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Learn how to create a holistic garden without wasting your energy, effort and time.

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This is the individual class listings that can be taken a la carte.

April 15-July 17

Thursdays, 4-7pm

200 years ago, most people lived on farms and produced their own food to eat. Today, less than 2% of people in the US produce food or know the basics of how to. Are you ready for the next wave of food shortages and natural disasters?

If you...

  • Are passionate about growing your own food and ready to start your backyard homestead,
  • Have tried gardening already, and can't seem to make things grow right,
  • Are tired of watching endless YouTube videos and want to be confident in your decisions of what seeds to buy, and what actually grows best in your area,

Then join Horticulturist & 15 year Homesteader & Organic Gardener, Mary Andrews, to learn how to create a holistic garden without wasting your energy, effort and time.

In these LIVE online classes, we will study Polyculture, Permaculture & other holistic design principles. Get an easy to follow approach to learn how to create your own sustainable backyard homestead, including integrating fruit & nut trees, herbs & flowers, chickens, drought tolerant plants, and more.

Join us for virtual tours of local farms & homesteads of all sizes, and learn how to turn your own back plot, yard, or balcony into an edible food forest. Learn side by side with your new community of holistic homesteaders and connect to other like-minded people just like you.

What you will learn:

  • Learn how to create a Holistic Garden with nature as your partner instead of your enemy
  • Develop a master plan for your space, and know how to utilize all of its design strengths
  • Turn your balcony or property into an edible paradise, and have a step by step guide holding your hand along the way for how to get there
  • Relearn the forgotten skills of our grandmothers & grandfathers
  • Start investing in your own self sufficiency & food security skills
  • Learn how to grow your own food that is free from chemicals, pesticides & herbicides
  • Develop a healthier relationship with your food, the land, and the earth’s natural cycles

What you will get:

  • Online live courses, taking you step by step through creating your holistic garden
  • Worksheets & Planning Pages to Design your Dream Garden
  • Resource Guides for Gardening Supplies & Plants
  • Dozens of Plant Profiles, so you can choose the best plants to plant for your area
  • Virtual Tours of Local Gardens, Farms & Homesteads
  • Hands on Demonstration Videos & easy to follow Instructions for every aspect of gardening
  • Lifetime access to the recordings & course materials
  • Live Support & Coaching from Horticulturist & Homesteader, Mary Andrews
  • A new community of holistic-minded people just like you

Even if you plant only 1 plant, an apple tree for example- you will provide shade for your house, leaves for your compost, fruit for your family, and offset your carbon footprint! But let's do more than plant one plant, let's build your dream garden too!

Classes available for individual signup are indicated by **.

Class 1: Course Overview **

  1. Clarifying Your Vision
  2. Looking at the BIG picture
  3. Visioning your future holistic garden
  4. Virtual Tour of holistic gardens for every scale

Class 2: Planning the Site

  1. Assessing existing conditions
  2. Mapping your property
  3. Matching plant needs with your needs and conditions
  4. Design strategies

Class 3: Preparing the Soil

  1. Soil preparation demonstration
  2. Basic growing methods
  3. What you need to know before you grow

Class 4: Growing Organic Vegetables

  1. All about Growing vegetables
  2. Edible Plant profiles
  3. Staple Crops

Class 5: Propagating from Seeds & Cuttings **

  1. Plant propagation demonstration
  2. Starting from seed
  3. Making new plants from Cuttings

Class 6: Polyculture & Planting to Attract Pollinators **

  1. The importance of growing flowers!
  2. Plants to include for pollinators, wildlife, cut flowers,
  3. Permaculture concept of multi-functioning plants

Class 7: Growing Kitchen Herbs **

  1. Easiest herbs to grow - Plant profiles
  2. Starting your home apothecary
  3. Adding herbs into your garden plan

Class 8: Planting the Orchard- Fruit Trees, Berries, and Nut Trees **

  1. How to grow trees and vines
  2. Orchard design - from one tree to one hundred - get the most out of your space
  3. Pruning & Grafting Demonstration
  4. Disease proof your orchard

Class 9: Watering the Garden

  1. Grey water, rainwater
  2. Water conservation strategies
  3. Plant profiles of drought resistant edibles

Class 10: Storing the Harvest **

  1. Storing the harvest
  2. Saving seed for next year
  3. Chickens in the garden

Class 11: Troubleshooting Garden Problems

  1. Solving your garden problems
  2. Live Q & A for students
  3. Garden tools including best power tools for people with smaller hands!

Class 12: Sharing Your Design

  1. Class review
  2. Present your garden & long term plan
  3. Get Feedback & Tips for Your Garden

Who is these classes for?

These classes are designed for beginning gardeners whether you have never planted a seed before, or are just new to growing your own vegetables and herbs. If you are an experienced gardener, come along with us to go more in depth into site planning, orchard design, and how to take your garden to the next level. Whether you have a few pots on a balcony, a small backyard, or acres of land, there is something in this class for food production at any size.

What do I need?

Basic gardening supplies, like gloves, shovels, trowels, clippers, pots, seed flats, and potting soil will be needed. A supply list will be emailed to you before class so that you will be prepared. For those growing food on a larger scale, we will provide recommendations for how to resource affordable materials. No matter time, energy, or financial resources, you will learn how to build a garden that works for you!

What if I miss the live class?

Anyone who registers for the class will be given access to the online class portal. All class recordings will be available to watch anytime. Class notes and hand outs will also be posted online, so no matter what, you won’t miss anything! If you work during the day, and still want the live support and coaching, don’t worry! Our class will have an online forum so you can still ask questions and get feedback throughout the entire course.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Holistic Homesteader, this course is part of the Holistic Homesteader Program. If you want to go beyond this class and learn not only how to grow your own food, but design your home to be more green, build a rainwater or greywater system, raise bees or animals for food products, and much more, you can join us for more hands-on classes in the rest of the program.

Visit www.ArtemisiaAcademy.com/workshops to learn more.

**** Click here to sign up for the full 36 hour Holistic Gardener Program ****

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