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How To Avoid an Executive Meltdown in 30 minutes

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Harmonizing business and life can be difficult especially for executives, CEO's and senior leaders. Having been birthed in the corporate world of Microsoft and Amazon, not only was I exposed but experienced the pressures and stresses. Stresses and pressures that almost killed me. My doctor's office visit one day left me with a startling proclamation. "Change or end up 6 feet under!" I choose the former. Now I get to coach other executives to embrace conscious leadership skills as a preventative to the proclamation, I received. This short 30 minutes webinar (because exec usually don't have a lot of time, is my way of giving back to the community that birthed me. Enjoy! Save an exec life! Webinar here

TBone McGowian
Certified professional leadership coach
The Revamp Coach Leadership Center

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