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Mas Sajady Public Service Program
Support for the Homeless

You may listen for yourself, or on behalf of a loved one.
(Live broadcast connectivity details included with registration.)


Medihealing® – A combined meditation and healing that merges the benefits of mindfulness meditation with Pure Source healing frequency. Relax in a meditative state, sitting, standing or lying down, as Mas works on your frequency blueprint to raise your vibration and awaken your own power for self-healing and life transformation.


Mas spent time with the Weingart Center for the Homeless in Los Angeles, learning about the many challenges faced by those living on the streets, and in particular the Skid Row area. The experience touched Mas profoundly.

This special Public Service recaptures in a video the experience and insights Mas had while visiting Skid Row, and includes a powerful video and audio-only version of a two-part Medihealing® to benefit all struggling with the heartbreaking reality of homelessness.

Although this event was not offered live for the general public, it was carried out to benefit all those faced with homelessness. For friends and family, you may listen on behalf of those in need.

We are grateful for your desire and willingness to open-heartedly navigate this topic with us.


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