Help build a playground at Freedom Park with CarMax!

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Help build a playground at Freedom Park with CarMax!

Help Berwyn Park District and Pershing PTO, Inc. build a playground in partnership with KABOOM! and The CarMax Foundation!

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Freedom Park 3701 Scoville Avenue Berwyn, IL 60402

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Project Information

Who: A total of approximately 200 volunteers from Berwyn Park District, Pershing PTO, Inc., The CarMax Foundation, and KABOOM!

Work is available for volunteers of all levels of skill and ability.

**Please note - All youth under the legal working age for this state will not be able to participate.**

When: Tuesday, August 2 - Thursday, August 4, 2022

Where: Freedom Park 3701 Scoville Avenue Berwyn, IL 60402

What's Provided: Lunch, snacks, and bottled water will be provided. Gloves and other safety materials will be provided for the projects that require them.

What to Wear: The project will happen rain or shine. Please come dressed for the weather. Closed-toe shoes are required; sneakers or work boots that you don't mind getting dirty are advisable. Please leave valuables at home as secure storage is not available on site. All volunteers will be encouraged to wear a face covering over their mouth and nose the entire time that they are onsite. KABOOM! staff will be in masks.

Build Week Schedule

Build Week will run for 3 days from August 2 to August 4. Each day will run on the following schedule:

Prep Day 1 (Tuesday, August 2)

• 8:30 AM - Volunteer shift starts

• 3:30 PM - Volunteer shift completed

Prep Day 2 (Wednesday, August 3)

• 8:30 AM - Volunteer shift starts

• 3:30 PM - Volunteer shift completed

Build Day 3 (Thursday, August 4)

• 8:30 AM - Volunteer shift starts

• 3:30 PM - Volunteer shift completed

Build Site Rules:

All participants must comply with the following practices. These rules have been established and agreed upon to ensure the safety, comfort and respect for all involved. Failure to comply will result in immediate dismissal from the project.

• Work together, treat everyone with respect and use family-friendly, inclusive language

• Report any unsafe or inappropriate behavior to on-site staff

• Please comply with all requests from on-site staff

• Follow all safety guidelines

• Only pre-approved power tools are permitted

• Closed-toe shoes are required

• Youth may not participate in areas of active construction

• No smoking, alcohol or drugs

• The use or carry of firearms is prohibited

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony:

Build Week will culminate with a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the completion of a job well done. This ceremony will be held on Thursday, August 4 at 3:00PM and last approximately 20 minutes. Ribbon cutting time may be subject to change based on project completion.


This form must be signed by or on behalf of each volunteer who will participate in or otherwise be involved with the construction of the The CarMax Foundation, CarMax, Inc. and its subsidiaries or affiliates, Berwyn Park District, Pershing PTO, Inc. and KABOOM! Playspace Build (the “Playspace Build” or the “Project”), or will be on the construction site of the Playspace Build, occurring August 2-4, 2022 in Berwyn, IL. If you are unable to read this print, please speak with the person handling volunteer registration for assistance.

The KABOOM! project and activities will include the playspace construction, side projects and play enhancement projects on and in the periphery of the playspace construction site including, without limitation, building interiors at or near the site. The "playspace construction site" is the physical space where the playspace is being installed; the playspace construction projects are any activities directly related to the installation and placement of the playspace equipment, the mixing of concrete, and/or moving safety surfacing onto the playspace site. Volunteers under age 18 (or under 19 in AL and NE) may not work on the "playspace construction site", as defined above. Volunteers under 18 but who meet this state’s minimum age for employment may work on the side projects, such as beautification and play enhancement projects, and other non-playspace construction site projects and may help with preparation for the build day only if they have received and delivered KABOOM! written approval from a parent or legal guardian for participation. Any children under state's minimum age for employment will not be supervised by KABOOM! in any way or be allowed to participate in playspace or non-playspace construction projects managed by KABOOM!; however KABOOM! will work with the community partner to procure supplies for use by these children and to help them plan projects that are occurring on a site that is distinctly separated from the playspace construction site. No children under this state’s legal working age should be on the playspace construction site.

