30pm EST - 1pm EST: Intro to Game Design
    • 1pm EST - 1:30pm EST: Intro to Game Production
    • 1:30pm EST - 2pm EST: Break
    • 2pm EST - 3:45pm EST: Intro to Unity and C# Programming
    • 3:45pm EST - 4pm EST: Day One Closing and Homework

    Sunday, February 12th from 12pm-4pm EST / 9am - 1pm PST

    • 12pm EST - 12:30pm EST: Introduction and Warmup
    • 12:30pm EST - 1pm EST: Intro to Community Building
    • 1pm EST - 1:30pm EST: Intro to Game Marketing
    • 1:30pm EST - 2:15pm EST: Finishing your Game
    • 2:15pm EST - 3pm EST: Resumes, Portfolios and Networking
    • 3pm EST - 3:30pm EST: Mindset Coaching
    • 3:30pm EST - 4:00pm EST: Closing and Graduation

    **This schedule may change!**

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    We love helping people break into the industry and level up their skills, including you! So sign up now and we will see you soon.

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    **Disclaimer: We reserve the right to cancel this class and issue refunds if we have fewer than 8 students. So get your friends involved!**

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