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By VA Council of CEOs

When and where

Date and time

Friday, April 3, 2020 · 1 - 3pm EDT




Come VIRTUALLY participate in this one-time FLASH roundtable. This is a pilot to test the concept of a random, one-time VIRTUAL roundtable. This FLASH roundtable is open to all Members and will enable all to experience share outside of their existing roundtable. The group will "meet" through a Zoom call.

Facilitators: David Bender, Weeded! Lawn Service

Members only.


1:00 Hard Start (Zoom instructions will be sent a few days before meeting date)

1:30-2:25 Updates/Presentations

3:00 Adjourn

Ground Rules for FLASH Roundtable

Commit to being present

- Arrive on time and stay the entire time

- Focus on your peers

- Phones are put away during the meeting. Phones can be used during breaks.

Observe Confidentiality

- Everything that is said in this meeting is confidential.

- Do not share stories, or even parts of anything shared here with anyone – spouse, friends, colleagues.

Stick to time and agenda

- Respect the leader and timer

- Stay on point, don’t wander

Use the Gestalt Language Protocol. During this Roundtable, if you are speaking, these are the rules:

- I will speak about my own experience rather than give advice.

- I will speak in specifics telling my exact stories rather than generalizing.

- I will avoid using the words “you,” “you should,” “I would,” “one,” and “did you think of?” Instead, I will focus on saying “I” when sharing my experiences.

About the organizer

Organized by
VA Council of CEOs

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