I understand that I will be spending the day(s) as a volunteer for the Project and will be participating at my own risk. I acknowledge that my participation is voluntary and does not constitute a condition or requirement of employment. I further acknowledge that the Project will occur at a construction site and that the construction site will be a potentially dangerous place. I attest that I am physically fit and prepared for this event and these activities.

I will not create an unsafe situation for other individuals or myself nor will I use any tool or engage in any task with which I am not completely comfortable. I will abide by all applicable federal, state and local laws, as well as the rules and directions of the sponsors and coordinators. If I see any situation that I feel is unsafe, I will immediately call it to the attention of KABOOM! or a safety coordinator. If I bring any children or young adults with me to participate in the Project, I will be solely responsible for providing for their safety and will keep them under close supervision at all times. FOR EACH PARTICIPANT UNDER 18 (19 in AL and NE), THE PARENT OR GUARDIAN MUST FILL OUT A SEPARATE WAIVER. I understand that a volunteer may be at the Project to provide medical treatment in the event of an injury, and if necessary to assist in arranging transportation to medical facilities, but acknowledge that neither KABOOM! nor any other of the Released Parties (as defined below) are in any way responsible for providing such medical volunteer or treatment.

Participation includes possible exposure to and illness from infectious diseases and biological outbreaks, including but not limited to MRSA, influenza, and COVID-19. While particular rules and personal discipline may reduce this risk, the risk of serious illness and death does exist; and, I knowingly and freely assume all such risks, both known and unknown, even if arising from the negligence of the releases or others, and assume full responsibility for my participation; and, I willingly agree to comply with the stated and customary terms and conditions for participation as regards protection against infectious diseases. If, however, I observe any unusual or significant hazard, or if I experience any COVID-19 symptoms during my presence or participation, I will remove myself from participation and bring such to the attention of the nearest official immediately .

On behalf of myself, as well as my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, I hereby forever release, discharge, waive and agree to indemnify and hold harmless KABOOM!, The CarMax Foundation, CarMax, Inc. and its subsidiaries or affiliates, Berwyn Park District, Pershing PTO, Inc., Landscape Structures Inc., and any additional sponsors of the Project, along with their respective officers, directors, agents, employees, contractors, successors and assigns, and any volunteers to whom I give my consent to provide medical treatment to me or to any children or young adults under my supervision ("Released Parties"), from and against any and all claims, demands, actions, causes of action, obligations, liabilities, suits, losses, damages, costs, expenses, and fees, including, without limitation, court costs and attorneys’ fees, of any and every nature of character, including, without limitation, for death, personal injury and/or loss of property, whether anticipated or unanticipated, directly or indirectly, whether caused, in whole or in part, by the sole or concurrent negligence or wrongdoings, strict liability or fault of the Released Parties or otherwise, arising out of or connected in any way with my participation in the Project or any side projects in connection with the Project.

I acknowledge that I have read the foregoing paragraph and know and understand the full contents and effects of it.

I hereby grant KABOOM!, The CarMax Foundation, CarMax, Inc. and its subsidiaries or affiliates, Berwyn Park District, Pershing PTO, Inc., full and complete permission to use my name and likeness, including any photographs, videography and interview footage and quotations from me obtained in connection with the Project (whether or not at the Project Build or otherwise) in legitimate promotions of the Project and to further the mission and vision of KABOOM! in any and all media now known or hereinafter developed without restriction or compensation.

I understand that I have given up substantial rights by signing this Waiver and have signed it freely and voluntarily without any inducement, assurance or guarantee being made to me and I INTEND MY SIGNATURE TO BE A COMPLETE AND UNCONDITIONAL RELEASE of all liability of Released Parties to the greatest extent allowed by law.