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Foundations ADDICTIONS Conference

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Berean Bible Fellowship Church

1028 Tara View Drive

Stroudsburg, PA 18360

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Refund Policy

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Foundations 1 Day Seminar on Addictions is designed to help the struggler as well as the person helping those who fight addictions. Pornography. Opioid Use. Video Gaming. Cell Phones & Screen Time. Alcohol. Family of Addicts. These are just some of the topics that will be addressed at Foundations' Addictions Conference.

Our Featured Speaker is Author & Speaker, Mark Shaw, D.Min. Dr. Shaw is the Founder of Truth In Love Ministries and has written several publications including The Heart of Addiction, Addiction-Proof Parenting, Relapse: Biblical Prevention Strategies, Divine Intervention: Hope and Help for Families of Addicts, and Strength in Numbers: The Team Approach to Biblical Counseling.


The Addiction Cycle – JJ Meyer, MS (FCCS)

Many who face addiction experience a tiring and frustrating cycle of trying to break away from their addiction only to find themselves unable change. In this session we will look more into that challenging cycle and how one can break free from the addiction cycle. We will look at a model that points to a grace driven perspective and a dependence on the power of God to get their hearts and minds in the right place so that they can properly fight the addiction struggle.

The Making of an Addict – Jeremy Yeckley, MS (FCCS)

Why don't they just stop it! Can't they see how much they are destroying their life and the life of everyone who cares about them? I don't even know how to connect with them anymore. I just don't understand how this happened.” The path to becoming enslaved by our desires is not as unfamiliar to all of us as we may like to think. During the session we will explore common factors associated to developing debilitating addictions. Participant will be challenged with assessing their personal attitude toward addictions and possible misconceptions about the addict. We will end on a note of hope for individuals or those you love that may be walking down a path towards addictions.

Helping Children of Addicted Parents - Alyssa Cathers, MA (FCCS)

Children of addicted parents are often trying to cope and survive in a chaotic environment that is filled with adverse childhood experiences. Family stress, conflict, lack of parenting, and abuse may cause a child to feel anxious, depressed, or hopeless. This seminar will help you gain a better understanding of the far reaching effects that addicted parents have on their children. You will learn practical strategies and activities for helping children to cope, heal, and live a life redeemed by Christ.

In Control of the People Poll: The Addiction of People Pleasing - Fred Jacoby, MA (FCCS)

People Pleasers, Unite! But only if it makes the person next to you happy. People Pleasing, also known as the "fear of man," is an internal pressure and need to be accepted, desired, liked, and for some, even worshipped. While pleasing others can be helpful to avoid conflicts and live at peace, God's Word gives us warnings to turn from being people pleasers to being God pleasers. This session will explore the pitfalls, problems, and promises of people pleasing and ways to overcome them.

Responding to the Addict: Enabling vs Loving - Zack Rollison, MS (FCCS)

In this session, we will be exploring the concept of enabling, particularly as it relates to love. Looking to Scripture, we develop an understanding of love that liberates us to set the boundaries that our loved ones struggling with addiction cannot set themselves. Diving into this messy subject, we will consider how to interact with our loved ones when they reach the point of being driven by their addiction, when they are no longer fully in control. This session ends with a discussion of practical skills that can help in identifying and setting healthy boundaries in the battle against addiction.

Battling Pornography - Jim Lane, MTS (FCCS)

Pornography is one of the greatest dangers to marriages today. With the rise of the internet over 20 years ago, the ease of viewing pornography has led to the increasin viewing it 1000 fold. How can we, as Christians, combat the rise of pornography in our homes and in our hearts? Jim is a certified counselor with Be Broken Ministries whose mission is to help men overcome pornography addiction.

Screen Addictions - Lin-Fai Whu, MS (FCCS)

What is Screen Addiction? Is there such a thing? Is it behavioral or physiological? How does it affect our relationship within the family and society as a whole? This workshop explores this "new" area of addiction regarding its definition/description, symptoms, causes, consequences and treatment. More importantly, how does the Word of God speak into this issue? Biblical and practical guidance will be given to those who struggle and to the parents of the screen generation.

Opioid Addictions - Dr. Gerlin Valencia

This session will seek to identify and define Opioids. It will seek to answer the question, why is there an Opioid Epidemic? It will introduce the effects of Opioids on human behavior, actions, thoughts, and emotions, by looking at the psychodynamics of Opioids interactions and their effects on the body, mind, and spirit. It will offer a biblical paradigm for assisting those whose lives are marred by the deleterious consequences of Opioids use, abuse, and dependence and as to how the church can help assuage the pain and suffering that Opioids cause on individuals, families, and communities.

The Impact of Substance Abuse on the Family - Dr. Jim Meyer (Cairn University)

Many families in our culture have been deeply affected by addictions. Helping these families process through the many difficulties they face is an essential part of Christian ministry and faith. This seminar will focus on helping families who have a family member or multiple family members struggling with addictions. Several interventions will be considered including properly identifying substance use, getting help, setting appropriate boundaries, and the use of biblical strategies to help the family who is impacted by substance abuse.

I'm About to Win Big: Dealing with Gambling Addiction - Dr. Lynelle Buchanan (Clarks Summit University)

Gambling is a much more complex problem than the caricature of the poker player in the casino. Growing technology has made it possible to gamble in a myriad of ways without even leaving the house, meaning that gambling addiction can go unnoticed for a long time. This workshop will explore issues related to treating gambling addiction and helping the individual find freedom.

More Sessions Coming Soon!


8:30 AM - Worship & Plenary Session A - "Biblical Insights into Addiction"

9:45 AM - Breakout Session #1

11 AM - Breakout Session #2

12 PM - Lunch (Bring your own or eat out at a number of local restaurants near or in the Stroud Mall (Wendy's, BK, McDonald's, Popeye's, Auntie Ann's, Chinese, Greek, etc.)

1:15 PM - Plenary Session B - "Understanding Addiction"

2:20 PM - Breakout Session #4

3:15 PM - Worship & Plenary Session C - "Relapse Prevention"

4:30 PM - Home

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Date and Time


Berean Bible Fellowship Church

1028 Tara View Drive

Stroudsburg, PA 18360

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Refunds up to 7 days before event

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